Tourist places in Hoa Binh City check-in, relax very much

For those who love nature, check in with beautiful scenery but do not have time to go to remote places, you can visit the center of Hoa Binh to explore, not too far from the center of Hanoi and can go back in the morning. convenient day. Here are the tourist destinations in Hoa Binh City for a weekend trip to change the atmosphere.

Impressive tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city

1. Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant

Referring to tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city , surely no one is unaware of Hoa Binh ‘s Hydropower Plant . The largest hydroelectric plant not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia. Built in Hoa Binh lake bed and in the middle of the famous Da river from 1979 to 1994, it went into operation, with the help of both construction and operation of Soviet experts.

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - hydroelectric power plantPhoto: @dandan_vu

This project has a total of 8 operating units, each with a capacity of up to 240,000 kilowatts, producing electricity equivalent to 8.16 billion kilowatt hours (KWh). Coming here, in addition to checking in with the majestic view of the dam, you also have the opportunity to visit firsthand the generators, take photos with the Memorial area as well as the Uncle Ho Monument on the premises. Visit the area where it is written “The place to keep the letter of the builders of Hoa Binh Hydroelectricity to future generations. Letters will be opened on January 1, 2100.”

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - hydroelectric power plantPhoto: @hoangtuyet_

2. Muong Cultural Space Museum

If you are a culture lover, especially the culture of Muong, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit this place when coming to Hoa Binh. This private museum is located on Tay Tien Street in Thai Binh Ward, Hoa Binh City. This unique museum was born from the passion and burning desire of a painter, he wanted to recreate as well as introduce to everyone the living space of the Muong ethnic group. 

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Muong Cultural Space MuseumPhoto: @liwlledang

It took 10 years of searching and collecting artifacts and 1 year of construction, until 2007 the Muong Cultural Space Museum was officially opened to welcome guests. The owner chose the location to build the museum is also very special, inside a limestone valley with a modest area of ​​only 5 hectares but known as the cradle of the ancient Muong people.

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Muong Cultural Space MuseumPhoto: @phamthiphuongthaohd

Muong ethnic group is known as one of the ethnic groups possessing a long tradition in both history and culture, leading among 54 ethnic groups. The owner not only invests capital but also participates in the complete design and construction work so that this tourist destination of Hoa Binh city is introduced to everyone in the most thoughtful way. 

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Muong Cultural Space MuseumPhoto: @GOdy

In order to perfectly recreate the culture of Muong, the owner of the museum chose the most rustic layout as it appears in everyday life, not in formal glass cabinets. From the fence, the path, the utensils, the altar, … all make viewers imagine the most typical features of a miniature Muong society. From life, work to daily customs, thus creating a great attraction.

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Muong Cultural Space MuseumPhoto: @anhdungnguyen

Hoa Binh travel experience , the museum has 2 main areas to visit:

– Re-enactment area : divided into 4 areas of stilt houses, each representing a class in the ancient Muong society. The impressive point is that the owner has taken pains to collect and redesign from the very old houses that all classes of Muong society lived. Completely natural materials mainly from wood, bamboo,… and thatched roof.

  • Lang house: the residence of the highest ruling class, the rulers of the whole Muong country.
  • Au house: for the maids at Lang’s house.
  • House Nooc: the place where the common people live.
  • Noc Troi House: representing the poor class, at the bottom of Muong society at that time. 

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Muong Cultural Space MuseumPhoto: @hiepbeta._

– Exhibition area : more than 3,000 artifacts are fixed and divided according to many different themes. Inside, there are many famous bronze artifacts such as: gongs, gongs, urns, … And also tools for daily life, working tools such as household utensils, reels. water, fishing tools, brocade textiles,… 

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Muong Cultural Space MuseumPhoto: @haglala

In addition to the areas displaying artifacts and recreating the life of the Muong people, this tourist attraction in Hoa Binh city also attracts a large number of visitors with a library that owns thousands of books. The contents of the books are very diverse from the fields of Literature, Culture, Economics, History to Science and Technology, etc. Not only the books on Ethnic Cultures, but also many kinds of books about Unique Muong culture.

