Trekking Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak, touching the highest border landmark in Vietnam

Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak is one of the mountains located on the northern border with extremely beautiful terrain and scenery, especially the tallest landmark 79 in Vietnam, attracting many tourists to trekking. 

Where is Khang Su Van Lai Chau Peak?

Although Khang Su Van Lai Chau is still unfamiliar to many people, it is one of the highest peaks in Vietnam. This mountain is also known as Phan Lien San or U Thai San in Pa Vai Su village, Dao San commune, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province. With an altitude of 3,012 meters above sea level, this is one of the 10 highest mountains in Vietnam. 
 Where is Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak?Khang Su Van peak is located in Phong Tho district, Lai Chau. Photo:

If you have the opportunity to travel to Lai Chau , give yourself a few days to trek this mountain. Khang Su Van is considered the natural boundary between Vietnam and China, protected by the sacred landmark 79 at an altitude of 2880 meters. For local residents, this mountain peak is like a natural citadel, protecting the border of Vietnam. 

 Where is Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak?This is one of the 10 highest peaks in Vietnam. Photo: @chi_bumr

To conquer Khang Su Van, visitors must move to Pa Vai Su village and start the climbing journey. According to the experience of many people who have been trekking here, you need the support of a native porter because they are knowledgeable about the terrain and help you carry things when climbing.  

Discover the impressive beauty of Khang Su Van peak

Trekking Khang Su Van is a great adventure for brilliant youth that you will never forget in your life. This mountain is more than 3000 meters high, and possesses diverse terrain with impressive vegetation that changes with altitude. You will take turns going through dangerous roads to capture the full view of the wild beauty of Lai Chau.
 What's so beautiful about Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak?Khang Su Van owns impressive terrain and a beautiful natural landscape. Photo: @macthanhbinh

From the first climbing stage, visitors will go through dense cardamom forests, interwoven with green forests. This is a forest planted by local people, there are many different types of trees that create a beautiful picture of nature, wild and fresh. 

If you are lucky enough to climb the top of Khang Su Van Lai Chau in the harvest season, you will also experience the sweet scent of cardamom spreading everywhere. You will have a closer and more familiar connection between people and nature, making the climbing journey comfortable, adding motivation to your every step. 
 What's so beautiful about Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak?The mossy forest on top of Khang Su Van. Photo: @heo.beo.313371

Coming out of the cardamom forest, visitors will continue to step into another world on this mountain. That is the ancient Shan Tuyet tea forest with the age of 1000 years. This is a type of tea that grows in the middle of natural mountains and forests, so the quality is delicious, scrumptious and extremely good for health. 

The forest seems to open up a wild prehistoric world, visitors can stop to rest or take a few commemorative photos. Not only the tea forest, at this height, you can also easily see the blooming azalea forest, entering the world of tall trees covered with green moss as if returning to prehistoric times. 
 What's so beautiful about Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak?Trekking Khang Su Van, you will go through beautiful cardamom forests. Photo: @my_name_is_trangg

In particular, on the journey to climb Khang Su Van Lai Chau, you also encounter many cool, clear, murmuring small streams flowing all over the cliffs. There are places where water flows down from the mountains, forming a strong, white waterfall, adorning the scenery of the mountains and forests more majestic and magnificent.

The best thing about this climb is the opportunity for visitors to check in with the sacred landmark 79. This is a landmark marking our country’s territory, the highest in Vietnam, located at an altitude of 2880 meters above sea level. No need to reach the top of the mountain, just seeing this milestone, perhaps everyone’s heart rises with pride.
 What's so beautiful about Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak?Beautiful scenery like a fairy on the top of Khang Su Van. Photo:

From this border landmark  , you continue to move a little further and you will reach the majestic and magnificent Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak. Like many other high mountain peaks in the northern mountainous region, Khang Su Van is surrounded by a sea of ​​white clouds, adorned with beautiful green vegetation.
 What's so beautiful about Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak?The sacred landmark 79 atop Khang Su Van. Photo: @my_name_is_trangg

Standing on the top of the mountain, you can see the whole land of Lai Chau, the vast green forests, the white clouds floating and dropping into the vast space of heaven and earth. Sure, you can’t pass up the opportunity to take a lot of beautiful photos you like.

Experience trekking Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak 

Khang Su Van is a destination in Lai Chau suitable for trekking at many times of the year. Going in February – April, you will be able to see the plum blossom, peach blossom, and ban flower blooming season. From April to May there are brilliant azaleas. Meanwhile, September – October is cloudy and December – January is the ideal time if you want to hunt snow.
 Experience climbing Khang Su Van Lai Chau peakYou should have good physical preparation when climbing Khang Su Van peak. Photo: @h.bap

In order for the journey to climb Khang Su Van mountain smoothly, you need to be well prepared physically before going. Exercises like jogging, climbing stairs, and jumping rope will help you a lot. In addition, do not forget to equip additional skills to move, and cross streams to make the trip go smoothly.

No matter what season of the year you go, you should always check the weather forecast in advance and contact a local guide or porter in advance for the best support. Because Khang Su Van is a high and difficult mountain to conquer, so you should not arbitrarily climb alone without support from an experienced person. 
 Experience climbing Khang Su Van Lai Chau peakRhododendron season on the top of Khang Su Van. Photo: @ami.lab

For a smooth climbing trip, you need to bring appropriate clothing such as thermal clothing, climbing shoes, climbing sticks, protective gear, flashlights, sleeping bags, fast food, drinking water, and medical instruments,…

Note, that Khang Su Van is located in a remote area, so visitors need to apply for a permit before climbing the mountain at the Lai Chau military headquarters. This permit you will then submit to the Vang Ma Chai border guard to be able to climb the mountain.

This mountain is high, wild, and challenging, so you should carefully follow the instructions of your guide. During the climbing journey, visitors should pay attention to preserving the landscape, and do not throw garbage or cut down forest trees, affecting the beauty of this mountain.
 Experience climbing Khang Su Van Lai Chau peakSurely you will have a beautiful journey on the top of Khang Su Van. Photo: @_futuristaaa_

Khang Su Van Lai Chau peak is a high mountain and possesses a beautiful and impressive landscape in the northern border region. So if you have the opportunity to return to Lai Chau, take the time to explore this mountain as a way to challenge your youth and save yourself many precious youth memories. 

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