Tia Stream – the fairyland-like upstream of Tuyen Lam Lake


LAM DONG – In the early morning, mist spreads over the water’s surface, rolling into the trunks of leafless trees growing in the middle of the lake, making Suoi Tia appear like a fairyland.

Coming to Da Lat, most tourists know Tuyen Lam Lake – the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat City. However, not many people know the origin of the water flowing into the lake, which is Suoi Tia.

The area surrounding the flow of Suoi Tia is surrounded by mountain ranges forming a basin terrain. Around 1985 – 1986, the People’s Committee of Lam Dong province and Duc Trong district built dams to retain water in the Suoi Tia area, forming Tuyen Lam Lake as it is today, according to the Lam Dong province electronic information portal.

Suoi Tia is a rare place with flooded bamboo forests and a diverse ecosystem in the Lang Biang highlands. In each season, the bamboo forest has its own beauty, changing leaves in winter and sprouting new buds in spring. The slender, spindly tree trunks, rising vertically into the sky, create a unique scene, attracting photographers to take photos.

Arriving at Suoi Tia on November 22, Bui Ngoc Lam, 25 years old in Hanoi, said the road from Da Lat city center to here is about 15 km. The road is quite nice, only a short section of about 100 m is under repair. Visitors can travel by motorbike or pickup truck near Suoi Tia and walk another 300 meters to get there.

The walking path to Suoi Tia goes through the pine forest. “Sunlight shines through the foliage creating extremely magical rays of light,” Lam shared.

Arriving at Suoi Tia early in the morning before dawn, Lam felt like he was lost in a “fairyland” when “the morning mist hovered over the surface of the lake, rolling into the bare tree trunks”.

At dawn, the first sunlight of the day spread down, the scene was tinged with a light pink color and then turned yellow. The mist melts, the water surface becomes shimmering in the sunlight, brightening the space. “This is an extremely magical scene mixed with a bit of magic that I have never seen anywhere,” Lam said.

One day at Suoi Tia, visitors can feel the beauty of four seasons. The misty scene in the early morning brings the feeling of spring. The sun shines brightly at noon and the temperature rises like summer. The space is quiet, the dugout canoes lie silently on the water, bringing an autumn atmosphere. The coldness at night is like winter weather.

Suoi Tia is a place that still retains its wild beauty, with no tourism services. Around the lake there are many flat lawns with cool air, suitable for visitors to bring camping gear to picnic, enjoy nature and relax.

The entrance to Suoi Tia is a trail in the pine forest, it is easy to get lost without a guide. Visitors can go to the boat wharf at Tuyen Lam Lake and rent a boat to take them in, the price is divided according to the number of people.

Visitors can also bring SUP boats to experience cruising on the lake.

The last days of winter and early spring are the time when Suoi Tia is at its most beautiful. Visitors should choose days with high humidity and little wind and arrive before dawn (before 6:30 a.m.) to admire the magical scene when the mist rises above the lake. Note that the early morning temperature in Da Lat is quite cold, visitors should bring warm clothes.

At Suoi Tia, any corner can produce poetic photos. To preserve the beauty of the upstream area of ​​Tuyen Lam Lake, visitors need to preserve the landscape, not throw trash indiscriminately and clean up before leaving.

Photo,Video: Internet