Van Hoa Hill – 35,000 m2 ‘living museum’ about five continents plants

Visitors compare Van Hoa hill at VinWonders Nha Trang as a “living library” with 5 greenhouses, 3 open-air gardens, taking care of tens of thousands of “herbaceous flowers” in 5 continents.

Van Hoa Hill (also known as World Garden) has an area of ​​​​35,000 m2, located at the highest position of VinWonder Nha Trang campus, Hon Tre island. This place gathers tens of thousands of rare and precious tree species across five continents, planned into 5 greenhouses (about 1,000-2,000 m2 each) and three open-air gardens.

Under the construction and supervision of Marchegay Group (France), the entire greenhouse applies Priva sensor control technology, allowing to regulate the internal microclimate, ensuring temperature and humidity conditions. , the best soil helps plants grow like in the natural environment.

Greenhouse “Winter colors” is right at the entrance to Van Hoa hill, with thousands of temperate, cold-tolerant species such as gerbera, chrysanthemum, poinsettia, Asplenium nidus… Small landscapes such as dragonflies, butterflies, lotus leaves make the scene more poetic, attracting families with young children to check-in and take pictures.

The cooling system covers the transparent glass dome and natural sunlight to keep the flowers lush all year round. Ha Trang (HCMC) said that she came to Nha Trang from the evening of July 18, experiencing many entertainment and entertainment spots, but the most impressive is the giant water slide and Van Hoa hill. “My whole family is fascinated by the colors, I wish we could grow money like this. The air is fresh, pleasant, cool. I will definitely come back here to study. ask how to take care of the tree,” she said.

Leaving the winter garden, visitors come to the African desert – where more than 8,000 rare species of cacti and ancient trees are displayed. The project owner focuses on spatial arrangement, arranging each tree and attaching relevant information so that viewers can understand their scientific name, origin, longevity, characteristics and growing conditions.

The green scenery viewed from above and the gravel and white sand background when admired below make visitors have the experience of visiting Africa. The great family of Hung (Da Nang) spent more than two hours visiting each hundred-year-old bottle, cactus, and baobab root. He showed his children the characteristics of each species, the origin of the tree and hoped to teach the children the lesson of loving nature, the country, and people.

On the side of the outdoor ancient roots is an Aboriginal village with tum roofs – where families can have fun, explore, experience the space, the wild lifestyle of the African tribes.

Opposite the open desert area is the African greenhouse, which gathers a collection of 400 species of cacti and more than 200 types of succulent plants… Mr. Phi Ngoc – a gardener here for many years – said he must love plants, flowers, can wholeheartedly take care of “heterosexual flowers” throughout the five continents.

According to Mr. Phi Ngoc, cactus is a “resilient” species in the desert, but if it is not watered every three days, it will be difficult for the tree to maintain its inherent beauty. During the rainy season, he and his colleagues will cut back the branches, ensuring the best growth.

The Japanese garden impresses visitors from all over the world by its green color, with features of Phu Tang country such as Torii heaven gate, koi pond, red wooden bridge, gray tile roof, irregular stone paved road.. .

My Anh (Thanh Hoa) commented that a corner of Van Hoa hill has a deep meditation breath, like recreating the Japanese cultural and natural space right in Vietnam. People who love plants can discover the Arhat, birth, cypress, bonsai … hundreds of years old.

“I went to Van Hoa hill three times, every time I fell in love with the corner of the Japanese garden because there was a feeling of peace and relaxation, like healing a soul wound. Nature lovers, want to study deeply about the colorful plant world or simply want to have beautiful photo angles in the ‘flower mecca’, the Japanese garden is the ideal suggestion,” said Thu Hong, a Hanoi visitor.

Orchid greenhouse is also a popular destination, gathering 500 species of all colors and sizes, including many varieties brought from Europe, America and Africa.

In addition, visitors also appreciate the rose forest – which displays more than 10,000 species of brilliant, diverse types and colors (left). Next to it is the Sky Garden greenhouse – for typical seasonal temperate species such as tulips, begonias, hyacinths, hydrangeas…

With a total area of ​​50 hectares, in addition to Van Hoa hill, VinWonders Nha Trang has 5 other game subdivisions with “special experience stories” including: Adventure Land (adventure game, thrills), King’s Garden (cave). rare animals), Tropical Paradise (recreating “tropical paradise” with a water park), Sea World (a marine ecosystem with more than 30,000 creatures), Fairy Land (a fairy tale world with magnificent castles, magnificent).

On July 22, the “8Wonder” super music festival closed the annual international sea festival WonderFest 2023 at VinWonders Nha Trang, with the participation of world-famous singer Charlie Puth and 7 Vietnamese stars including: Ha Anh Tuan, Ho Ngoc Ha, Hieuthuhai, Mono, Tlinh, Amee and DJ Mie.