Tuyen Lam Lake Spillway: HOT check-in point in the rainy season in Da Lat


Magical in appearance with 7 levels of water flowing through stone steps creating ravishing white foam, the Tuyen Lam Lake spillway is truly an ideal place to stop during the rainy season for those who like to chill and take check-in photos.

    Da Lat is beautiful in all four seasons and will always inspire virtual living for people traveling because of its charming natural scenery and countless virtual living corners. Especially in the rainy season, a seemingly unsuitable time to travel, Da Lat possesses a strange charm with the appearance of check-in spots that are only beautiful during this season, notably the Tuyen Lake spillway . Lam . If in other seasons of the year the spillway at Tuyen Lam Lake does not attract much attention, then every rainy season, when the spillway discharges water, it becomes a million-like check-in point for fans of virtual living and becomes a tourist destination. A place you can’t miss if you’re traveling in the rainy season in Da Lat. 

    Spillway of Tuyen Lam LakeTuyen Lam Lake spillway is a HOT stop during the rainy season in Da Lat. Photo: FB/ Eden Garden

    Location of Tuyen Lam Lake spillway in Da Lat 

    Just by hearing the name, you probably already know that the location of this spillway is at Tuyen Lam Lake, a beautiful scenic spot in the land of fog. For local people, this spillway is probably too familiar, but for tourists, this is not a stop that everyone knows. The road to the spillway is very easy to go, from Da Lat’s inter-provincial bus station, when you start going down Prenn Pass about 3 to 4km you will see a very large Buddha statue at the turn, now just turn left into the turn. There and go straight to the lake and you will see the spillway.

    Location of Tuyen Lam Lake SpillwayThe spillway is located at Tuyen Lam Lake in Ward 3, Da Lat City. Photo: Minh Sang

    In addition, there is another very interesting way to go: you take the cable car from Robin Hill to Truc Lam Zen Monastery in Da Lat, then pass Tuyen Lam Lake and you will see the Spill Dam. This way of traveling is interesting because it is from the cable car. Hanging, you can see the beautiful view of the city from above, the pine hills and gardens below appear very beautiful. 

    From other locations in Da Lat city, you just need to search Google for Hydrangea, P3, Da Lat or Tuyen Lam Lake spillway and you will have directions to your place. 

    The beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake spillway during flood season 

    During other seasons of the year, the Tuyen Lam Lake spillway is quite monotonous with high stone steps covered with moss. However, in the rainy season around October and November, when the dam is released, this place takes on a new look, much more poetic and spectacular. The water flows rapidly down from the lake, flowing through 7 high stone steps, creating an extremely impressive landscape that makes us feel like we are admiring a large, majestic waterfall.

    Location of Tuyen Lam Lake SpillwayDuring the rainy season, the spillway becomes an impressive check-in point. Photo: Garden of Eden

    The water flow in the rainy season at the spillway of Tuyen Lam Lake is very large, so the waterfalls are very beautiful, each stone step is like a curtain of white water, standing out among the ancient, mossy look of the spillway. On both sides of the dam are beautiful stairs up and down, adding to the wild and majestic look of the space, but still a bit romantic and poetic.

    The beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake spillwayThe spillway has a very poetic scene. Photo: Dang My

    The spillway of Tuyen Lam Lake is beautifulThe spillway has magical shooting angles. Photo: Dong Ngo

    Tuyen Lam Lake Spillway StepsOn both sides of the dam there are mossy steps creating a romantic scene. Photo: Dong Ngo

    From the shore of Tuyen Lam Lake, walking down to the spillway, you will feel like you are lost in another world. If Tuyen Lam Lake has a peaceful and gentle appearance, the spillway is a majestic wild world with the sound of rushing water and long cascading waterfalls, 7 cascading waterfalls viewed from above are extremely impressive.

