Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery: a peaceful spiritual place of Nau

Located on a high mountain top facing Tuy Hoa City, on three sides are rolling forests and shady trees, completely separate from the noise of the city. Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery is an attractive meeting place for those who are looking for peace and serenity for the soul.

Phu Yen is known as a land of Buddha, where the first outstanding Zen master of the Lam Te sect of the Vietnamese people was born, along with other honorable monks who have made great contributions to the development and prosperity of the Buddhist monks. Prosperity of Dang Trong Buddhism. Perhaps that’s why the people have always passed down the song“If you want to practice Buddhism, go to Phu Yen.” If you want to practice immortality, go to the Seven Mountains”as an affirmation of the legitimacy of the Buddha’s land. Currently, Phu Yen has more than 200 large and small temples, of whichTruc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monasterylocated in Tuy An is one of the spiritual destinations that impresses many tourists.

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Introduction to Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery

Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery is a temple belonging to the Truc Lam Zen sect in Vietnam founded by Patriarch Tran Nhan Tong. Although the temple is still under construction, it is known as one of the most beautiful and modern temples in the Central region.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Phu YenTruc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery is one of the most beautiful temples in the Central region. Photo: thuductravels

 The monastery currently has an area of ​​over 34 hectares, located on a high mountain with 3 sides of forest, the main side facing Tuy Hoa city and the windy East Sea in the territory of Quang Duc village, An Tho commune, Tuy district. An. According to feng shui, this is a special position “The mountains cover the water, the sacred air gathers, worthy of being a place of spiritual guidance for all living things”. 

 Currently, the campus of Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery includes many construction items designed according to the characteristics of a quite typical Truc Lam sect temple. Prominent areas include the Three Jewels gate, Dai Hung Buu Dien, bell tower, bronze tower, study area, living area of ​​monks as well as Buddhists.

Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery, main hallThe temple includes many different items and is still in the process of completion. Photo: @pthnga512

Walking in the space of the monastery, visitors will feel an elegant and peaceful space, each detail in the monastery has special meaning, a harmonious combination of architectural beauty and beauty. Spirituality. 

Truc Lam Zen Monastery Phu Yen sceneryThe buildings and landscapes are very well taken care of. Photo: huanhuynhduc.

Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery inside the main hallThe inside of the main hall is solemnly decorated. Photo: Hunghohuu

Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery inside the main hallBronze bell at Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Phu Yen. Photo: @kaingock1999

What to experience when coming to Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery 

Visit the pagoda and offer incense to Buddha 

Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery possesses a beautiful space, fresh and cool air of high mountains that will bring visitors comfort when they arrive. The sacred monastery is a place of worship for Buddha, where visitors can worship and pray for peace for themselves and those they love. 

The temple’s space, in addition to beautiful and peaceful architecture, is also adorned with countless flowers and leaves. From here, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Tuy Hoa city and the windy East Sea. Therefore, visiting the temple is one of the favorite activities of many tourists.

Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery The landscape of the monastery is very beautiful for tourists to admire. Photo: @ntbichnguyen

Check-in to beautiful virtual living corners 

Although it is in the process of being completed, Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery currently has many beautiful virtual check-in corners with both ancient and dark beauty of a peaceful spiritual place. In addition to beautiful shooting angles with views of the mountains and forests, visitors can check-in with the bronze bell, the main hall in front of the temple… In particular, the Three Jewels gate at the monastery is currently a very popular check-in location. It is considered the new “heaven’s gate” of Phu Yen.

Virtual living at Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery There are many beautiful virtual living corners at Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery. Photo: @tuannguyen241092

Virtual living at Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery The Three Jewels Gate at Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery is a very attractive check-in location. Photo: @chocolatepap

Enjoy Vegetarian cuisine 

In addition to sightseeing, learning meditation or worshiping Buddha, visitors to Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery can also experience extremely unique vegetarian cuisine. The monks of the pagoda often bring diners vegetarian dishes that are not only pure and light but also have very attractive flavors such as vegetarian sausages, vegetarian fried noodles, vegetarian desserts, fruit cakes, pumpkin milk, etc. .

Virtual living at Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery Vegetarian cuisine is one of the highlights in the journey to explore the Zen monastery. Photo: Thich Khai Tuan

Participate in Buddhist activities

Coming to Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery, visitors will also have the opportunity to participate in meaningful Buddhist activities such as participating in temple support activities, studying, practicing with meaningful lectures, training and Develop yourself with good qualities such as confidence, concentration, compassion, trust… to live happily and peacefully.

Activities of Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery Visitors can join the monks at the monastery to participate in Buddhist activities and practice. Photo: Thich Khai Tuan

Travel guide to Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Phu Yen

How to move 

Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery is 22km from Tuy Hoa city center, moving from the city center you follow National Highway 1A. At the intersection with the gas station on the left, turn onto Road 643, the road is very big and beautiful so you will move very conveniently. Go straight for about 10km and look to the right, you will see a sign directing Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery and go a little further to get there. Please note that the road to the monastery is quite steep, so be careful when moving. If you don’t have experience, you can use Google Maps, just type in the name of the monastery and follow the directions to easily get there.

How to get to Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery

Visitors can get to Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery very easily. Photo: Thich Khai Tuan

Ticket price/opening hours

Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery is a spiritual destination jointly built by the community so visitors can comfortably visit. Buddha worship without having to buy a ticket. The pagoda is open all day to welcome local and distant tourists who come to worship. 

Nearby tourist attractions 

After checking in at Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery, visitors can visit many other famous tourist destinations in Tuy An. The most convenient way to travel after visiting the monastery is Vuc Hom waterfall located in Vinh Xuan village, Tuy An, famous for the majestic beauty of the waterfall and interesting basalt columns.

Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery near Voc Hom waterfallVuc Hom Waterfall is famous for its majestic wild nature. Photo: @annhien__

Or you can also stop at Sky panorama located in Lam Son village, Tuy An, a very beautiful tourist area located in the mountains, where visitors can admire the wonderful natural scenery, panoramic view of Tuy Hoa city, cloud hunting, camping…

Truc Lam Phu Yen Zen Monastery near Sky panoramaSky panorama is an attractive tourist destination because of its poetic nature, suitable for camping. Photo: @daisynguyen1593

When you want to find peace so that your body and mind can relax and temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of life, then Phu Yen Truc Lam Zen Monastery is definitely a great meeting place. This place is always open to welcome tired souls who want to enjoy the pure space of Buddha’s door, to let peace linger with the sound of the morning bell and to feel truly peaceful and carefree with every step back. . 

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