Two months of nomadism on Phu Quy island

BINH THUAN – From a trip of 4 days and 3 nights, the 9x girl decided to stay in Phu Quy for two months because she was so in love with the beauty of this place.

Before coming to Phu Quy , Ha Mo, 9x, from Hanoi, did not think that I would fall in love with the beauty of this place so much. The nomadic girl decided to stay in Phu Quy for two months, explore every nook and cranny, and get the most out of the island experiences.

Ha was previously an office worker, carrying a lunch box to work every day. Then, finding life boring, she decided to move out to work as a freelancer, starting to live a nomadic life. Currently, Ha works as a freelance designer and does not have a fixed residence, but her friends are mainly in Hanoi, so after each trip, she will return for a short time, then continue her journey.

Thanks to this lifestyle, Ha can go to many places, have many experiences and improve her health. The work is quite comfortable in terms of time, so just go where there is the Internet and bring a laptop that Ha can complete the job. Parents often call, expect their daughter to live stably, not interfere with Ha’s way of life. As long as she says that she is living a happy and healthy life, her parents will be happy and say, “That’s all”.

Ha relaxes on a SUP boat in Trieu Duong Bay.
Ha relaxes on a SUP boat in Trieu Duong Bay.

Initially, Ha only bought round-trip tickets by train and plane for a 4-day 3-night trip to Phu Quy. As a lover of the sea, she was surprised at a Phu Quy that was both beautiful and unspoiled, something very different from other places she had been to. Ha decided to stay for one more month, and then because of nostalgia, it became two months. This is also the longest timeline at one place in Ha’s trips. She used to cross the Central region for two weeks and stay in Da Lat for a month.

When she first came here, Ha booked a SUP boating service to see the coral, so she knew a few tour guides. “Everyone is funny and friendly, so they let them play together. Over time, no one sees me as a girl anymore but as a brother in the group. Although I go alone, the number of meals I have to eat alone is counted on my head. Fingers. It’s fun, the island is small, so everyone knows each other. Many days when swimming far away, there are still people standing on the shore calling my name, I don’t know who,” Ha remembers living on the island.

Ha’s day starts at 4:30 am, drives to Doc Phot or the beach to catch the sunrise, then jogging and having breakfast, drinking a cup of coffee and then working. In the afternoon, Ha spends time working, then goes to the beach of Hai Dao restaurant to swim and catch the sunset. This is also Ha’s favorite place on the island, every afternoon at 5 pm to swim until the sun goes out. Many days lying on the sand listening to music until 21-22 o’clock, looking up at the sky full of stars.

Ha walks at Phot slope.
Ha walks at Phot slope.

Occasionally, Ha “le ve” goes on a tour with everyone, taking guests to Bai Can swim and dive, to see corals. Although the time is long but also short, Ha feels like an islander.

Ha remembers many things about the island, such as the days of laughter from morning to night, and the tour guides eating and drinking together. The most memorable memory is the first time freediving in the sea, discovering an exciting world under the water and overcoming my fear. From a shy girl, the girl dared to dive in the sea, know how to swim and practice calmness. On the first day, Ha found a long-term accommodation – a 2-bedroom apartment for 2.4 million VND a month, everyone donated gifts to celebrate “the housewarming”, making her feel close to home.

The interesting experience that the girl remembers about the two-month trip is the first time in her life that she can go scuba diving with the locals. That day, Ha caught a grouper weighing 4 kg and everyone pulled together to eat on a raft. “There’s nothing better than feeling.”

Ha experiences freediving at Phu Quy island.
Ha experiences freediving at Phu Quy island.

After two months on the island, the first thing Ha received was dark skin and a healthy physique. Next are activities with indigenous people that if you travel for a short time, you will not have the opportunity to experience. Ha has friends from a customer-service provider relationship to brothers that she loves very much. And finally, it is the peace of mind that the sea brings.

Ha’s Phu Quy travel suggestions

After two months in Phu Quy, Ha drew some travel experiences on the island. The most prominent tourist activity in Phu Quy from Ha’s point of view is SUP rowing. She suggests rowing SUP in Trieu Duong Bay catch the sunset, or taking a SUP rowing tour to see Bai Can coral – a wide, beautiful beach with lots of fish. In addition, the beach BBQ service and overnight camping are also fun and relaxing.

Some of the beautiful check-in points on the island that Ha suggested are Doc Phot, Ganh Hang, Hon Tranh, Trieu Duong Bay, Chi So Street, Tomb Thay… The delicious food on the island that the girl suggested is beef. “I was told by local people that cows brought to the island to raise for 3 or 4 months would taste very different on the mainland”, Ha shared. Visitors can try eating rare beef with lemon, hot beef, and beef dipped in vinegar. In addition, through the raft to eat fresh and delicious seafood.

After 2 months on the island, Ha almost became a land.
After 2 months on the island, Ha almost became a land.

Regarding the belongings to bring, Ha emphasized that she should bring a lot of sunscreen and sunscreen. Regardless of whether you have a good vestibule or not, you should prepare seasickness medicine if you go on a windy day. In the peak tourist months of Phu Quy, holidays or weekends, visitors should book train tickets and accommodation early.

The next important thing to pay attention to is the weather. Phu Quy should go from March to June, the most beautiful in May. At this time, the island has a calm sea, sunny sky and clear blue. Travelers are advised to check the weather a week before travel using the Windfiner/Windy app. When she first came to the island, Ha encountered a northerly wind, there were days when the wind was strong, the waves were 4.5 m high, and the ship to the island had to cancel the trip. “The wind on the island is very strong, I was riding a motorbike on the road and I still fell,” Ha said.

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