Traveling to Cat Ba in winter: you don’t think it’s fun but it’s unbelievably fun!

Traveling to Cat Ba in winter is an interesting experience that many people love. Contrary to the image of the blue sea, white sand and bright sunshine of summer; Cat Ba in winter brings a unique, new and attractive beauty. The rare beauty of the “pearl island paradise” is shown through the majestic natural landscape of mountains and sea on cold days.

Some details about Cat Ba weather in winter 

People often advise tourists to go to the islands in the summer. However, in Cat Ba, people can come at any time of the year, except during the stormy season (from late August to October). Each season, Cat Ba has its own beauty, bringing unique experiences to visitors. Winter in Cat Ba lasts about 2.6 months, from November – February of the following year, with lower average temperatures below 22 degrees Celsius.

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The coldest month of the year in Cat Ba is January, with the lowest average temperature being 15 degrees Celsius and the highest being 20 degrees Celsius. Compared to winter on the mainland, winter on Cat Ba island is more pleasant due to the influenced by ocean climate and hot ocean currents. Furthermore, winter in Cat Ba has almost no rain, which is very convenient for fun activities and visiting famous tourist destinations on Cat Ba island.

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Reasons to travel to Cat Ba in winter

1. No crowding or noise

When traveling in the summer, we often encounter overcrowding, poor service and difficulty finding accommodation. However, in the experience of traveling from Hai Phong  to Cat Ba in winter , visitors will experience a different experience: no more crowding, no waiting, always good service and many empty rooms ready to serve. Winter will bring a wonderful peaceful experience, not affected by the noise of crowds.

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2. Low travel costs

The Cat Ba area in the low season has few tourists in contrast to summer weekends, which are crowded and have few vacant rooms. Traveling during this season can be difficult in finding accommodation. On the contrary, coming to Cat Ba in winter, few tourists visit, most of them are foreigners. In winter, you can enjoy good service with cheap room prices, especially with many room discount programs to attract tourists.

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3. Enjoying a different sea view

Come to Cat Ba in winter to experience the unique and constantly changing beauty. Every moment of the day, Cat Ba Island brings different colors and spaces. In the morning, you will be immersed in a magical mist, at noon, gentle warm sunlight and in the afternoon, a beautiful sunset when the sun disappears behind the sea.

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Experience of traveling to Cat Ba in winter , this place offers a beautiful, peaceful natural space without being too crowded. Tourists can relax and enjoy the gentle beauty of the sea, stroll on the beach and immerse themselves in the wonderful natural scenery.

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4. Many interesting activities

This winter, there will be many super interesting travel experiences in Cat Ba such as: kayaking to explore caves and cliffs, and experiencing the natural sounds of the sea. Besides, visiting Viet Hai ancient fishing village will be an impressive experience with the option of walking or cycling.

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When you arrive at the fishing village, you will see people using nets to catch fish and have the opportunity to learn about local culture. If you’re lucky, you can try casting a net and admire the beautiful sunset. When you come to Cat Ba in winter, you not only enjoy the sea, limestone mountains or jungle, but also discover many other interesting things.

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5. Enjoy cheap seafood 

When traveling to the sea, enjoying fresh seafood dishes is indispensable. Food from the sea brings fresh and sweet flavors, especially in winter when the amount of seafood increases, conserving energy to prepare for the breeding season in the warm weather of spring. It will be delicious to eat. 

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Summer is a crowded tourist time, providing fresh seafood to tourists becomes difficult. Therefore, during the peak season, there may be a lot of seafood that is not as fresh compared to traveling to Cat Ba in winter . In Cat Ba, visitors can enjoy seafood such as geoduck, shrimp, squid and many other types of seafood to feel the natural sweetness.

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Experience an exciting winter in Cat Ba

1. Rest in peace

Cat Ba in winter is peaceful, comfortable and not as crowded as in summer. When you come here, you will experience a spacious, quiet space without having to wait in line when using travel services. No need to worry about buying train or ferry tickets or encountering price gouging, nor being harassed by street vendors.

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Cat Ba is peaceful in winter, the service is more refined and there is no overload. The hotel does not run out of rooms and visitors can choose the hotel they like without fear of running out of rooms. Travel services are discounted from 30 – 50% compared to the summer, creating the opportunity to experience the best travel services at optimal costs. Experience of traveling to Cat Ba  in winter is suitable for relaxation, immersing yourself in the wild, peaceful nature and relaxing after busy days.

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2. Walk on the beach to admire the wild scenery

Cat Ba beach in winter is still peaceful, clear blue sea water, long and beautiful white sand beach. Cat Co 2 beach is a great choice if you like a pristine space to watch the sunrise. During winter days, this beach has light winds, warm sunshine, and calm ocean waves. Cat Ba travel experience, sunrise here is the most majestic scene on the island. At the same time, the image of fishing boats returning to the fishing village at dawn makes the picture of nature vivid and beautiful.

Winter travel to Cat Ba - beach walkPhoto: @ruanqingxin_

In addition, Tung Thu beach is an ideal destination if you prefer modern and comfortable space. This beach is planned and developed with modern infrastructure and tourism services; brings luxurious beauty and many “luxurious” living corners. You can enjoy walking, admiring the sea views and taking pictures, and experience services such as dining at coastal restaurants, participating in beach games, kayaking or paragliding when traveling to Cat Ba during the season. winter .

