U60’s mother takes her children on a trip to relieve academic pressure

Mrs. Bich Van (57 years old) and her son have admired the beautiful scenery in most of the North and South provinces and neighboring countries of Cambodia.

One day in 2016, when she heard her son Mai Tu Quy, then in grade 10, confided that she wanted to change to drawing because she could not absorb the natural and cultural subjects, Bich Van was both angry and angry. fear. But thinking about the moments when I felt like I was exiled by the subjects I didn’t want, Mrs. Van silently inquired everywhere, looking for a drawing teacher to help her debug.

Being advised by many friends to let her children go out in contact with nature, beautiful landscapes and architecture that will support their artistic talent, she bought a camera, a phone, and started her journey from town. An Khe (Gia Lai) and her children roam motorbikes everywhere.

Quy was only assigned to drive by his mother after he turned 18 years old.
Quy was only assigned to drive by his mother after he turned 18 years old.

A companion on every road

On every occasion when her children have a long school break such as Tet, summer vacation, Mrs. Van plans to invite her son to go on a 10-20 day trip. In which, the roads and destinations are chosen by her purposefully so that children can feel the beauty such as the passes, the coastal road to watch the sunrise and sunset, or the landscapes and ancient temples. In Da Nang, they visit Ba Na Hills, Marble Mountains; Coming to Ninh Binh is Hang Mua, Tam Coc – Bich Dong…

The first car accompanying the mother and daughter was the old SCR that Mrs. Van used to go to work. But after coming to Ly Son island (Quang Ngai), realizing that going downhill with an old car is no longer safe, Ms. Van bought a new PCX car. On their trips, the luggage they bring with them is not only clothes but also simple car repairs, medicine, food…

One of the trips that mother and daughter remember the most is the trip to the North, a few days after Quy got a certificate of admission to the HCM City University of Architecture in 2018 and obtained a driver’s license. This is also the first time he has been able to drive with his mother, as a result, as soon as he got out of Hoi Van hot spring (Phu Cat, Binh Dinh), he slipped and fell. “My feet hurt, mother and daughter did not dare to go home because they were afraid of their husband’s reproach, so they decided to continue going down to Phu Yen to rest. After lying down for 2 days, we felt well, we continued to visit a series of places such as Ghenh stone disc, bridge Mr. Cop, Nhan tower, Moss – Bo embankment, Nhat Tu Son, Egg beach…”

Photos for a lifetime after the car crash.
Photos for a lifetime after the car crash.

Or when going to Cambodia, mother and daughter watched the magical sunrise at Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom. In the afternoon, they also sit in the boat, watch the sun set, and try to cover the canoes with wild beauty. You then try your best to observe, choose a beautiful angle to take pictures. Later, the works I drew with the shape of the boatman that day, made Mrs. Van happy forever.

During the trip, the son always takes the initiative to book a room, ask for a price or find a way, but to Mrs. Van, he is still very young, so he wants to be with him every step of the way. Also because many times with her children running, jumping, climbing, Mrs. Van feels like she is getting better, blood pressure also no longer appears.

After her son went to university in Ho Chi Minh City, Mrs. Van often came down to the place to invite her son to go on a trip. “For me, children are always the most important thing. So seeing my children bury their heads in the 4 walls every day, focusing on completing the drawings, I feel that life will be a waste, so I want to go out with my children and interact with them. Even though he said he didn’t go, he really liked it when he got there and took pictures with enthusiasm, which made me very happy,” said Mrs. Van with a smile.

Quy said, even though he didn’t say it, he always thanked his mother for being a companion, pushing him out, seeing many beautiful scenes of the country and meeting many people. During the trip, although the mother and daughter sometimes have arguments, that further blurs the generation gap. “On trips with my mother, I focus on looking for beautiful scenery and taking pictures, so the stress in studying is also somewhat reduced, especially this also trains me to observe and help with work,” Quy said. During the 4th outbreak, Mrs. Van also took her children to Saigon to study for fear of unsafe public transport.

Single for passion

When her children can’t accompany her because of busy studying, Mrs. Van often drives along the North – South roads to leave the station, where there is a beautiful scene, she will remember to invite her son to go. At the end of August 2020, she spent 2 months exploring the Northwest. Along Truong Son road, for the first time, she experienced the misty scenery of Sa Mu pass (Quang Tri). Then to Tram Tau district (Yen Bai), she started the journey to climb Ta Xua peak about 26 km. Due to lack of strength, she did not have time to reach the camp when it was already dark. As a result, she had to rest in the forest. At 2am, it rained heavily, making her and her belongings wet. This is also a memory that makes her smile every time she remembers it. On the same occasion, she conquered more peaks of Lung Cung, Ta Chi Nhu (Yen Bai) and Chieu Lau Thi (Ha Giang).

During the trip, Ms. Van also had a companion, a Mong Coc puppy bought from a local. When she arrived at Hoang Su Phi, she was so surprised by the ripe golden terraced fields, she stopped the car to take pictures. After getting in the car for a while, she suddenly realized that the puppy was lost, so she returned to search many times even though it was getting dark. Fortunately, when she came to a bush, she saw it crying, she cried with joy and quickly hugged it to the car.

For Ms. Van, after overcoming her own limitations such as successfully climbing Ta Xua, other roads will become easier.
For Ms. Van, after overcoming her own limitations such as successfully climbing Ta Xua, other roads will become easier.

Other times, she also traveled alone from home to Buon Ma Thuot, Da Lat, Bien Hoa, Long An, Dong Thap Muoi… In 2020, she has 10 big and small backpacking trips, mostly solo. Recognizing that she is quite a brave person, she said that she is not afraid to go alone. However, always be careful in driving or eating to ensure safety.

Ms. Van said it is not easy to find a companion because of different interests and schedules. Especially, few of you know how to drive long distances like her. “I travel by motorbike to go here and there because to save money and can’t afford to buy a car, because of my passion for traveling too much. On the way, I also have a lot of luck and often get help from people. However, going alone is also dangerous, so people are encouraged to go with friends,” said Ms. Van.

Posting her trips on Facebook, Ms. Van wants to share her experiences with everyone and the joys of being healthy to explore here and there. She also hopes that parents around can spend time with their children, while young people take advantage of when they are young to go out to discover many new things.Follow vnexpress

Photo: NVCC