Vietnamese Cam cake is at the top of the best-fried food in the world

The cake is both cheap and delicious, sold on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, and is on the list of 30 best-fried foods in the world voted by CNN.

Vietnamese orange cake brother 1
Orange cake (Vietnam): This cake is named for its round appearance, although the taste is not “orange” at all. The sweet mung bean filling is wrapped with glutinous rice husks, rolled with sesame seeds and fried in a pan filled with oil until an eye-catching golden color and crispy skin. Photo: CNN.
Vietnamese orange cake brother 2
Tempura (Japan): Tempura is a famous fried dish of Japanese cuisine, usually consisting of seafood, meat or vegetables dipped in a liquid dough, deep-fried and dipped in soy sauce. Photo: Daisukinippon.
Vietnamese orange cake brother 3
Hushpuppies (USA): These salty fried corn balls have been a traditional accompaniment to fried fish in the American South since the Civil War. Photo: Thespruceeat.
Vietnamese orange cake brother 4Vietnamese orange cake 5
Churros (Spain, Portugal and Latin America): Of Spanish and Portuguese origin, this is a popular breakfast and snack food in many countries. The dough is pushed through a star-tipped tube into the boiling oil and deep-fried. Churros are topped with cinnamon sugar and dipped with café con leche, hot chocolate or dulce de leche. Photo: Kitchensanctuary.
Vietnamese orange cake, brother 6
Beignets (Louisiana, USA): Yeast dough is simply shaped like a pillow and fried until golden brown, then sprinkled with powdered sugar. They are usually served with coffee. Photo: Timeout.
Vietnamese orange cake, brother 7
Mandazi (East Africa): This fried doughnut can be made with milk or coconut milk, seasoned with cardamom or crushed nuts. In Ghana and other parts of East Africa, the dough is made into a round shape. Photo: Compassion Explorer.
Vietnamese orange cake brother 8Vietnamese orange cake brother 9
Jalebi (India): The dough is sprayed into a circle on hot oil, then soaked in sugar syrup, creating sweetness and an attractive crunch. They are often served with other dishes such as samosas or rabdi, sweet creamy milk. Photo: Pixelchrome.
Vietnamese orange cake 10
Pumpkin flowers (Italy): In spring, zucchini begins to flower, but only female flowers can become fruit. Male flowers are pruned and eaten. They are dipped in a liquid dough, then fried until golden brown. Flowers can also be stuffed with cheese, rice, and herbs. Photo: Stuff.
Vietnamese orange cake, brother 11Vietnamese orange cake, brother 12
Fried chicken (Korean and American): There are many ways to prepare chicken, but the most popular are American and Korean fried. American-style fried chicken has a thick dough crust and a soft, sweet inside, while Korean-style fried chicken has a thinner, crispier crust, with honey sauce – gochujang. Photo: Angsarap.
Vietnamese orange cake, brother 13
Leche frita (Spain): Fried milk is favorite street food in Northern Spain. In it, milk is cooked with flour and sugar until thickened, and frozen until stiff. Then, this milk mass is cut into pieces, rolled in flour and eggs, and then deep-fried. Usually, leche frita is sprinkled with cinnamon sugar to add flavor. Photo: Catalego.

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