Upstream of the Da River to discover Ka Lang commune in the far-flung border region

The journey to discover Ka Lang commune in the remote Lai Chau region will be a great experience for adventurous travelers who love to conquer new tourist destinations.

Return to Muong Te to visit Ka Lang commune

Did you know that the discovery of Ka Lang commune is actually about returning to a distant land in Muong Te district, Lai Chau province? This is a commune in the border region of our country, located more than 300 km from the administrative center of Lai Chau province. Previously, the road to Ka Lang was very difficult. However, in recent years, traffic has been invested and developed.

Explore Ka Lang Muong Te communeKa Lang commune belongs to Muong Te district, Lai Chau province. Photo: @ nguyenthetung

Ka Lang commune has up to 90% of Ha Nhi ethnic people living with unique indigenous culture. Coming here to travel and experience, you will understand thoroughly the difficult life of the people in the remote region. However, in return, the place where they live is bestowed by nature with a heartbreakingly beautiful picture.

Explore Ka Lang Muong Te communeKa Lang commune is a land far away from the country. Photo: @yenchee07

Ka Lang Muong Te is located at the end of the Northwest sky, a sacred land of great significance to the security and defense of our country. If you want to reach this commune, you have to start from the center of Lai Chau province, follow the Da river north to Pac Ma, then go to Nam Lan junction, then continue to move to Ka Lang commune and other villages. nearby destinations such as Ka Lang fort, Keng Mo border station.

Experience exploring Ka Lang commune

Some people will ask that what is the point of discovering Ka Lang commune when this place is both remote and difficult, but not too famous? But for young people who are passionate about conquest, the less places there are, the less known people have a strange charm and Ka Lang Muong Te is an example. 

Explore Ka Lang Muong Te communeKa Lang has a peaceful and wild beauty. Photo: @vitran16

After a long journey through asphalt roads and difficult steep passes, Ka Lang also appeared before his eyes with a beautiful picture like a masterpiece. Still a typical image of the Northwest, but this place has something even more wild, deserted, more contemplative than familiar places like Y Ty, Muong Hum, etc. 

If you travel to Muong Te in spring or summer, you will be immersed in the green picture of heaven and earth. The blue of the deep sky, the green of the forests and the green of the winding terraced fields. It seems that every little corner in Ka Lang will be a beautiful place for you to admire the scenery and take many of your favorite virtual photos.

Explore Ka Lang Muong Te communeKa Lang land and sky are green and one color. Photo: @nguyenkhaitrung

Going into the center of Ka Lang commune, you will follow the concrete road running along the houses and villages of the indigenous people. Here, the residents are not too crowded, the pace of life is not too busy, so everything will be very peaceful, even deserted. Just go and go, so that when you pass the commune center, you will see the beautiful scenery of this land. 

Explore Ka Lang Muong Te communeThe green forests, the clear streams make the beautiful scenery of Ka Lang. Photo: @ducng.otr

The vast green valleys of one color appear in front of you, the curved terraced fields or the stone and wooden fences of the Ha Nhi people all create a wild and original beauty of Ha Nhi people. Northwest land. Just go and go, you will find that your exploration of Ka Lang commune is really worth it. 

In Ka Lang, indigenous people build houses in the position of leaning against the mountain, facing the valley. They use clay to build the house to create stability and keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition to the Ha Nhi people, this remote commune is also inhabited by La Hu people. 

Explore Ka Lang Muong Te communeLost in the beautiful and fresh land of Ka Lang. Photo: @tungthienloi

Ethnic minorities in Ka Lang mainly grow lemongrass, distill it into essential oils and sell it to China. Therefore, walking around the villages here, visitors will hear subtle aroma of essential oils, feeling extremely relaxed and comfortable. 

According to the Lai Chau travel experience of many tourists, September – October is the right time to explore Ka Lang commune. This is the season of golden ripe rice, making the scenery of this land become sweeter and more attractive than ever. Where are only Hoang Su Phi, Bat Xat, … beautiful in the ripe rice season? Ka Lang is equally beautiful. 

Explore Ka Lang Muong Te communeSmall and peaceful corners in Ka Lang. Photo: @trinhthaiphuong

In winter, visitors can return to Ka Lang to experience cloud hunting. People whisper to each other that this place has a beautiful, thick sea of ​​clouds and it’s easy to take virtual live photos. Even if you don’t have to climb the high mountains, you can still see the white clouds drifting, hovering between the forests and hillsides. 

Today, Ka Lang has become a destination in Lai Chau that is loved by many young people. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the special dishes of the indigenous people such as sticky rice, banh day, and eat unique forest roots. Not to mention, you can also learn about unique cultural features such as weddings, Tet in the rainy season, Ga Ma Thu festival, …

Explore Ka Lang Muong Te communeComing here, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the agricultural products of the local people. Photo: @f.nhunng

Notes when traveling to Ka Lang

For many tourists, exploring Ka Lang commune, Muong Te district still contains many challenges. Because this is not a famous tourist coordinate of Lai Chau province. However, now, the road to Ka Lang is very easy to go, you can go by car to the center of the commune. In addition, the electrical system and phone signal are also quite complete.

Explore Ka Lang Muong Te communeYou can combine exploring Ka Lang – Thu Lum at the same time when returning to Muong Te. Photo: @loantracy

Traveling to Ka Lang, visitors can choose to stay here to fully feel the local life, understand the eating and living habits of the Ha Nhi and La Hu people. And most of all, having spent 1-2 days to stay, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of heaven and earth, mountains and forests in the far northwest of our country. 

Coming to the border commune of Ka Lang, in addition to enjoying the beautiful natural scenery and walking in the commune, visitors can also spend time through Thu Lum commune to hunt clouds. In addition, do not forget to visit Ka Lang border post, which is a unit managing 30 km of road with 4 landmarks 18.2, 34, 35 and 36 in the area of ​​two communes Ka Lang and Ta Pa to check in with the columns. sacred border. 

Explore Ka Lang Muong Te communeThere is such a rustic land of Ka Lang waiting for you to visit. Photo: @f.nhunng

Exploring Ka Lang commune is still a new experience for many people. However, this will be an interesting thing to paint your brilliant youth. Just go and go to see the country of Vietnam, we still have countless beautiful things, interesting things are waiting for you ahead. 

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