    Tuyen Lam Lake spillway from above7 floors of the spillway viewed from above. Photo: Minh Sang

    The scenery around the spillway of Tuyen Lam Lake is also very beautiful with a natural forest filled with green leaves. Not far from the spillway, there is a natural stream with clear water flowing through the rocks under the leafy forest canopy. falls with many beautiful check-in corners. Especially at the Tuyen Lam Lake spillway, there is also a romantic Eden Garden cafe with a chrysanthemum garden, red maple trees, flower gates, living chairs, virtual, check-in mirrors… extremely magical for you to relax. throttle and bring back quality photos. If you travel during the ripe persimmon season, you can also experience walking in the romantic rose garden, harvesting fruit and enjoying sweet, ripe persimmons.

    check-in at Tuyen Lam Lake SpillwayThe water poured down, creating a white curtain of water. Photo: FB/Eden Garden

    Things to know when checking in to Tuyen Lam Lake spillway in the rainy season 

    Tuyen Lam Lake spillway is still a very attractive virtual living stop for travel enthusiasts. During the rainy season from September to November, when you come to the spillway, you will definitely admire the 7-tiered majestic waterfall, the water is pouring down, the scenery is extremely beautiful, the weather in Da Lat is rainy at this time but not at the right time. Even though it rains a lot, there are still many beautiful sunny days. However, before coming, you should still pay attention to the weather conditions so that the trip is complete.

    Spillway of Tuyen Lam LakeDa Lat in the rainy season still has beautiful sunny days to live virtually. Photo: FB/ Eden Garden

    In addition, when stopping to visit the Tuyen Lam Lake spillway , you should be careful not to get too close to the water discharge area. Pay attention when moving because the weather in the rainy season is often wet and mossy, making it slippery. 

    The scenery at the Tuyen Lam Lake spillway is still very wild and fresh, so when you stop to visit and check-in, please preserve the landscape, do not litter the spillway or the surrounding area to preserve it. general landscape.

    Suggested itinerary to explore Tuyet Lam Lake 

    Near the spillway of Tuyen Lam Lake, there are many attractive tourist attractions, so you can combine them in the same itinerary to explore more places. The schedule you can refer to is as follows: 

    13:00: Check-in at Bali Dalat Heaven’s Gate cafe, enjoy checking-in with countless beautiful landscapes 

    14:00: Check-in at Roobin Hill. From here you can see the beautiful panorama of Da Lat city then buy a ticket to take the cable car.

    Tuyen Lam Lake spillway near Robin Hill

    Robin Hill has a very beautiful view of Da Lat from above. Photo: wphuc_0202

    14:30: Take the cable car to Tuyen Lam Lake, explore the space of Truc Lam Zen Monastery in Da Lat 

    3:00 p.m.: Charity Institute Truc Lam Da Lat goes down to the spillway of Tuyen Lam Lake , the dam is located right on the road to the shore of Tuyen Lam Lake, very prominent. After admiring the scenery and checking in with the spillway, you can go to the Eden Garden cafe at the foot of the dam to rest, take photos, and explore the beautiful stream in the forest.

    Spillway of Tuyen Lam LakeThe cafe at the foot of the spillway has many beautiful check-in corners. Photo: yuhtvyy

    16:00: Go to Tuyen Lam Lake to check-in with the wooden bridge, go kayaking to watch the beautiful sunset. 

    Tuyen Lam lake sunset near Tuyen Lam lake spillwaySunset at Tuyen Lam Lake is very poetic. Photo: @bunnynthesunset

    17:00: Return to the center to continue the exploration schedule. 

    In addition to the above locations, depending on your time budget, you can combine many other attractive destinations into your itinerary such as Horizon Coffee Da Lat, Datanla waterfall tourist area, Bao Dai Palace, and Con Ga Church in Da Lat… 

    Tuyen Lam Lake spillway with majestic scenery, filled with vitality of the enchanting 7-tier waterfall and poetic scenery of sunny pine forest, romantic rose garden or gently gurgling stream, garden full of flowers. The leaves will make your heart fall in love when you stop by. If you want to heal and enjoy moments of peace and relaxation, when traveling to Da Lat this rainy season, don’t miss your appointment with the Tuyen Lam Lake spillway. 

    Photo: Internet