Update now unique and interesting tourist attractions in Phong Tho Lai Chau

Phong Tho is an attractive tourist destination in Lai Chau, which owns beautiful landscapes, winding passes, waterfalls hidden in the deep forest,… If you are planning to explore the region yourself This beautiful land, please immediately pin this list of famous tourist attractions in Phong Pho.

Tourist attractions in Phong Tho attract tourists

1. Discover the Pheo Gold Version

Phong Tho tourism should go where?  The first destination that you should take the time to visit is Vang Pheo village – The home of the White Thai ethnic group. When coming here, you will be immersed in the life of the indigenous people, enjoy the attractive local specialties, and indispensable experience of watching the poetic nature of the mountains. In particular, Vang Pheo village is also one of the few highland villages that still retains the beauty of community cultural activities, so you will be immersed in the interesting customs and habits of the people. Coming to Vang Pheo – A tourist destination in Phong Tho If you can come to festivals that will be much more fun such as: Nang Han Festival on the full moon of the second lunar month, Then Kin Pang festival on March 10 of the lunar calendar, Kin Khau Lau Mau festival on the full moon of the 9th lunar month,…Pheo Vang Village - Tourist places in Phong ThoParticipate in exciting activities at Vang Pheo village (Photo: Dulichlaichau)

2. Bach Moc Luong Tu tourism

Bach Moc Luong Tu is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Phong Pho , this place is especially suitable for those who love nature, adventure and discovery. Possessing an altitude of up to 3,045m above sea level, it is one of the 5 highest mountains in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general. The road to the top of the mountain is quite difficult and dangerous, but perhaps it is because of those challenges that many backpackers want to conquer. Therefore, every year, Bach Moc Luong Tu welcomes a large number of visitors from all over the country. From the top of the high mountain, taking your eyes far away, you will be able to see the whole impressive miniature Lai Chau scene, zigzag passes, undulating peaks, villages,… all This whole image is hidden, appearing in the clouds, creating more and more magic. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to come to Phong Tho, do not miss this great attraction.Bach Moc Luong Tu - Tourist places in Phong ThoCheck-in on the top of Bach Moc Luong Tu (Photo: Dulichngay)

3. Visit Heart Falls

If you are wondering where to travel in Phong Tho  , what do you think about a picturesque place? With a clear waterfall, flowing sticky rice with white foam, vast green forests, hidden among the mountains, … and Tim Waterfall is the destination I want to talk about. The beauty of the waterfall not only captivates tourists but also the local people here often frequent. In particular, this waterfall is also associated with love stories of couples and only when you come here can you hear and understand.Heart Waterfall - Tourist places in Phong ThoAdmire the romantic natural beauty of Tim Waterfall (Photo: Bienphong)

4. Visit Horn Si Lo Lau market

To be able to learn about the highland cultures, customs and habits of Phong Tho people, the Horn Si Lo Lau market is the ideal stopover. The reason the market is called the horn market is that the market time is suitable on the days when the two-horned animal appears, which is the day of the Goat and the day of the Ox, calculated every 6 days, the market will meet once. When coming here, visitors will be immersed in the bustling atmosphere of buyers and sellers, amidst a colorful space of traditional costumes typical of many different ethnic groups such as: People Ha Nhi ethnic group, Red Dao ethnic group, H’mong ethnic group, etc. Along with that, you can also enjoy shopping, as well as enjoy delicious food and local specialties of Phong Tho. In general, this tourist destination in Phong Tho will be a great destination, you will not be disappointed.Horn Si Lo Lau Market - Tourist places in Phong ThoBustling shopping space at Horn Si Lo Lau market (Photo: Vnexpress)

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5. Go to Ma Lu Thang border gate

Although it is not a fun spot, if you have time, you should also set foot at Ma Lu Thang Border Gate. Because this place is considered a key center to help promote the development of the economy in the district. When coming to Ma Lu Thang border gate, besides learning about the process of transportation and trading of the border gate, from above you can also admire the impressive natural beauty of the border area.Ma Lu Thang border gate - Tourist attraction in Phong ThoThe beauty of Ma Lu Thang border gate (Photo: Baodantoc)

6. Vang Bo hot spring tourism

It is also a tourist destination in Phong Tho that many people are interested in. The location of the Vang Bo hot spring is close to the Ma Lu Thang border gate, so you can combine destinations in your itinerary. Setting foot in this spring, the first experience not to be missed is soaking in the hot spring, which helps to relax the spirit and is very good for health. Surrounding the stream is the green natural scenery, the big old trees shading, the fresh and pleasant atmosphere, mixed with the chirping birds, all create a resort space with a relaxing atmosphere. incomparable. Perhaps because of these plus points, Vang Bo hot spring has become an increasingly crowded tourist destination.Vang Bo Hot Spring - Tourist places in Phong ThoExperience hot spring bathing in Vang Bo spring (Photo: Khamphadisan)

The beauty of Phong Tho’s nature has always captivated travelers. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to set foot in this beautiful land, then do not miss the beautiful, romantic, and interesting Phong Tho tourist sites above. Wish you have a happy trip and many memorable memories!

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