Traveling to the Central Highlands in August is ‘stunned’ with great drunken yeast 

Possessing the wild and fiery beauty typical of the great thousand, the Central Highlands in August has its own mysterious and poetic beauty that makes the traveler’s heart fall in love. 

When August knocks on the door, your heart will tremble with the wonderful beauty of the lands across the country, when it is early autumn and the Central Highlands will be one of the ideal rendezvous points for your excursion. . Referring to the Central Highlands is referring to the vast green hills, majestic mountains, rivers and waterfalls and rich villages, legendary epics that bring you a completely different experience. Traveling to the Central Highlands in August, you will have a lot of wonderful discoveries to indulge in and enjoy. 

Overview of the Central Highlands 

The Central Highlands is an adjacent plateau including 5 provinces of Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Lam Dong at an altitude of about 500 meters with sea level and a total area of ​​54,639 km2 adjacent to Cambodia and Lower Laos. All the plateaus here are surrounded by high mountains, notably Truong Son Nam. 

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August

The Central Highlands is a charming country with mysterious beauty. Photo: @callmenaomiiii_

The Central Highlands has special soil characteristics of red basalt soil, so it is suitable for the development of industrial and agricultural crops. This land is characterized by the unique indigenous culture of the ethnic minorities and the inhabitants introduced by the previous new economic wave. Possessing unspoiled scenery, many scenic spots , specialties and unique culture, the Central Highlands is also a great destination for traveling believers. 

Central Highlands tourism in August overview

It has a very unique indigenous culture. Photo: baogiothong

What is the weather like when traveling to the Central Highlands in August? 

Weather characteristics of the Central Highlands are very special with two clear rainy and sunny seasons. Traveling to the Central Highlands in August means you have visited this place at the end of the rainy season. At this time, the weather in the Central Highlands is relatively favorable, with rain but not as much as in the first months of the season. 

Tay Nguyen tourism in August weather

The weather in the Central Highlands in August is very cool. Photo: xufinx___

August in the Central Highlands has begun early autumn with gentle winds, the weather is cold in the early morning and evening, the day is sunny or it may rain but little rain so it is very convenient for you to check-in and check-in. discover.

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List of the most beautiful destinations in the Central Highlands in August 

The Central Highlands has many attractive destinations, but depending on the time of visit, you should consider choosing the appropriate places. Traveling to the Central Highlands in August, you will have a lot of choices about destinations. 

Black bamboo shoots 

This is a destination in the Central Highlands in August that you should not miss because the natural scenery and people here are wonderful. Mang Den is located in Sa Thay district, Kon Tum province and is famous for its poetic pine forests, primeval forests, majestic waterfalls and unique indigenous villages. The weather here is cool all year round like Da Lat, so many people like this place. Especially, when traveling to Mang Den in August, you can check-in very easily with the beautiful sea of ​​clouds. 

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August with black bamboo shoots

Mang Den is known as Da Lat of Kon Tum. Photo:@3ngann

Kon Klor communal house

This communal house is one of the most famous places in the Central Highlands because of its unique and distinctive indigenous culture. This Kon Klor communal house  is located in Kon Tum city and has outstanding features of the indigenous Bana culture, the material is completely used from bamboo, cork and leaves. This is the place where major festivals and cultural activities of the local people take place. If you want to have the most Central Highlands check-in photos, you can hardly ignore this place. In addition, you can visit Kon Klor bridge, Wooden church … when coming to Kon Tum city.

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August, Rong house

Konklor Rong House has a unique indigenous beauty. Photo:@hothienngaaa

Coffee World Museum

Referring to the Central Highlands is referring to the famous cafe culture and the most recommended place to check-in is the World Coffee Museum in Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province. The Museum has a very unique architecture with a blend of modern and traditional features. The space here is divided into many areas such as a library, an exhibition museum, a cafe… Especially, don’t forget to enjoy the famous original coffee flavor here. After visiting the Museum, you can check-in Tu Sac Khai Doan Pagoda and other works in Buon Ma Thuot city.

Traveling to Central Highlands in August, World Coffee Museum

The Coffee World Museum is a HOT check-in point in the Central Highlands. Photo: @hangocanhtu_

Dray Nur – Dray Sap . Waterfall

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August , you should take the time to check-in the beautiful lakes and waterfalls because this is the time when the waterfalls in the Central Highlands are the most beautiful and majestic thanks to the abundant water flowing from upstream as well as The rains had continued throughout the previous months. Dray Nur- Dray Sap are famous beautiful waterfalls of the Central Highlands. This waterfall is located in the territory of Dak Lak and Dak Nong districts and possesses an extremely majestic appearance with white foaming waters combined with a picturesque landscape. In addition to Dray Nur – Dray Sap, you can visit Lieng Nung waterfall, Phu Cuong waterfall, Pongour waterfall … also very beautiful waterfalls of the Central Highlands. 

