Trekking Pu Si Lung Mountain in Lai Chau has a dreamy view and beautiful sightseeing

It is the wildest, mysterious and charming mountain in Vietnam. The legendary Pu Si Lung peak in Lai Chau province is always a dream destination for adventurers.
This is also the most pristine and charming peak among the high peaks of the Northwest. Have you ever thought you would conquer this mountain? Let’s explore this mountain with The Vinlove.

1. Where is Pu Si Lung?

Located close to the Vietnam – China border, Pu Si Lung peak is located close to the border landmark 42 in the territory of Sa Pa Ve Su – Muong Te (Lai Chau). Compared to Fansipan (3141m) and Pu Ta Leng (3096m), the height of Pu Si Lung ranks third. However, this is the most difficult mountain to conquer because the journey to the top is too long.

Mount Pu Si Lung

2. Trekking Pu Si Lung need to prepare what?


To have a successful journey, you should prepare a good health. You train your legs, muscles, and thighs to adapt to constant muscle tension to conquer the “roof of the border”
In that one month of training, you help your body expand the limits of tolerance. contains about increased movement, temperature changes, changes in air pressure….So that when stepping on the journey to conquer Pu Si Lung peak,  all difficulties and obstacles become just enjoyable experiences for you. friend.

Personal belongings

The most basic applications you must always have in your backpack are clothes, soft sole sports shoes, high friction, waterproof, the better. Remember to bring a light windbreaker, raincoat, hat (helmet), insect repellent, waterproof backpack, so there are many compartments to divide things neatly.

Supplies to bring for the journey
  • 1-2 climbing pants, preferably long pants, soft material, comfortable wide.
  • 1 jacket to cover the sun and fog during the journey, preferably a light windbreaker material that will help you stay comfortable when climbing.
  • 2-3 short T-shirts and 1 long-sleeve shirt, can keep warm, avoid getting cold at high altitude.
  • 1 shorts or pajamas for a stopover overnight.
  • 1-2 sets of underwear.


Remember to bring some chocolate glue, some ginger candy or gum to quickly recharge and warm up the body.


1 pair of climbing shoes. This is a challenge to reach the top of the roof of Indochina. You should invest in a good pair of shoes to effectively support you to overcome this limit. Don’t let difficult shoes make you tired of your feet during the journey.

Tools and medicine

  • You should also bring a backup charger (remember to fully charge before climbing).
  • Mosquito repellent,
  • Cold medicine, headache medicine
  • Massage oil
  • You can bring earplugs if you have trouble sleeping.

Mountain climbing skills

Climbing is not easy, you have to equip yourself with the full skill mountaineering i needed offline.

The road is full of dangers

3. Pu Si Lung trek itinerary

From the starting point of the Pa Ve Su border post to the top of Pu Si Lung, the climber must take at least 3 nights and 4 days to cross 100km of the forest road (both going and returning).  

High mountains

During the journey to climb the pass, cross the forest, cross the stream to conquer Pu Si Lung, the climber must go through many hardships. The journey along large streams with many fierce rapids and simple bridges made of tree trunks broken from the flood season makes you take off your shoes to wade across. The rocky rapids, slippery, cold make everyone’s feet numb and must be very careful if you do not want to get wet.

Journey to conquer “Roof of the border”

Sin Chai A village is the place where the La Hu people live. This is also the first stop of the journey to conquer Pu Si Lung.

You will admire the blooming forest flowers. The journey through the forest, crossing the stream is extremely arduous. This road is a place to test and endure the will of those who like to move.
Crossing Nam Xu Luong stream always leaves an interesting feeling. This stream flows all year round and is very aggressive when the rainy season comes. .

Conquering Pu Si Lung Peak

At night in the valley, surrounded by wild mountains and forests, beside the flickering fire, the murmuring stream and the silver light of the moon and stars on the top of the head.

Especially crossing the 5-hour slope is a fire test for anyone. At the top of the 5-hour slope, there is a hut of the “forest man” couple, Golden And Wait.

Forest people on the mountain Pu Si Lung

Beautiful mountain scenery, fresh air with misty clouds are magical. Sometimes, we thought we were lost when we entered the hills of white wildflowers from stem to flower. Footsteps step on carpets of dry leaves or small flowers. Looking up was a bright rose-red sky.

4. The feeling when conquering the end of the Northwest sky

The road is very long, going up and down, but climbing forever and finally reaching the destination. You will scream with joy when you see the landmark standing there, towering over the reinforced concrete floor. It’s great that you have crossed to reach the end of the Northwest sky. It is a journey of search and discovery.

Conquering Pu Si Lung Peak