‘Through the air’ about a golden age in the ancient citadel of Quang Ngai


Quang Country is famous as a land that preserves many ancient and impressive historical and cultural values, so a trip back to a golden past in Quang Ngai ancient citadel is an extremely worthwhile experience.

History of the ancient citadel of Quang Ngai

Nui But citadel or Cam Thanh , Gam citadel is an ancient citadel located on Phan Huy Ich street, Nguyen Nghiem ward, Quang Ngai city, Quang Ngai province , formerly Phu Nhon village, Son Tinh town, Binh district. Paint.

The name “Nui But” originated from the mountain symbolizing the literature of Quang Ngai located near the city, while “Cam Thanh” began to appear in the 19th century with the meaning of a beautiful castle in the list of 12 scenes. beautiful of Quang origin. the present ancient citadel of Quang Ngai The present castle we see

It is known that the citadel was first built in 1749 under Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat to the north of Tra Khuc Bridge. Then in 1802 it was moved to Phu Dang commune, in 1807 it changed the position to Chanh Mong commune and it took 8 years to complete. 

The period from 1815 to 1945 was the time when Quang Ngai ancient citadel reached its most glorious period because it was used as the administrative center of the feudal regime and the French army. And unfortunately in 1947 the old citadel was completely destroyed, leaving only traces in front of Ninh Tho Hotel, in the square of Quang Ngai province.the remains of the old citadel of Quang NgaiRemnants of the old city

The historical work that we see today is a reconstruction model according to the old structure through pictures and drawings, established by Quang Ngai Center for the Promotion of Multi-Purpose Cultural Values ​​to preserve and promote. Quang Ngai heritage to domestic and international tourists.

How to move to the ancient citadel of Quang Ngai

From the center of Quang Ngai city, you go east to Nguyen Nghiem street towards Quang Trung street, to the first intersection, turn right on Le Trung Dinh street, then turn left at the Veterans Association of Quang Ngai Province into the street. Tran Cam, then at the intersection with Phan Huy Ich Street, turn right to see Quang Ngai ancient citadel tourist area on the right side of the road.

Architecture of the ancient citadel of Quang Ngai

Quang Ngai Citadel was built based on the inspiration of the Sa Huynh and Cham-pa cultures, so it has an architecture in the style of square-shaped ice, with an area of ​​over 26ha and a facade overlooking the imperial city of Hue. in the north. Surrounded by the romantic Tra Khuc River, Thien An Mountain, Ong Mountain and the majestic Black Stone Mountain, creating a charming scene.

Moreover, since the citadel is built of 1.6m thick, orange-brown, and the walls are carved with sophisticated symmetrical motifs, it makes us feel like we are lost in the unique architecture of the buildings. Ancient Indian castle.

Initially, the ancient citadel had 4 doors, but then it was conceived that the South had a bad reputation, gathered many demons, so the southern door was filled up and 3 doors in the other 3 directions showed pictures. arches with ironwood doors, gazebo and cannons to protect the city. More interestingly, the gate is not in the middle like the other structures, but they are all about 15 degrees off.city ​​gate - impressive architecture of Quang Ngai ancient citadel Ancient city gate (Artwork)

The inner city area is divided through two phases: in the first period in 1885, the Nguyen dynasty arranged the barracks and the palace in the south, the North was dedicated to the Court of Sat, Doc Hoc, Thai hospital, Lanh soldiers, Bo Chanh, officers’ houses and prison houses.

After the French colonialists invaded, they changed almost all the positions and names of the ancient citadel of Quang Ngai , for example: the state hospital changed to a hospital, the Bo Chanh palace changed to Tuan Vu palace and Moved to the South, Lanh Binh Palace was moved to the next to the Diocese palace, the Doc school was abandoned by the villa and the Office of the Mission, added a post office, and the primary school and the salary store were moved to the East.

Gam ancient citadel in Quang Ngai is now restored, although not as big and wide as the original, but the architecture is quite similar, and at the same time, there are a few more works inspired by Cham culture and ancient temples and pagodas to travel. guests have more to explore.outstanding architecture of the current ancient citadel of Quang NgaiQuang Ngai Citadel today (Photo @thanhcoquangngai)

Great experiences in the ancient citadel of Quang Ngai

Not simply seeing the ancient architecture like other monuments, but when coming to Quang Ngai ancient citadel , visitors also experience a lot of interesting cultural activities such as admiring “the ceramic road on the sea”, the largest collection of ancient ceramics in Vietnam and Vietnamese architecture of the Muong Co Viet House.

Coming to the “sea ceramic road”, visitors will see decoding documentary films about 9 700-year-old shipwrecks of Binh Chau found on Vietnamese waters as well as seeing thousands of precious antiques with their own eyes. once sunk under a coral reef in the ocean was picked up like.antiques - interesting point of ancient citadel of Quang Ngai Antiquities display area in the citadel (Photo of Quang Ngai Ancient Citadel)

In the display space of the oldest pottery set in Vietnam, you will learn more about Chu Dau pottery – a famous Vietnamese cultural quintessence born in the 15th century and discover the cradle of Sa culture. Huynh with ancient pottery kilns still exist on this land.

Meanwhile, coming to the Muong Vo Viet House in Gam Quang Ngai citadel , visitors are delighted with the ancient architecture of over 300 years old that has been collected intact like the galaxy of a mandarin under the Nguyen dynasty, or the The architecture is inspired by Vietnamese and Champa culture, extremely unique and impressive.Old house - an attractive area in the ancient citadel of Quang Ngai Ancient house architecture is preserved (Photo: Old Citadel of Quang Ngai)

In addition, it also regularly organizes cultural exchange events and experiences with different topics in order to educate people to always preserve and promote the unique cultural values ​​of the land of Quang to the generations to come are known and proud.

However, the most impressive and popular activity is the countryside market – where students can create ceramic products by themselves, then draw patterns on the face or print and paint. Dong Ho painting from woodblocks to stimulate thinking and train patience. Especially, you can also enjoy delicious specialties such as: beef stock, Sa Huynh sticky sticky rice and many other interesting drinks … then who is not in love with this.Food and drink - a memorable experience in the ancient citadel of Quang Ngai Delicious dishes at the ancient citadel tourist area (Photo: Old Citadel of Quang Ngai)

If you have been bored with romantic beaches or majestic mountains, you can visit Quang Ngai ancient citadel to enjoy the glorious cultural beauty of the nation.

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