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August draynur

Draynur waterfall has very beautiful check-in corners. Photo:

Ta Dung 

This scenic spot called Ha Long of the Central Highlands is very beautiful in August because the water level covers the green floating islands, bringing a beautiful poetic appearance. Ta Dung scenic spot is located in Dak Som and Dak P’lao communes of Dak Nong province. Coming here, in addition to check-in sightseeing, you can also enjoy many attractive specialties or participate in trekking tours to explore Ta Dung forest, camping. If you have time, visit Chu Bluk cave, Dak Nia traditional craft village is also famous landmarks of Dak Nong. 

Tay Nguyen tourism in August Ta Dung

Ta Dung in August is as beautiful as a picture. Photo: @dieep98_

Minh Thanh Temple

Traveling to the Central Highlands this August , you should not miss Minh Thanh Pagoda , the most famous architectural work of the Central Highlands. This temple has reopened after a long time of renovation with an extremely beautiful appearance and many beautiful check-in corners. The pagoda is located in Hoi Phu ward, Pleiku city, Gia Lai with very typical Chinese and Japanese architecture. In addition to Minh Thanh Pagoda, you can visit other famous temples in the Central Highlands such as Ve Chai Pagoda in Da Lat, or Truc Lam Zen Monastery in Da Lat or Tu Sac Khai Doan Dak Lak.

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August, Minh Thanh Pagoda

Minh Thanh Pagoda has just reopened after a long time. Photo:@btquynh133_

Sea Lake 

This lake is located 7km from the center of Pleiku and is compared to the beautiful eyes of the Central Highlands because of its poetic and romantic beauty. The lake water is clear, surrounded by pine forests and romantic paths, especially the sunset scene here is extremely charming. In August, the blue sky of the Central Highlands is reflected on the clear lake surface, creating a dreamy beauty that moves people’s hearts. The Central Highlands also has other beautiful lakes for you to check-in such as Easno Lake, Xuan Huong Lake, Tuyen Lam Lake… 

Traveling to Central Highlands in August, sea and lake

Bien Ho has romantic paths like Korea. Photo: @monisheree_

Da Lat city 

Not only in August but at any time of the year, this place is also a paradise for traveling believers. Da Lat has countless attractive check-in points for you to stop by and the romantic and poetic beauty of this city has never stopped visitors from falling in love. 

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August, Dalat

Da Lat in August has many flowers in full bloom. Photo:@phuonggbong

Coming to Da Lat in August, in addition to the gentle rains, you will see a romantic flower paradise with early season mimosa, brilliant yellow sunflower, romantic purple lavender, shimmering hydrangea or beautiful butterfly flower fields. pretty. 

Delicious dishes should not be missed for the Central Highlands trip in August

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August surely only beautiful destinations will not make your trip complete, but along with that, delicious food cannot be missing. The Central Highlands has many attractive specialties for you to enjoy. 

The first is grilled chicken with rice lam, a very typical dish and in most of the Central Highlands provinces have this dish. The fragrant grilled chicken combined with sticky rice is extremely delicious. If you stop in Buon Ma Thuot, don’t forget red vermicelli, vermicelli in Gia Lai with two bowls of pho, rotten crab vermicelli, one sunny beef… In Kon Tum, there are kitchen dishes, sticky rice with bamboo shoots and especially the famous leaf salad. with a very characteristic flavor of the mountains.

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August, rice lam

Com Lam is a famous specialty of the Central Highlands. Photo: @sieumoo

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August, rice lam

Best dry pho in Pleiku. Photo: @quinquin.foodie_

When traveling in Dak Nong, don’t forget to enjoy Serepok river trout, a dish of pounded meat of the Ma people. Finally in Da Lat you can do an epic food tour with all kinds of fruits, hotpot, banh can, grilled rice paper, soy milk, sticky rice with pepper… Highland cuisine is extremely rich, so check- Print anywhere you can easily find delicious dishes to enjoy. 

Traveling to the Central Highlands in August hot pot

Chicken hot pot with é leaves is a famous specialty of Da Lat. Photo: @tastydarling__

The land of thousands of Central Highlands for generations has still kept its wild and mysterious beauty full of charm and visiting that land at different times, you will find a beauty of its own. Let ‘s travel to the Central Highlands in August to see the gentle, poetic but also very intense plateau in the early autumn days. 

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