Trekking, camping on grassland tens of hectares in Quang Tri

The grassland in western Quang Tri is tens of hectares wide, located at an altitude of 900 m, so it can be close to the whole village.

In recent days, the grassland near the top of Ta Bang mountain (Ra Ly Rao village, Huong Son commune, Huong Hoa) attracts many young people to explore.

Located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, this area is tens of hectares wide, located to the north of the residential area. The vast area of ​​grassland, sometimes dotted with a few large boulders and old rotting stumps.

The road to this area is about 2 km long, the altitude difference is large, so it is quite steep.

Mr. Nguyen Bon (right), a local who loves to explore and travel, often invites friends to this area to camp and stay overnight. The area is separate from the residential area, on a high hill, so you can observe the whole village below.

This is the place where people graze cattle. Once a week, people come to check and feed the buffaloes with salt so as not to lose their habit of getting used to people.

At night, Bon’s group set up camp, lit a fire to watch the starry sky.

In the evening, the wind power poles on the hillsides turn on the warning lights, red in the sky.

Watching the sunrise from the top of the hill, Truong Sinh, born and raised in Huong Hoa, said that the grassy hills are more beautiful when the morning sun shines directly on the hillside.

“This can be likened to a trek with the appearance of a miniature ‘Ta Nang – Phan Dung’ of western Quang Tri, with similar terrain types and beautiful landscapes. The advantage of this arc is that the distance is short, so suitable for many people, even those with limited physical strength,” said Truong Sinh.

Sinh believes that this is the ideal place for those who like to experience nature, like to return to the forest, need to recharge “oxygen” of the forest after sweltering hot days or busy work.

After a night’s stay, the group returned to another route to explore more grassy hills.

In addition to experiencing the landscape, going to the forest also helps to understand more about nature. In the photo is a wild flower, emitting a strong fragrance.

The end of the trekking is to immerse yourself in the watershed.

Truong Sinh believes that the western mountainous district of Quang Tri still has many beautiful and unspoiled natural landscapes waiting for local residents and tourists from far away to explore, experience and enjoy.

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