Top delicious restaurants in Cao Bang that you should visit when traveling 

Surely you will want to eat at delicious restaurants in Cao Bang to fully experience the local cuisine, taste the delicious dishes of the people of the Northeast.

Delicious restaurants in Cao Bang are popular with tourists 

1. Connoisseurs 

Sanh Quan is one of the delicious restaurants in Cao Bang that is loved by tourists. The shop is located at 789, De Tham ward, Cao Bang province, has been in operation since 2016 until now. This is a restaurant with a fairly modern space, specializing in serving guests grilled dishes and hotpot from beef, pork, seafood, … with reasonable prices.  

Sanh Quan is a delicious restaurant in Cao Bang that specializes in serving local dishesSanh Quan has been operating since 2016, selling local specialties. Photo: Sanh Quan Fanpage

The name Sanh Quan more or less stimulates the curiosity of visitors when coming to Cao Bang. Stepping inside, you will immediately feel the warm, intimate atmosphere and especially the attractiveness of the dishes. Whether hot pot or grilled, all are beautifully presented to seduce visitors. 

Sanh Quan is a delicious restaurant in Cao Bang that sells a variety of delicious dishesSanh Quan offers visitors a variety of culinary experiences. Photo: Sanh Quan Fanpage

According to many people’s reviews, Sanh Quan’s meat marinade is quite rich, while the hot pot sauce is processed with a very specific flavor, standard Cao Bang cuisine . In particular, the meat and vegetables at the restaurant are quite fresh and clean, bringing a sense of security for diners to enjoy. 

2. Huy Linh King Duck Restaurant

If you travel to Cao Bang and want to enjoy duck dishes, visit Huy Linh King Duck Troi restaurant. This is a spacious and luxurious dining address with 6 private rooms and 30 dining tables. Inside the restaurant is cool, with enough air conditioning, fan combined with soundproof walls for the family to enjoy delicious meals.  

Huy Linh King Duck Restaurant is a delicious restaurant in Cao Bang that you should visitCraving duck, you should visit Huy Linh King Duck Restaurant to eat duck dishes. Photo: Dung Nguyen 

This restaurant specializes in selling duck dishes, which is a specialty of Cao Bang. Coming here, visitors can enjoy up to 40 different duck dishes suitable for the season and weather of the year. The most famous ones include roast duck with 7 flavors, duck hot pot, duck blood soup, etc. Regardless of the dish, the quality of the meat is fresh, soft, and full of flavor.

Huy Linh King Duck Restaurant is a delicious restaurant in Cao Bang with a diverse duck menuThe shop sells many different duck dishes. Photo: Hanh Mit 

Huy Linh restaurant is located at number 08, Group 5, Ngoc Xuan Ward, Cao Bang City, so it is very convenient for visitors to enjoy. This delicious restaurant in Cao Bang is highly appreciated for both the quality of the food and the service and space. So if you are a fan of duck meat, you should visit here once. 

3. Green Palm Restaurant

If you do not know what to eat in Cao Bang , go to Green Palm Restaurant located at Group 10, Phai Khat Na Ngan, Hop Giang Ward to be able to taste the dishes imbued with the essence of the Northeast mountains. This place has the culinary style of ethnic minorities, ensuring visitors will have many unforgettable experiences.

Green Palm Leaf is a delicious restaurant in Cao Bang with a luxurious spaceLuxury Green Palm Restaurant in Cao Bang. Photo: Fanpage of Cao Bang Green Palm Restaurant

Unlike Huy Linh restaurant which only serves duck dishes, at La Co Xanh restaurant, you can eat a lot of dishes such as kitchen buffalo, porcupine meat, hill chicken, wild birds, etc. very attractive decoration. Just by looking at the well-prepared dishes, you can immediately feel the irresistible delicious taste. 

Green Palm Leaf is a delicious restaurant in Cao Bang that you should try onceAt La Co Xanh, there are many delicious dishes served to visitors. Photo: Fanpage of Cao Bang Green Palm Restaurant

The dishes of Green Palm Leaf partly show the identity of Cao Bang delicacies , which is completely different from the dishes of the lowlands. In particular, every dish here is made from fresh ingredients. Through the hands of good chefs, an attractive menu has been created for both tourists and local residents. 

4. My Vi Restaurant  

Another delicious restaurant in Cao Bang that you cannot ignore is My Vi restaurant located at 26 Song Hien Ward, Cao Bang city. With a cool riverside location, this is not only a place to eat and drink but also a place for you to cool off and chill a little every afternoon. The restaurant campus is quite large, capable of accommodating up to 200 guests at the same time. 

My Vi restaurant is a delicious restaurant in Cao Bang that attracts many touristsMy Vi restaurant is also a place serving a variety of local delicacies. Photo: My Vi Restaurant Fanpage 

What to eat at My Vi restaurant? This place sells forest and sea specialties with a fairly diverse menu, meeting the culinary needs of both tourists and local residents. Here, you can taste the rice husk goat – a delicacy that is considered the quintessence of this restaurant, loved by many tourists. 

My Vi restaurant is a delicious restaurant in Cao Bang that is very popular with touristsYou will enjoy many delicious dishes when you visit My Vi restaurant. Photo: My Vi Restaurant Fanpage 

Besides, you can also spend time to experience Dong Tao chicken, grilled fish, fried pork belly, etc., which are also very attractive. One of the plus points of this restaurant is the accompanying party service. In addition, the restaurant’s VIP system area for group guests is also a remarkable advantage. 

5. Thuc Yen Hot Pot Restaurant 

Anyone traveling to Cao Bang should once visit the famous local restaurant, Thuc Yen Hot Pot. This restaurant is located on Pac Bo street, with a very romantic view overlooking the Da River. The restaurant space is also very large, for a variety of groups of guests, individual customers, … 

Thuc Yen hot pot restaurant is a delicious restaurant in Cao Bang that is loved by young peopleThis is a famous eating place in Cao Bang. Photo: Fanpage of Song Thuc Yen Cao Bang Crossroad Restaurant

If you want to enjoy delicious dishes with full Cao Bang flavor, this restaurant is the address not to be missed. This place sells many dishes but the top dish is hot pot. Here, you can order mixed hot pot, river fish hotpot, salmon hotpot, braised carp with pickled carp, grilled fish with salt and pepper or dishes with ribs, sticky rice with black filling, etc. 

This delicious restaurant in Cao Bang sells a variety of dishesThe excellent chicken dishes at this Cao Bang restaurant are highly appreciated by visitors. Photo: Fanpage of Song Thuc Yen Cao Bang Crossroad Restaurant

According to the reviews of many visitors, this restaurant’s hot pot dish has a delicious, rich broth and a very full hot pot portion. The hot pot dipping ingredients such as meat, fish, accompanying vegetables such as bitter vegetables, morning glory, etc. are all fresh and preliminarily cleaned. So if you have the opportunity, come here to sip hot pot while watching the romantic river.

This delicious restaurant in Cao Bang is a restaurant that visitors should try when they have the opportunityTraveling to Cao Bang, you should visit this restaurant to try once to feel the full flavor of the cuisine here. Photo: Fanpage of Song Thuc Yen Cao Bang Crossroad Restaurant

Above are some delicious restaurants in Cao Bang that are highly appreciated by local residents and visitors. If you are traveling to Cao Bang province for the first time, consider visiting these places to enjoy a variety of delicious local specialties. 

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