Van Kieu village in western Truong Son

QUANG TRI – Coming to Chenh Venh village, visitors can discover the life, culture, cuisine, and landscapes of indigenous people.

Chenh Venh village (Huong Phung commune, Huong Hoa district) has an area of ​​1,500 hectares, with 130 households, 440 people, 100% Van Kieu people. The village is located close to the west branch of Ho Chi Minh Road, surrounded by wild and majestic mountains, rivers, streams, and hills. Tourists take pictures in front of the traditional stilt house of the Van Kieu people.

Since April 2022, the Van Kieu here has been doing community eco-tourism for the first time. In the photo is a weekend farmers market, selling clean, typical Van Kieu products such as bamboo shoots, honey, chili… Most of these products are grown in the garden, or collected from Forest.

Ms. Ho Thi Huy (36 years old) is making grilled chicken with salt and pepper to sell to tourists visiting the weekend market. Chicken raised by Huy’s family, dipped with crushed salt and wild chili.

Lunch is served at Chenh Venh community resort, with sticky rice dishes, grilled chicken and pork, boiled dishes such as corn, potatoes, cassava, bamboo shoots, pumpkin…

In addition to discovering life, visitors will be led by locals to visit attractions near the village, including Chenh Venh waterfall, Sa Muoi hill, Vau forest, Sa Mu pass… In the photo is Chenh Venh waterfall located in the middle of primeval forest. .

Sa Muoi (foggy) hill is located in the north of Sa Mu pass, and is the old living area of ​​Chenh Venh people. Later, people moved to the foot of Sa Mu pass to facilitate traffic.

This hill is a grassland of more than 20 hectares, located at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, so it is very cool, and an ideal spot to watch the clouds fly between the mountain peaks. Mr. Ho Van Nhan (left) is introducing a group of tourists to the history of Sa Mot hill. For the first time doing tourism, Nhan said that he and the villagers were not surprised, but will gradually overcome. “Tourism helps the family increase their income,” Nhan said.

Currently, this is an area where people graze cattle and do farming.

During the tour, visitors also visit and experience the vast bamboo forest, and primeval forest with a certificate of sustainable forest management. This forest is nearly 1,000 hectares wide, protected and preserved by the people of Chenh Venh.

In the primeval forest, there are many big old trees. In addition to daily farming life, Chenh Venh village also set up a forest protection group and patrolled it weekly to preserve the forest.

Mr. Ho Van Nhan, deputy head of the Chenh Venh community tourism management team, said that in the past two months, the village has welcomed 15 groups with about 2,000 visitors. Tourism helps to improve people’s lives in a better way, thereby having funds for forest protection.

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