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Muong Cultural Space MuseumPhoto: @lehuongmai73

Coming to this impressive museum in Hoa Binh not only to visit and learn about traditional Muong cultural values, but also to study and have fun. Let’s learn about the daily life of Muong people with activities such as farming, pounding rice, weaving,… Enjoying a variety of delicious rustic dishes with specialties of the mountains and forests in the fun atmosphere of music. echoing music. Participating in interesting games with honest and genuine people is an unforgettable experience.

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Muong Cultural Space MuseumPhoto: @haglala

3. Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir

One of the experiences that bring you memorable moments is to explore Hoa Binh Lake – the largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia. Its length is up to 70km, not only in the city but also in 17 communes. Looking from above, you will see that in the lake there are a total of 47 islands (11 limestone islands and 36 mountainous islands) with beautiful poetic scenery, so it is also likened to “Ha Long Bay” in the high mountains.

Hoa Binh city tourist destination - hydroelectric lakePhoto: @dangthithanhkimhue

Not only is it famous for its charming and poetic scenery, the calm lake is surrounded by majestic mountains. Around the lake and on the lake bed, there are also many attractions such as caves, temples, … worth a visit. Especially in the rainy season, coming to Hoa Binh Lake, visitors can see firsthand the impressive sight of the factory discharging white foam. 

Hoa Binh city tourist destination - hydroelectric lakePhoto: @cuongthinhanhuyen2567

4. Phat Quang Pagoda of Peace

Construction started in 2009 and is located on the top of Ba Vanh hill with an area of ​​​​5ha, in Tan Thinh ward. This is one of the tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city, where many Buddhists come to make pilgrimages to the Buddha every year. Arriving in the temple grounds, you will feel the extremely quiet atmosphere, in front of your eyes is the peaceful Da river flowing through. 

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Phat Quang pagodaPhoto: @quyenanh.lucas

In addition to the three remaining areas, there are: Thuong pagoda, Trung pagoda and Ha pagoda; there are also Mau Temple, tower garden and other auxiliary areas. The most prominent feature is inside the courtyard of the Upper Pagoda, where there is a majestic statue of Quan The m Bodhisattva. Next is the bell tower containing the sacred weapon of the pagoda – the great red bell weighs 5 tons, is 3m high and is known to be the largest in the Northwest of our country today. 

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Phat Quang pagodaPhoto: @vnares

5. Tien Phi Cave

For those of you who are passionate about exploring, try a trekking to the top of Thuc hill to explore this unique cave. The cave is located at an altitude of only about 80m in Gai hamlet, Tan Hoa ward, Hoa Binh city. Right at the main cave entrance is a large rock, on which a flying fairy is depicted. According to the people here, that image is associated with the legend between Thuc and Tien Phi. They had a beautiful love, but because they wanted to protect the lives of the people of Bua Phi village, they fought with the Water God and sacrificed themselves. 

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Tien Phi cavePhoto: @thuonghieusanpham

Tien Phi cave with its unique beauty has been ranked as “national scenic relic” in 2000. Overview inside Tien Phi cave will have 2 compartments: 

– Outer compartment : 15m long, 8m wide, the highest ceiling is about 20m. On its dome, there is a skylight that helps to get all the natural light shining inside. 

– The compartment in the cave : 53m long, 20m wide, the highest ceiling is about 10m. Inside there are many stalactites, strange shapes and colors. Going to the end of the cave, you will see a clear fairy well with a semicircle shape. 

tourist attractions in Hoa Binh city - Tien Phi cavePhoto: @thuonghieusanpham

Located only about 70km from the center of the capital, the tourist attractions of Hoa Binh city are both suitable for a day trip and satisfy the passion for discovery. If you are planning an upcoming weekend trip, please come here with your friends and relatives to check in right away. 

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