Travel to Phu My Binh Dinh – check-in paradise with countless beautiful landscapes

Traveling to Phu My to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature and enjoy attractive products is an extremely attractive experience that you should not miss when coming to Binh Dinh.

Phu My is one of the famous destinations of Binh Dinh . This land is increasingly attractive and attractive to tourists because of its peaceful and poetic natural scenery . Traveling to Phu My , you will not only be surprised by the wonderful natural scenery, but also because it also has attractive historical destinations and extremely attractive cuisine. If you are planning to come to Phu My, please refer to the useful information immediately to discover all the interesting things and enjoy the journey to the fullest.

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Introducing Phu My – the hidden “jewel” of Nau 

Phu My is one of the district capitals of Binh Dinh province, located in the southwest coastal plain. This place borders Hoai Nhon district in the North, Phu Cat district in the South and Southwest, Hoai An district in the Northwest and East Sea in the east. Phu My district currently has 17 communes and 2 towns with an area of ​​548.9 km2 and a population of 188,000 people.

Travel to Phu My Binh DinhPhu My is one of the places where many beautiful landscapes of Binh Dinh converge. Photo: Binh Dinh New

Previously, Phu My people mainly lived by farming, however, with the advantage of many beautiful landscapes and historical relics, Phu My tourism has recently become famous and attracted many people. Tourists stop to explore. The landscapes in Phu My district are still very wild and attractive and have not been much affected by tourism activities. Some attractive destinations in Phu My are famous such as Hang Pagoda, historical relics of Nong Pass, and Vi Rong Cape. , … is gradually becoming an attractive destination for tourists.

Travel to Phu My Binh DinhWonderful nature is one of the reasons why Phu My becomes an attractive destination. Photo: codytranstpt

The most beautiful time to travel to Phu My 

Traveling to Phu My, one of the things you need to pay attention to is choosing the right time. The weather in Phu My is characterized by two relatively distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. However, visitors can visit this place at any time of the year, as long as they check the weather conditions in advance. 

According to local travel enthusiasts, the best time to travel to Phu My is from February to September. At this time, Phu My in particular and Binh Dinh in general have beautiful weather, with little rain, suitable for traveling. Visit and explore attractive destinations.

Time to travel to Phu My Binh DinhThe best time to go to Phu My is from February to September. Photo: salatravel

Travel experience when traveling to Phu My 

To travel to Phu My, depending on the starting point, you can travel by bus, train or plane to Quy Nhon city. Phu My district is about 54 km from Quy Nhon city center. You can use many means of transportation to Phu My, but the most convenient is still a motorbike because you can both admire the scenery on the way and have fun. You can conveniently visit any tourist destination on your journey. The current price for renting a motorbike in Quy Nhon is 100,000 to 150,000 VND per day.

move when traveling to Phu My Binh DinhPhu My is only about 54km from Quy Nhon so visitors can conveniently travel. Photo: my_benzmind

From Quy Nhon city center, if you want to travel to Phu My , you can move in the direction of Highway 19, CT01/DT638 and CT01/QL1A. Experience for you if you are going for the first time is to check the destinations on Google Maps and move according to the instructions.

Suggestions for impressively beautiful Phu My tourist destinations 

Cape Vi Rong 

Vi Rong Cape is the  most famous Phu My tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. This destination is located about 20 km east of the center of Phu My town, right near Tan Phung fishing village. 

It is called Vi Rong Cape or Dragon Cape because this place has a mountain shaped like a giant dragon created by mother nature. The beauty of Mui Vi Rong is wild, natural and close. The scenery of Mui Vi Rong is a wonderful combination of nature. Below is a sea with the sound of crashing waves, in the distance is a peaceful fishing boat fleet, above are towering cliffs creating a majestic beauty. Extremely beautiful and impressive.

Travel to Phu My Binh Dinh to Mui Vi RongVi Rong Cape is famous for its breathtaking scenery. Photo: @chotoiditheovoi

Giant squash village

Making giant squash in Phu My district is also one of the destinations that is gradually becoming familiar to tourists. This village is called Chanh Trach 1 and 2 village in My Tho commune of Phu My district. This is a unique squash village in Vietnam where it is home to giant green squash, each weighing up to 60 kg.

Up to now, no scientist has been able to explain why the pumpkin trees here have such large fruits. Local people believe that due to the soil and the secret of choosing varieties, traditional planting methods have brought about productivity. and huge size for the native squash variety. If you want to see giant melons in Phu My, choose the time from April to June of the lunar calendar every year.

