Unique cultural features of the craft villages in Tay Ninh


Currently, in the rural areas of Tay Ninh province, there are up to 30 types of active production, these occupations belong to 12 groups of traditional occupations such as making rice paper, making salt and chili, and processing. bamboo and rattan products, incense making, household carpentry, conical hats, forging, sewing, brick production, mechanical engineering, cassava processing, and agro-forestry-fishery processing.

The craft villages in Tay Ninh are famous near and far

1. Make rice paper to dry the dew

There are many craft villages in Tay Ninh, but the most famous is probably the profession of making rice paper to dry the dew. It is known that dew-drying rice paper has been around for a long time since the Tran dynasty. It is not only a culinary dish but also considered a cure, so even though modern factories were born, the craft village did. Traditional rice paper in Trang Bang is still preserved and developed by people.

The original rice paper also used fine glutinous rice flour and coated on a thin cloth in boiling water until cooked. But when exposed, it will be more meticulous in other areas that they will dry 2 times, first dry in the sun, roast them, then bring them to dry in the night fog to drop the “essence” of the sky. giving the cake a certain softness and characteristic flavor.making rice paper to dry the dew - one of the craft villages in Tay NinhThe cake is dried through a layer of night dew

It can be said that it is not a matter of the meticulous and serious feats of farmers when the dew-drying rice paper has become a famous specialty of Tay Ninh that anyone visiting can not help but enjoy. . Moreover, it is also exported to international markets, so this is a traditional craft village in Tay Ninh that is worth a visit.

Address: Loc Du hamlet, Trang Bang town, Tay Ninh province and about 40km from the center of Tay Ninh city.

2. Make salt and pepper shrimp

Referring to Tay Ninh, people will immediately think of shrimp salt, it is considered a brand that guarantees the quality of “try it, eat it, eat it. Therefore, it will be flawed if we mention the famous craft villages in Tay Ninh and ignore the salt-making profession.

I don’t know when the profession of making salt and shrimp in Tay Ninh has ever existed, just know that it has become a dish accompanying the maturity of many generations and now it has been produced by scale, technology and longan. own brand, but nowhere has been.making salt and chili shrimp - a unique craft village in Tay NinhTay Ninh chili salt has eye-catching colors (Photo: Vietnam Photo Newspaper)

To make this dish, one must choose the cleanest white salt particles, the most delicious fresh shrimp and the redest ripe chili, then blend in a certain ratio with a recipe that must Until you see the craft village in Tay Ninh , you will know. And the finished product is the eye-catching bricks with a distinctive aroma of brick color, which makes those who have to wear a few bags of “new” bags before going home.

Address: households in Trang Bang, Go Dau district or Tay Ninh town … Tay Ninh province.

3. Making rattan, bamboo

While handicraft villages are fading, the bamboo and rattan weaving village in Tay Ninh is extremely developed, especially in the time when the society is favoring environmentally friendly objects like today. .

Coming to this craft village in Tay Ninh , visitors will be overwhelmed by the variety and diversity of products: from baskets, small and pretty shelves to larger objects such as cabinets, shelves, tables and chairs. , or even the salon is made up extremely beautifully and firmly from the delicate, elaborate and meticulous hands of artisans.rattan, bamboo, more - the craft village in Tay NinhThe products are woven from beautiful bamboo, bamboo and neohouzeaua

It is not only used in the daily life of people in the region, but also exported to many countries around the world to over-promote Vietnam. Therefore, although each product takes a lot of effort and time, people are still very happy and proud. That is the reason why anyone who sets tramp to Tay Ninh will not forget to visit this craft village and buy some products as gifts.

Address: Long Thanh Trung commune, Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh province.

4. Making incense (incense)

When it comes to making incense, everyone immediately thinks of dreamy Hue, with countless bunches of colorful flavors such as magenta, brick, green banana, dark green or yellow, purple … created pictures “divine” photo is well known in the international community. But few people know that Tay Ninh is also the land with the most famous incense making village in the South.

Incense in Tay Ninh has only 2 characteristic colors: golden brown and pink of leaves and dried flowers. Accordingly, to make these joss sticks, people will go to collect the leaves and dry them, then puree them into powder. Then mix it with water and add cinnamon powder and agar powder to create a fragrance. Therefore, the scent of the incense is not strong, but extremely gentle and pleasant.making incense - impressive craft village in Tay NinhPictures of beautiful incense drying (Photo: NatGeo)

In addition, when taking incense to dry, people are not tied into bundles but spread out on a reflective plate, so when taken from above it creates an extremely artistic photo. Even this photo of the dried incense of the craft village in Tay Ninh was once in the top of the week’s best photos voted by National Geographic. Therefore, when visiting the Holy Land, you must definitely not miss this impressive activity.

Address: Long Tan hamlet, Long Thanh Bac commune, Hoa Thanh district, Tay Ninh province.

5. Leaf conical hats

Hat is a familiar item in the life of Vietnamese people, it even goes into poems and lyrics to honor the unique cultural features of the nation. In particular, the poetic hat or the conical hat is probably too famous, but if you want to see what a Tay Ninh-branded hat is, you should visit the leaf-hat craft village immediately. 

Accordingly, when arriving at this craft village in Tay Ninh , visitors will be able to experience the steps to make a hat by themselves, such as choosing the honey leaf to lining, making the frame of the hat so that it is round and even Then sew it neatly in straight lines to create a hat that is not only good in quality but also in appearance.conical hat - the attractive trade village in Tay NinhPretty conical hats

The most impressive thing is that here, girls only 5 – 6 years old can quickly and skillfully make charming conical hats like adults’ hands, making everyone admire and exclaimed. That is how, the love for the craft of the traditional craft villages in Tay Ninh is deeply embedded in the blood.

Address: An Phu hamlet, An Hoa commune, or Tay Ninh town, Tay Ninh province.

Hopefully, in the future, the craft villages in Tay Ninh will always be preserved and developed so that their beauty and deep cultural values ​​can endure forever and reach out to the world.

Photo: Internet