Traveling to Chieng Yen Son La, returning to a strange land with many good experiences

Try once traveling to Chieng Yen Son La, you will fall in love with the peaceful and gentle beauty of this place. There are still mountains and forests, there are still white clouds, and there are still many beautiful scenes but not a copy of any commune in Son La.

Locating Chieng Yen commune, Van Ho district 

More and more young people choose to travel to Chieng Yen Son La because they are passionate about the beauty of this land. This is a commune with an area of ​​87.98 km², located in the Van Ho district. From Son La city, visitors go in the direction of National Highway 43, through Highway 6 to the Southeast about 160 km to the beautiful Chieng Yen commune. 

Chieng Yen Tourism Son La - beautiful commune in Van Ho districtChieng Yen Tourism Son La explores a beautiful land of Van Ho district. Photo: @jart_18k1

In the past, Chieng Yen belonged to Moc Chau district, but later re-planned, this commune belonged to Van Ho district. Currently, Chieng Yen commune has a total of 11 villages, namely Bong Ha, Bot, Co Ba, Leo, Na Bai, Nien, Pa Puoc, Pha Le, Phu Mau, Pieng Cha, Suoi Muc. Each village has its own beauty and unique experiences for visitors. 

Travel to Chieng Yen Son La to experience many new thingsFrom Son La city to here is about 160 km. Photo: @_nhyinne_

Today, Chieng Yen commune is home to 5 ethnic minorities, namely Thai, Mong, Muong, Dao and Kinh. Indigenous people preserve and promote the traditional culture left by their ancestors, creating a community culture imbued with identity. Therefore, when traveling to Chieng Yen, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the lives of the people here. 

What’s fun in Chieng Yen Son La tourism? 

Traveling to Chieng Yen Son La , you can breathe in the fresh air and cool weather typical of the Northwest land. This commune is located at an altitude of about 800-1000 meters above sea level, the terrain has hills and valleys. This place is cool all year round, the average temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius, always bringing a comfortable and pleasant feeling.

Travel to Chieng Yen Son La - a place with beautiful fresh sceneryThe picture is clear and peaceful in Chieng Yen commune. Photo: @tata_nguyen

Exploring Chieng Yen, visitors can temporarily put aside the worries, pressures and stress of current life to immerse themselves in the fresh and clear natural picture here. Along the way to the villages in the commune, you will pass through green rice fields, in the distance is a small house nestled at the foot of the hill.

Travel to Chieng Yen Son La - return to simple thingsA peaceful little corner in Chieng Yen commune. Photo: @my.portfolio_lql

The main roads in the commune are concreted so it is easy to go. The small roads that go deep into the village are dirt roads, close and idyllic, true to the Northwest countryside. The best thing is to be able to roam around the villages by yourself, to see the unexpected and unexpected beauty scenes to love this Son La land more. 

More and more young people are traveling to Chieng Yen Son LaTourists come back to Chieng Yen to find peace. Photo: @lnpaaa

Those who travel to Chieng Yen Son La also want to stay for a long time, do not want to return. Because this place is really peaceful, separate from the urban life out there. Chieng Yen has mountains, forests, rice fields and even fresh streams and waterfalls. Imagine a sunny summer but being immersed in the cool water is nothing like.

Traveling to Chieng Yen Son La is a beautiful journey of youthIf you are passionate about travel, remember to explore Chieng Yen commune. Photo: @yellow.08

Today, this destination in Son La is gradually developing strongly in tourism, the formation of community villages creates more favorable conditions for tourists when coming here to experience and explore. Therefore, about Chieng Yen, you do not need to worry about lack of places for yourself to play. Because this commune now has many interesting things. 

Traveling to Chieng Yen Son La, you can spend time camping in Na BaiNa Bai is the ideal coordinate for camping in Chieng Yen. Photo: @mr.junboog.lrcThe most popular destination for tourists in Chieng Yen is Na Bai village. This place has forests and mountains, stretches of green tea hills, and has a quiet peace. Coming to Na Bai, you will discover the life of the Dao and Muong people, enjoy the cheo dance of the Dao people, and listen to the majestic Muong gongs. 

