Top 7 tourist attractions in Dien Bien captivates tourists

Nearly 500km from the Hanoi capital, tourists can take a plane and car to reach the heroic land of Dien Bien. Located on the flat Muong Thanh field, running along the Nam Ray valley, Dien Bien is nestled in the middle of a wide valley surrounded by many mountain ranges.

Dien Bien land is increasingly full of life

Coming to this land, the impression left in tourists is the unique cultural identity, specific customs and traditions, and the beautiful scenery of Dien Bien with the Ban Flower Festival and the passionate Xòe of Thai girls. Or enjoy the deep specialties of wine, bitter bamboo shoots, dried buffalo meat, … bearing the flavor of the Northwestern mountains.

Dien Bien is now a land that has changed skin, is burning green rhythm and vitality of Muong village with the familiarity, closeness and solidarity of the 21 ethnic groups living here.

If you have come to this northwestern border land, you will admire the populations of historical relics, national cultural identity along with immense and majestic mountains. And don’t forget to visit famous Dien Bien tourist sites that await you.

1. Hill A1 relic

Hill A1 is located in Muong Thanh ward, Dien Bien Phu city, Dien Bien province. Right at Hill A1, the monument was built in the Tam Son style in the middle high and on both sides low with the shape of the roof. In front is a censer, the middle is a stele, the flag badge, a red circular background with yellow stars, surrounded by a flower wall.

Hill A1 relic – a monument of heroic history in the Dien Bien Phu victory

During your trip to Dien Bien Phu, visitors will receive the most important base of the base of the French colonial base group in Dien Bien Phu. With the evidence of a heroic time of our army and people, they contributed to knocking the French out of Vietnam such as: the body of a 18-ton tank of the French colonialist was burned, the big funnel-shaped pit, the Victory Hill , tunnels, tunnels, …

2. Muong Thanh field

Located in the valley of Dien Bien, Muong Thanh field is one of the four richest and most delicious rice granaries in the Northwest. This is one of the Dien Bien tourist destinations that many tourists always want to admire.

Whether coming to Dien Bien by land, by air, or from Hoa Binh, from Lao Cai, from Nghia Lo straight ahead, you can enjoy a beautiful picture with the luscious green color when the rice is young. the golden color of ripe rice.

Muong Thanh Field – The destination of many tourists who want to admire the poetic beauty

3. Ho Pa Khoang

If you have ever traveled to Dien Bien, you can not help but set foot in Pa Khoang Lake – one of the beautiful scenes in Dien Bien that no one wants to leave.

Ho Pa Khoang is located in Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province. This location is nearly 20km from Dien Bien Phu city, linking Dien Bien Phu city with the Dien Bien Phu – Muong Phang Campaign Command.

Pá Khoang tourist area is one of the places gathering many beautiful scenes when it owns a total area of ​​2,400 hectares. It is the rich vegetation and the forest surrounding the lake with orchid gardens blooming in colorful colors. And that is also the reason that many tourists choose Pá Khoang Lake as an interesting destination.

If you want to admire the beautiful beauty of Muong Thanh fields, visitors should visit in September every year. Because at this time, the rice on the field is ripe golden, making you overwhelmed by the wild and charming beauty that can not be compared.

Pa Khoang Lake – an ideal tourist destination in Dien Bien

If visitors love the beautiful magical scenery, winter will be the appropriate choice to admire the beauty of the mist that falls around the lake. Or if you want to enjoy the cool and fresh air as well as watch the clouds and the sky, just go sailing, enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, the summer is the most perfect.

4. Pha Din Pass

Pha Din pass has a length of up to 32 km, located on Highway 6 from Hanoi to Dien Bien. Pha Din pass is the most dangerous road in Vietnam, is the place where the junction is between heaven and earth.

Pha Din pass is one of the “four great passes” of the Northwest and attracts a lot of tourists, especially “phad” people who want to come to conquer.

Conquer Pha Phin Pass and immerse yourself in the wild, majestic beauty of mountains and forests

Passing Pha Din pass, visitors will experience an impressive and exciting journey, discovering the wild and majestic beauty of nature with mountains overlapping with white clouds.

5. A Pa Chai border crossroads

A Pa Chai is known as the westernmost location of our mainland with a milestone dividing the boundary between three countries: Vietnam – China – Laos. A Pa Chai, located in Sin Thau commune, Muong Nhe district, is 250 km from Dien Bien Phu.

If we say Pha Din Pass is one of Dien Bien tourist destinations that attracts many tourists who want to conquer the dangers of the road, A Pa Chai is also a place where there are more and more young “adventurers”. excited to come.

Milestone 0 at the westernmost point – A Pa Chai – Dien Bien

Most visitors when arriving here feel: A Pa Chai is like a beautiful, arrogant girl who wants to challenge the patience and sincerity of many passionate travelers who want to conquer this place. Moreover, when you come here you can admire the panoramic beauty of mountains – clouds – sky – earth.

6. Ta Sin Thang highland fair market

Ta Sin Thang fair market is a place to keep cultural characteristics of ethnic minorities in the Tua Chua – Dien Bien highland. Therefore, if you ignore this place, it will be a pity for you because there will be no opportunity to see the features of the upland market only in the Northwest.

It is customary that the Ta Sin Thang Fair meets on the Rat and the Horses every month according to the lunar calendar. Six days of meetings, this is a place to exchange and trade goods and agricultural products of ethnic minorities in 5 northern communes of Tua Chua district: Sin Chai, Ta Sin Thang, Lao Sa Phinh, Trung Thu, Sin Bulge.

Ta Sin Thang Fair Market – An unforgettable destination in the journey to find Dien Bien

Ta Sin Thang Fair Market is not only a meeting place to exchange and exchange goods of people here but also an ideal meeting place for many ethnic boys and girls to find a mate.

With Ta Sin Thang Fair Market, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the Northwest colors of a highland fair next to the unstable rocky mountains. See firsthand the most beautiful costumes and bold culture of the Mong, Xạ Phang, Dao, … Or enjoy many specialties of the Northwestern mountains and the fragrant and drunk Mong Po wine immersed in human hearts that hardly anyone can resist, …

7. Don Cat tunnel relic area

During your trip to Dien Bien Phu, visitors will also have the opportunity to visit the ruins of the Do Cat tunnel.

General Do Cat’s command tunnel is located in the center of Dien Bien Phu stronghold group in Muong Thanh field, Dien Bien district, Dien Bien province. Although it has been nearly 60 years, the structure and layout and arrangement of the cellar are still intact.

The Don Cat tunnel designed by the French colonialist is very sturdy, 20m long and 8m wide, including four rooms for both living and working activities. Around the tunnel is surrounded by a defensive fence with dense barbed wire and four tanks.

Don Cat Tunnel – Evidence for the glorious victory of our army and people in Dien Bien

Don Cat Tunnel is a testament to the heroic history of the nation, so many blood, bones and tears of our army and people have poured down to get the moment when the yellow star red flag fluttered on the roof of the tunnel. Contributed to later glorious victories and came to reunification in the spring of 1975.

In addition, visitors can also visit the Dien Bien Phu victory historical system including: the headquarters of the Dien Bien Phu campaign in Muong Phang; Him Lam, Ban Keo and Independence bases; hills C1, D1, E1. And there are many famous places in Dien Bien such as: Ban Phu Citadel, Xa Nhe Cave, Pa Thom Cave, Dien Bien Phu Victory Museum, Uva Hot Spring, Chieng So Tower, …

Please quickly book and explore the Dien Bien tourist sites that we just sent to you above! Wish you will have an exciting journey to the heroic land of Dien Bien.