Travel free with Vung Tau tourism experiences from A to Z

For a perfect “escape” trip to the coastal city, you need to “pocket” the whole set of Vung Tau travel experiences from A to Z like when is the best time, how to move, to Vung What ship to play, where to go, …

Vung Tau has long been a familiar destination for many tourists in the South. With a coastline stretching 20km, from here one can see the East Sea both at sunrise and at sunset. Not only famous for its unique natural landscapes, attractive entertainment spots, the coastal city also attracts visitors by its unique culinary features. 

If you are planning to join a close association or your loved one to “take each other to escape” to this beautiful sea, please pin right away the full and detailed Vung Tau travel experiences to share right here.

Ideal time for a trip to Vung Tau from A to Z

Ba Ria – Vung Tau is located in the tropical monsoon climate, divided into two distinct seasons. It is the rainy season starting from May to October, and buying sunshine lasts from November to April next year. Average temperature in Vung Tau is usually 27 degrees, the highest 30 degrees, the lowest 24 degrees.

Thanks to the mild weather, not too hot or too cold, Vung Tau is a year-round destination for many tourists. So you just need to follow the weather news to avoid rainy days. In addition, on weekends and holidays, the number of tourists coming to Vung Tau is quite crowded, so service prices increase. If you want to relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you can avoid these times when traveling to Vung Tau .travel-lich-vung-tau-1Vung Tau is a familiar destination for many weekend tourists.

How to move to Vung Tau

Located about 120km from Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau is an ideal place for short trips. There are many means to move to Vung Tau such as:


Bus routes from Ho Chi Minh City to City. Vung Tau in District 1 or East bus station, the price is from 80,000 – 160,000 VND / time. Some reputable car manufacturers such as Toan Thang, Hoa Mai, Phuong Trang. Thien Phu, Kumho … 


If you and your family have your own car or rent a car, you can go on the expressway from Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay. Travel time only takes about 1.5 – 2 hours.


This is the means people often use to come to Vung Tau, especially young people who have a hobby of traveling. You can follow Highway 1, to Vung Tau intersection, then turn right along Highway 51, about 100km to arrive. Or you can choose the route from Cat Lai ferry in District 2, passing through Nhon Trach, Dong Nai. This section of road will lead to Highway 51 at the entrance to Nhon Trach Industrial Park.


This is quite an interesting means that you can choose to go to the coastal city. The submarine route from Ho Chi Minh City to Vung Tau usually operates from 6 hours to 17 hours daily, about 1.5 hours, every 1 hour.

The outstanding sights when coming to Vung Tau

Statue of Christ

Built in 1974, the Statue of Christ or the Statue of Christ with Outstretched Arms is located on the top of Little Mountain in Vung Tau city. The highlight here is the 32m high statue of God, 18.3m long arm span at 170m altitude overlooking the sea. Inside the statue of God has a two-hand staircase with 133 steps. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful coastal Statue of Christ or the Statue of God with Outstretched Arms is located on the top of Small Mountain in Vung Tau city.

The Statue of Gautama Buddha 

Located on the slopes of Big Mountain, on Tran Phu Street, City. Vung Tau, attractive temple with unique architecture in harmony between religious architecture and natural style. Coming here, you will be able to admire the delicious Bat Giac tower 19m high and the giant Buddha Shakyamuni statue meditating on the lotus in the middle of the mountain. This is considered the most famous temple in Vung Tau that you should temple has a unique architecture in harmony between religious architecture and natural style.

Ho May tourist area

For families with young children, Ho May tourist area is an ideal choice when traveling to Vung Tau. There are many interesting games such as airplanes, spinning horses, continuous houses, water parks, … Especially to get to Ho May tourist area, you have to take the cable car. Experience the new feeling while sitting on the cable car while watching the beautiful nature is memorable, right!travel-lich-vung-tau-5Cable car to Ho May.

Vung Tau Hai Dang

Vung Tau lighthouse was built in 1862 on Small mountain. Unique cylindrical tower design. This is a familiar place of many tourists when arriving in Vung Tau. Standing here you can see the whole Vung Tau city with buildings, beaches, blue Minh Dam mountain, …travel-lich-vung-tau-4Hai Dang Vung Tau – a favorite check-in spot of young people.

Marina Vung Tau

A “brand new” place that has been checked-in by young people recently is the Marina Vung Tau wharf . This is the first marina in the coastal city to have many types of canoes, tourist boats anchored with colorful colors. Surely you will not lack super cool virtual live photos when you visit this virtual life at the boat of Marina Vung Tau.

In addition to the famous names above, Vung Tau also has many attractive places waiting for you to explore: Hon Ba, Nghinh Phong Cape – Vung Tau Sky Gate , Robert Taylor Museum of Ancient Weapons, Doi Con Heo, …

Above are Vung Tau travel experiences from A to Z for your reference. Now, take your backpack and travel to Vung Tau now!