Travel to Phu My Binh Dinh to Giant Winter Melon VillageGiant Winter Melon Village is an interesting destination for many tourists. Photo: Binh Dinh News

Tra O Lagoon 

Tra O Lagoon is aPhu My touristfamiliar to tourists. This is a natural lagoon located in the Northeast of Phu My district with an area of ​​13,000 hectares, 20 km circumference, and vast space of water waves. This place has peaceful and fresh natural scenery, a great relaxing place for those who want to get away from the noise of the city. Visitors to Tra O lagoon, in addition to admiring the natural scenery, can take a boat around the lake to admire the scenery or experience the peaceful field activities of the people such as riding wooden boats and catching seafood.

Travel from Phu My Binh Dinh to Tra O LagoonTra O Lagoon is vast and peaceful. Photo: @qhuongton

Cave temple 

Hang Pagoda also has other names: Thien Sanh Thach Tu or Thach Coc. This Phu My tourist destination is located in Khanh Hoi village of My Hoa commune. The pagoda is a giant-sized natural cave located in the middle of the mountains, once a place used to raise soldiers in the Can Vuong movement against the French and in the resistance war against the US.

Not only does it have special historical significance, but the cave is also a spiritual destination, a beautiful natural landscape for visitors to use their feet to admire the pagoda and enjoy the mountains blending with the green of the fields. immense.

Travel to Phu My Binh Dinh to Hang PagodaHang Pagoda is a famous spiritual landscape of Phu My. Photo:@mrtom1122

Da Trai Lake

Although this Phu My tourist destination is not widely known, it is one of the places with the most attractive beauty. The lake is located quite far from the residential area so it still retains its wild character that attracts attention.

 Traveling to Da Trai Lake, you will admire a poetic and immense lake, surrounding the lake is a green watershed forest surrounded by white rocks hidden among the trees. From the shore of Da Trai lake, you can look at the villages and in the distance, lush rice fields rising in the sunshine. There is also an observatory and water regulation station next to the lake. Check in here and you can record beautiful videos amidst the vast natural waves.

Travel to Phu My Binh Dinh to Da Trai Lake

Da Trai Lake has very charming nature. Photo: Quyzotravel

Non Nuoc Lighthouse 

Non Nuoc Lighthouse is located on the top of the mountain in the Go Dua range, Tan Phung village, My Tho commune. Visitors can reach this tourist destination by sea or by road. To get to Hai Dang Non Nuoc, you need to follow small steps and paths. The road up is very steep, flanked by wild tamarind trees and wild pandan trees bristling with thorns.

Standing from this Phu My tourist destination, you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of admiring the wild, charming seascape and the scenery of clouds reflecting the sunset water. The light tower at Hon Nuoc lighthouse is 16.2 meters high and built of stone. Standing on the balcony of the tower, you can see the vast space of the sea and sky, the mountain road, the islands in the distance, the rocky beaches at the foot of the mountain or the aquaculture area of ​​the local people.

Travel to Phu My Binh Dinh to Da Trai LakeNon Nuoc Lighthouse is a destination with beautiful scenery. Photo: @chotoiditheovoi

Nong Pass historical relic site 

This relic is located in My Trinh and My Phong communes on National Highway 1A, 8.5 km north of the center of Phu My town. This is one of the very special Phu My tourist destinations , where the famous Duong Lieu – Deo Nong battle took place in 1965. Visitors coming here can see wonderful nature with distant mountain clouds, or find Understand the historical Duong Lieu – Deo Nong battle. Every year in February, a very unique festival often takes place here.

Phu My Binh Dinh tourism, Nong Pass historical relic site

The Nong Pass relic area is associated with special historical events. Photo: quizotravel

Phu My cuisine is full of delicious specialties 

Shrimp vermicelli – Phu My rice noodles

Fried shrimp bun is one of the attractive specialties that almost tourists cannot miss when traveling to Phu My . Although the noodle bowls are simple, they bring together the wonderful essence of this pristine land. The ingredients of the vermicelli are shrimp and shrimp caught from Dong Chau Truc with a very unique flavor. 

Shrimp and shrimp ingredients are processed and seasoned to taste. When eating, use a small spoon to spread evenly and add hot broth, use chopsticks to beat the meat, then add vermicelli and sprinkle with cilantro. 

Although Phu My’s shrimp vermicelli and rice noodles are now available in many different places, the typical flavor of Phu My’s hometown is always a very unique attraction, not mixed with anywhere else.

