Travel bloggers check in the ‘Western beer’ street Beeravans Grand World Phu Quoc

Ly Thanh Co, Hung Luong, Le Ha Truc … all invited each other to check in the “Western beer” street Beeravans for the first time held at Grand World Phu Quoc.

Recently, Ly Thanh Co – a famous travel blogger with experience traveling throughout 39 countries and territories shared about his journey to discover the “Western beer” street of Beeravans located on the coast of Phu Quoc.

Tiktoker Hung Luong also shared the same idea when showing off the clip to experience the impressive corners of the “tourist paradise” of the North Island. As soon as they entered the main gate of Grand World Phu Quoc, Ly Thanh Co and Hung Luong both did not miss the opportunity to take a boat trip on the Venice River, enjoying the feeling of sitting on a gondola that glides in the middle of the water, the two banks are the Colorful Mediterranean style street.

As revealed by these two tiktokers, if you choose the right sunset time, visitors will be able to admire the unique scenery when the iridescent rays of the sun are gilded with gold on the water surface, dyeing the peaceful dome windows.

Also present at Beeravans, travel blogger Le Ha Truc enlisted to experience every nook and cranny and “fill” her phone memory with hundreds of photos from all angles. She said she quickly “falls in love” in front of the Teddy Bear family with a collection of all the lovely expressions of the “legendary” bear, making her feel like she is back in her childhood world.

The tram ride takes visitors inside the “sleeping city” Grand World Phu Quoc decorated in a fun and vibrant style. At the heart of the “Western beer” street Beeravans, the mivivan cars are designed with personality and modernity, bringing a lively festive look to the busy Mallorca street.

Inspired by famous “Western beer” streets such as Ta Hien (Hanoi) or Bui Vien (HCMC), Beeravans attracts visitors thanks to its delicious beer flavors and attractive cuisine.

Fragrant beer bars with all kinds of bold draft beers to famous beer brands such as Hoegarden, Heineken, Tiger Crystal, Sapporo, Strongbow… are served with charcoal barbecue, crispy grilled seafood.

Nightlife activities every weekend attract visitors to Mallorca street, including the bikini tour with the appearance of beautiful female dancers dressed in brightly colored costumes, gracefully marching through the streets. busy streets.

Visitors can also immerse themselves in the vibrant music space with the presence of DJs and bands performing on the stage with a sea view…

In addition, when arriving on the North Island, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy a series of unique multimedia reality shows such as Colors of Venice, Essence of Vietnam, One show … with grandiose scale and sound effects. impressive bar.

Held along Mallorca Street, Beeravans is inspired by western outdoor parties. Welcoming the occasion of September 2, Beeravan Western Beer Street continues to introduce to visitors a series of unique and impressive activities: Beeravan parade activities: 5pm – 6pm from September 1-4, music events: 8pm -21h on September 2-3 , Bikinitour activities: 22h-23h from September 1-4.

Photo: Vingroup

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