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3. Trekking Cat Ba National Park

Trekking in Cat Ba National Park in winter is an interesting and popular activity that tourists love. Cat Ba National Park is located mainly in mountains with interspersed limestone and many narrow valleys running northeast – southwest. This creates many different forest ecosystems, including tropical rain forests, island mangrove forests, montane freshwater flood forests, and karst forests. 

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This ecosystem diversity creates special biodiversity for Cat Ba National Park. Trekking experiences at Cat Ba National Park provide the opportunity to explore diverse forest ecosystems and meet rare animals. The management board has opened many trekking routes to make it convenient for tourists to explore, with two routes being the most popular.

– Stage 1: East Trung Trang route – Uy Ban cave, Kim Giao Forest route – Ngu Lam Peak

– Stage 2: Kim Giao, Me Con route – Tung Di final station, Mai Bau route – Quan Y Cave and route to Ao Ech – Viet Hai fishing village.

Winter travel to Cat Ba - trekking to the National ParkPhoto: @benz.mind

4. Conquer Than Cong fortress

Than Cong Fortress, also known as Fort 177, is considered one of the most majestic lookout points in Vietnam still present today. Built in 1940, this location is a military project with a system of military trenches, tunnels and large sea-facing cannons. 

Winter travel to Cat Ba - check in to Cannon FortPhoto: @nonoohaihoa

When traveling to Cat Ba in winter, you can see the beauty of Lan Ha Bay from above, the life and labor of people in the ancient fishing village. Enjoy the peaceful Cat Co beach with calm waves on winter days. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to see the Cannon weighing hundreds of tons and visit the command bunker – where all military weapons are stored and where the soldiers operated during the years of resistance. 

Winter travel to Cat Ba - check in to Than Cong fortressPhoto: @dg0801.lee

You can also visit the bomb bunker. In particular, there is also a traditional house here – a place to store memorabilia from the heroic battles of our army and people such as weapons, models, guns, photos and typical items . Coming here, you will not only enjoy and enjoy, but also have the opportunity to relive the majestic history of the nation.

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5. Explore islands and caves in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is the top famous destination in Cat Ba. Regardless of winter or summer, it is always a top destination for tourists who love to explore. The bay is located on the eastern side of the island and is considered one of the most beautiful marine landscapes in the world. This place is famous for its dense limestone island system, accompanied by many small bays and lagoons. On these limestone islands, there are amazing caves as well as a series of romantic beaches.

Winter travel to Cat Ba - explore Lan Ha BayPhoto: @hwang.289

Coming to Cat Ba in winter, you can join a boat tour or wooden boat to visit Lan Ha Bay, visit Hon Guoc, Hon Doi, Ham Rong cave, Do Cung, Ca cave, Luon cave. In addition, don’t forget to visit the floating market to buy seafood as gifts and visit the ancient fishing village of Cai Beo to experience rowing and explore the fishing village that is more than 7,000 years old. 

Winter travel to Cat Ba - explore Cai Beo fishing villagePhoto: @cojestnauczane

On the journey to explore Lan Ha Bay in winter, the experience of climbing, exploring and conquering the most beautiful mountains in Lan Ha Bay will bring an extremely interesting feeling. Some climbing spots that are popular with tourists on their winter trip to Cat Ba to explore this place include: Dau Be island, Tien Ong island, Yen Ngua island and Hon But .

Cat Ba tourism in winter - explore cavesPhoto: @roxannejy

Where to stay when traveling to Cat Ba in winter?

When coming to Cat Ba, you can be completely assured about accommodation because there are many options from economical motels to luxury resorts. 

– If you have an abundant budget, you can consider staying at luxury resorts such as: Flamingo Cat Ba Beach Resort, Hotel Perle d’Orient Cat Ba – MGallery, Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa, etc. .with a price of about 1,500,000 VND – 3,000,000 VND/night. 

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– For those who want to save more, you can consider Cat Ba homestays such as: Lepont Bungalow, Santorini Homestay, Central Backpackers Hostel,… with prices from 300,000 VND – 800,000 VND/night. 

– If you love freedom and want to connect with nature, you can also camp on your own at the beach or go to campsites like Green Valley Camp Cat Ba for a safer experience.

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Suggested 3 days 2 nights Cat Ba tour in winter

– Day 1: Hanoi – explore Cat Ba island

– Day 2: Cat Ba – visit Lan Ha Bay – Monkey Island – Kayaking

– Day 3: Cat Ba – Trekking National Park – Hanoi.

Cat Ba winter tour - 3 days 2 nights tourPhoto: @hahaboboy

Note when coming to Cat Ba in winter

– When traveling to Cat Ba in winter, you should go with a group to enjoy the warm space and avoid feeling lost. 

– Prepare warm clothes such as jackets, wool hats and scarves to protect your health. 

– Please monitor your health before participating in activities such as mountain climbing, scuba diving to see coral, kayaking,… because of harsh winter weather.

– You should compare room prices between hotels, homestays, and resorts to choose the ideal and most economical destination. 

– When enjoying seafood, remember to ask the price and don’t get ripped off.

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Above is some information about winter travel to Cat Ba that you can refer to. Take the time to set foot in Cat Ba, experience the cold weather and enjoy the wonderful experiences that this pearl island paradise has to offer, you will not regret it.

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