Chieng Yen Son La Tour to visit Na Bai villageNa Bai is a beautiful village of Chieng Yen commune. Photo: @lacai_eatandgoIn particular, those who want to hunt clouds for sightseeing or camping here can choose Na Bai Campsite. Since its appearance, this coordinate has caused fever in the tourism community. You will be able to sleep in tents on the hill, early in the morning, just get out of the tent to watch the sea of ​​white clouds, welcome the picturesque sunrise. 

When traveling to Chieng Yen Son La, you can explore Phu Mau villagePhu Mau village is a destination planned for community tourism development. Photo: @mountaiform

Traveling to Chieng Yen Son La, in addition to discovering Na Bai village, visitors also remember to spend time visiting Phu Mau village. This is a village where many Thai ethnic people reside, they live in traditional stilt houses with beautiful architecture. Thai people in Phu Mau village are hospitable and friendly, always ready to welcome travelers from afar.

When traveling to Chieng Yen Son La, you can enjoy many delicious specialtiesVisitors can eat many specialties when visiting Phu Mau village. Photo: @i.16th1

In this village, you will be able to join your relatives in agricultural production activities, go to the stream to catch fish, find snails or spend time conquering the primeval forests. In this Thai village, you can also enjoy the traditional delicacies of the local people such as stone snails, stream fish, smoked meat, sticky rice from upland, … 

When traveling to Chieng Yen Son La, remember to check in Ta Nang waterfallTa Nang Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Chieng Yen commune, Son La. Photo: @sannyy.tran

In addition, in Phu Mau village, there is Ta Nang waterfall – a waterfall known as the most beautiful waterfall in Chieng Yen Son La district. This waterfall is more than 100 meters high, falls from the high mountains, crosses the cliffs and trees, and erodes the rocks along the cliffs. All year round, the water pours white, the sound of the water rumbles, creating the typical sound of the mountains and forests of Chieng Yen.

Traveling to Chieng Yen Son La, Ta Nang waterfall cannot be missedThe pure and wild beauty of Ta Nang waterfall in Chieng Yen. Photo: @constructionplusasia

Everyone knows that when traveling to Son La, you will discover the Dai Yen waterfall, Nang Tien waterfall, etc. But you know, Ta Nang waterfall is equally beautiful. Coming here, you can enjoy virtual check-in, immerse yourself in the cool, clean and clear water. In addition, next to the foot of the waterfall, there is a bamboo house on stilts designed for people to sit and enjoy the scenery, rest and eat. 

Traveling to Chieng Yen Son La, you can also experience hot mineral spring bathChieng Yen Son La tourism brings visitors many memorable experiences. Photo: @zhekakrasava

In addition to the above tourism experiences, when returning to Chieng Yen, visitors can also spend time exploring Ban Butt fish stream. Besides, going to a hot mineral spring bath at the foot of Bo Ui mountain is also an activity worth trying. Hot spring with a temperature of 35-40 degrees Celsius, contains many minerals that are good for health.  

Travel experience in Chieng Yen Son La

Chieng Yen is gradually reaching out to become an attractive destination of Van Ho Son La district. This place is suitable for visitors to explore all year round, except for the rainy season. In the villages in the district, there are many homestays and accommodation establishments that help visitors easily find a suitable place to rest and experience life with local people. 

Travel experience in Chieng Yen Son LaTraveling to Chieng Yen, you can stay at local homestays. Photo: @mountaiform

Chieng Yen commune has many interesting and interesting activities, so you should spend 2-3 days to stay here, go to the whole village and have fun to the fullest. Besides, if you have plenty of time, you can also visit Chieng Khoa commune, Van Ho commune, etc., which are destinations with beautiful scenery and rich in traditional culture. 

Travel experience in Chieng Yen Son LaWith a motorbike, you will have a memorable journey to discover Chieng Yen Son La. Photo: @vietnomad

In addition to Moc Chau, Chieng Yen Son La tourism is also a beautiful journey that you can plan to conquer and explore. This commune with a fresh picture of nature, with a variety of destinations and long-standing indigenous culture, promises to bring visitors a memorable trip. 

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