Traveling to Phu My Binh Dinh to enjoy Phu My Shrimp Vermicelli - Fried RiceShrimp vermicelli – Phu My rice vermicelli is famous and delicious. Photo: Binh Dinh News


Phu My is also a coastal land, so when exploring the cuisine here, you will definitely not be able to miss the delicious seafood dishes. Traveling to Phu My, you can enjoy countless delicious dishes from fresh and naturally cool seafood such as Nang’s breast snail, sea turtle fish, grilled shrimp, fresh squid steamed with ginger, steamed crab, seafood porridge… 

Travel to Phu My Binh Dinh to enjoy seafoodSeafood is both fresh and diverse. Photo: @my_nothingtoeat

Cake Question

Banh hoi is one of the common specialties of Binh Dinh and when traveling to Phu My , you should not miss this delicious dish. Although it is just a simple and rustic dish, it has a very strange appeal. Anyone who has ever enjoyed Phu My banh hoi will definitely not be able to forget the fragrant sweetness of the cake, the characteristic nutty taste of chives, the fatty taste of the oil, the delicious taste of the pieces of tripe, or the aroma of chives. The rich taste of sweet and sour fish sauce. In Phu My, in addition to the famous banh hoi with pork intestines, you can enjoy other attractive banh hoi dishes such as banh hoi with shrimp paste, banh hoi with grilled meat, banh hoi with beef….

Traveling to Phu My Binh Dinh to enjoy Banh HoiPork intestine cake is very popular in Phu My. Photo: my_wheretoeatinphanthiet.

Phu My sour fish 

Tomatoes are one of the very typical Phu My specialties that often appear on the daily dinner plate. Sour fish usually lives mainly in Phu My district and some surrounding areas. This is a brackish water fish that lives in ponds, banks, rivers… The fish has an elongated shape, with iridescent white scales. Like milkfish but with a rounder body, this fish can grow up to several kilograms in size. The meat is very sweet and fragrant, not fishy at all. 

Phu My people often use sour fish to prepare many dishes, the most famous is steamed tomatoes rolled with rice paper, which Phu My people often use to treat distinguished guests. In addition, sour fish is also used to cook giang leaf soup, a traditional dish that any Phu My person far from home misses.

Traveling to Phu My Binh Dinh to enjoy Phu My sour fishPhu My sour fish is delicious but rustic. Photo: news

What to buy as a gift when traveling to Phu My?

Nhum My An sauce

Nhum fish sauce is one of the attractive royal specialties that when traveling to Phu My you must definitely buy as a gift. To have delicious fish sauce, Phu My people choose black sea urchins, prepare them by cutting a hole right in the mouth of the sea urchins, then take the sea urchin meat and put it in clay jars, sprinkle with salt, bury it in the stove ash or dry it. out in the sun for 10 to 15 days. When the sea urchin sauce is cooked, it will be very smooth and viscous, with an opaque red color and a characteristic aroma. 

When eating, you can mix sea urchin fish sauce with garlic, whole pepper and a little spice to create a unique salty, sour, sweet flavor that is attractive when dipping into any dish.

Phu My people most like dipping sea urchin fish sauce with fresh vermicelli or dipping rice paper rolled with raw vegetables and pork belly. Phu My sea urchin sauce used as a gift will be a very suitable choice because it can be stored for a long time and can be easily transported long distances, especially because its deliciousness and rarity are not available everywhere.

Travel to Phu My Binh Dinh to buy Mam Nhum My An Binh DinhMy An Binh Dinh Nhum fish sauce is a specialty that makes a great gift. Photo: Dulichme

Tan Phung Wine 

Tan Phung wine is one of the famous specialties in Phu My. The wine is made from fragrant sticky rice grains with a unique brewing method, creating the typical flavor of coastal wine. When traveling to Phu My , buying jars of Tan Phung wine as gifts to enjoy the characteristic deep spicy flavor will be indispensable. 

Chanh Trach winter melon tea

Visit the giant squash village, in addition to admiring the scenery and exploring the giant squash fruits, don’t forget to buy specialty squash teas prepared by local people in the traditional way. Normally, squash tea in Chanh Trach is only prepared very simply, the squash is sliced ​​thinly and dried to make drinking water. This is one of the drinks that is very good for health.

Travel to Phu My Binh Dinh to buy Chanh Trach Winter Melon Tea

Phu My winter melon tea is both delicious and healthy. Photo: phuongmaitourist

Traveling to Phu My to immerse yourself in wonderful nature, visit islands, peaceful beaches or check in to the quintessential historical destinations of this glorious land, will surely make visitors ecstatic. Phu My is simple but also extremely attractive, so don’t miss this attractive destination in your journey to Nau. 

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