Trekking Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain in the border between Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces has a dreamy view and beautiful sightseeing

In November, we rearranged our time and made the long-cherished trip and also the last trip of the year. This time is different from previous trips, we tried our best when trekking for the first time. Trekking Bach Moc Luong Tu Mountain is the chosen “combat challenge”, and we are all very excited for this completely new experience.

Bach Moc Luong Tu is the name given to this mountain range by tourists, Ky Quan San is exactly what the locals call this mountain range. The mountain range is located on the border between Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces. With an altitude of 3,046 m above sea level, Bach Moc Luong Tu ranks 4th in the top 10 highest peaks in Vietnam.
In this 3 days 2 nights trip, the first-day route we choose is Hanoi – Lao Cai – Sa Pa – Sang Ma Sao – Rest 2,100 m. I would like to borrow the lyrics of the song “Road to the top of glory” by the late musician Tran Lap – also the lyrics we sang along the way to tell you about the “war” journey in Bach Moc Luong Tu!“Let’s climb to the top of the great mountain”

From Sa Pa, we ride motorbikes for about 2 hours to Sang Ma Sao village, here, we will park our motorbikes at people’s houses, and then start the journey with the porter. For new climbing groups like us, hiring a porter is essential. The porters will also be our guide, carry our luggage and cook for us.

Earth road.

Fun like going to a party.

Like many villages in the Northwest, the surrounding houses in Sang Ma Sao village are terraced fields, because we went in November, the fields are no longer covered with green crops. On my shoulder is a backpack weighing nearly 5 kg, containing water and dry food, this is also the first time I carry a backpack so big and heavy. A little anxiety, fear of exhaustion, a little nervousness, excitement when preparing to conquer the top of Bach Moc mountain, all mixed into my mood at that time.

Terraced fields in dry season.

Panorama of the Sieve Ma Xao.

Ethnic baby.”Though I know hardship awaits”

The weather when we started climbing was not sunny, going up high, fog started to cover the way. For those who have not climbed or climb infrequently, the first 1 km of climbing is really a physical “torture”. I fell behind at the end of the group, had to sit and rest, only then did I understand the feeling of breathing through my ears, my nose, and exhausted limbs. Fortunately, at that time, the friend who was going to close the group to come, cheered me on listening to the beautiful scenes above, added motivation and a piece of “energy” chocolate, I shocked the luggage and started to get on the reels.

The fog covered the way.

Like another world.

The way to Bach Moc Luong Tu passes many corn fields, cattle grazing grounds of the native Mong people, so it is inevitable that you will be “flooded” with smoke. The dirt road becomes more and more slippery, when the weather is not sunny and full of dew, we wear raincoats to keep our clothes from getting wet, each of us holds a walking stick to prevent slipping. It’s funny how young old women come.

Shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to shoulder.

Muddy road.

Do your best, sisters!”And I know even though there are many rapids and rapids on the way”And I know that even though there are many rapids and rapids on the long way, I overcome hardships and reach the heights-

Rest by the riverside.

Going up high, the sky is less foggy, more airy, when we are gradually familiar with the terrain, the feeling of fatigue is greatly reduced, new scenes appear, more attractive to us. High mountains hidden in the fog, cool clear streams, or a wild flower along the way, all create a different ecosystem for Bach Moc Luong Tu. Up to the height of 2,100 m, we will rest at the shack, eat and rest to recover to continue the journey on the 2nd day.

The two smiled brightly.

Small in the middle of nature.”The road is paved with roses”Every step of walking on roses, feet are also painful because of the thorns-

On the second day, our route will be: Shack – Muoi Mountain – Bach Moc peak 3,046 m – back to the shack 2,100 m. Early in the morning at 5 o’clock, we got up to prepare our personal belongings and have breakfast, ready to complete the rest of the road. As the forerunners recounted, the bow from Muoi mountain to Bach Moc peak will be the most difficult route in the whole way, with high peaks and craggy roads along the rocky ridge.

The streams gurgled.

Overcome dry tree trunks.

The distance from 2,800 m – 3,046 m, most of the group is gradually exhausted, but everyone is diligently crossing the steep rocky slopes, through the old forests, crawling on the mossy rocks, challenging both physically and mentally.
And the beauty of Bach Moc Luong Tu is gradually appearing, compensating for the team’s efforts, the sea of ​​white clouds, the breathtaking scenery that no ink pen can describe. The higher you go, the more beautiful the sea of ​​clouds, the thicker it is, this is the paradise on earth.

The sea of ​​clouds drifts by.

A beauty that no pen can describe.”And my heart longed to be together shoulder to shoulder”

If you intend to express your love in ecstasy and do not want to repeat it with bouquets of roses, candlelight or luxurious meals in restaurants and hotels, confessing at an altitude of 3,046 m is a great idea. That girl will never forget the most brilliant moment of youth when she and the boy she loved said a vow under the witness of immense heaven and earth.

How would you feel if you confessed to that person at an altitude of 3,046 m?

After each such trip, the feelings of the whole group increased significantly, at times of joy and sorrow, when tired and wanted to falter, the whole group urged each other to try. Eight stories while resting by the road, pieces of bread divided in half, increasing strength in the middle of the road. Together we will “fight” to the final destination.

A moment of rest on the roadside.

My friend, what’s so funny.”And we are the winners”

In the end, the whole group conquered Bach Moc, feeling overwhelmed with joy and excitement when they saw the landmark sign on the top of the mountain and the red flag with yellow stars fluttering in the air. The feeling of victory in me filled with happiness, a memorable milestone of youth has been engraved. After conquering Bach Moc peak, the group returned to the shack to rest 2,100 m before dark.

Take a group photo.

On the third day, the whole group’s route from the shack 2,100 m – Sang Ma Sao village – Sapa, ends the 3 day 2 night journey to conquer Bach Moc Luong Tu peak.Notes when trekking Bach Moc Luong TuWeather: the weather greatly affects the climbing trip, 1 week before going, you should monitor the weather forecastPrepare health: Climbing is a subject that requires real health, don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation when you are not healthy enough to climb, make sure on the day of climbing, you have 100% capacity. A few days before that, you need to get enough sleep, eat well.Food: Carrying energizing foods when needed, a piece of chocolate saved me the first 1km. Also bring enough drinking water.

Medicines, first aid medical equipment: No one knows in advance what accidents can happen, basic medicine is essential.Specialized climbing equipment: Things that help you climb easily such as a good pair of shoes so that you do not burn your feet or a walking stick, a sleeping bag, sunscreen for a cake-free skin later. Follow traveloka