Vietnamese sticky rice dishes, just hearing the name makes me crave, every dish is delicious and nutritious 

There are many delicious and famous Vietnamese sticky rice dishes that are loved, including five-color sticky rice, xeo sticky rice, bird sticky rice, wok sticky rice, Siamese sticky rice, ant egg sticky rice, etc., which are both delicious and very nutritious.

Vietnamese sticky rice dishes are delicious specialties

1. Five-color sticky rice

Five-color sticky rice is a specialty of the people of the Northwest provinces, most famously in Yen Bai, Ha Giang, Son La, etc. This Vietnamese sticky rice dish is a specialty of the Thai, Tay, and Hmong ethnic groups. It is not only delicious but also has many meanings in the culture of the indigenous people. 
 Five-color sticky rice is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishFive-color sticky rice is a famous specialty of the Northwest. Photo: @shithiencooks

Five-color sticky rice is made from delicious yellow-flowered glutinous rice or Tu Le sticky rice and colored from natural ingredients, mainly forest leaves, creating an eye-catching sticky rice dish, symbolizing the five elements in the interior. Feng Shui. The 5 most basic sticky rice colors of the Northwest people are white, blue, red, purple, and yellow, which are very beautiful. 
 Five-color sticky rice is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishFive-color sticky rice cooked from Tu Le sticky rice, yellow flower sticky rice. Photo: @vietattitude_agence

The white color of this sticky rice is the natural color of the sticky rice. Meanwhile, red from gac fruit, green from green sticky rice leaves, yellow from turmeric, purple from forest leaves. All are natural and clean ingredients to ensure a delicious and attractive sticky rice dish. 
 Five-color sticky rice is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishFive-color sticky rice represents the five elements. Photo: @nongnghiepsachtv

According to the concept of the people of the Northwest, five-color sticky rice brings a lot of luck and auspiciousness. Therefore, this sticky rice dish is used a lot in community activities, Tet holidays and entertaining tourists from all over the world. In addition, people often cook sticky rice to bring to eat when going to work in the field because sticky rice is both full and delicious. 

2. Sticky rice with birds 

Among the famous sticky rice dishes in Vietnam, bird sticky rice is also a delicious and well-cooked sticky rice dish. Bird sticky rice is popular in the provinces of Hanoi, Ha Nam, Ninh Binh, etc. It is mainly cooked from delicious sticky rice and the meat of hoe, sparrow, pigeon, giving birth to a special and nutritious dish.
 Bird sticky rice is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishHa Nam, Ninh Binh… are very popular with bird sticky rice. Photo: @hangnga21697

Similar to other Vietnamese sticky rice dishes , sticky rice will be delicious, carefully cooked. Then comes the processing of bird meat. Usually, people will mince the bird’s meat, marinate it with all the spices and mix it well into the sticky rice, making the sticky rice more flavorful. 
 Bird sticky rice is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishFried onion, bird’s heart, bird’s meat make the sticky rice dish even more delicious. Photo: @comnha_vonau

If you want to eat delicious sticky rice, you need to add fried onions or fried gizzard hearts. The complex aroma of fried onions, the rich sweetness of bird meat and the aromatic taste of sticky rice create an attractive and irresistible dish. 

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3. Sticky sticky rice

If you have ever traveled to Hanoi and the northern and central provinces, you will see that sticky rice is sold quite a lot. This is a sticky rice dish made from sticky rice with yellow flowers and green beans. Sticky rice when eaten is covered with green beans, added chicken fat and rubbed with cotton, forming an attractive delicious dish. For generations, sticky rice has been a familiar breakfast dish of Ha Thanh people. 
 Xoi Xeo is a delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishXoi Xeo is a famous specialty of Hanoi and the northern provinces. Photo: @herkitchen_healthyfood

When visiting any sticky rice restaurant, you can feel the deliciousness of this sticky rice dish without even eating it. The sticky rice seeds are shiny yellow, separate but still flexible but not dry. Slices of fragrant green beans, thinly sliced, add a little crispy yellow onion, which makes everyone’s stomach “cheer”. 
 Xoi Xeo is a delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishXoi Xeo served with green beans, fried onions. Photo: @hungry_cat.ins

Eating sticky rice is probably the best in the cold season. When the weather is cold and you can eat hot sticky rice, you will feel more fully the plasticity of sticky rice, the softness of green beans and the crispiness of fried onions. Today, sticky rice is also served with cinnamon rolls, fried chicken, fried pate, fried meat, etc. 

4. Steamed sticky rice

Sticky rice is a Vietnamese sticky rice dish that is popular in all three regions, in which each region has a different way of processing. However, basically, sticky rice is yellow, cooked from delicious sticky rice and green beans with a delicious and attractive flavor. Depending on each locality, sticky rice has a few more ingredients, creating its own identity.
 Sticky rice is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishSteamed sticky rice is available in all 3 regions. Photo: @foodie_yummy_vietkitchen

The difference of sticky rice is probably that the glutinous rice grains are separate, when eaten, people often crumple into a fist, so it is called sticky rice. In particular, green beans will be used to cook with sticky rice, not as a side dish. Therefore, when enjoying this sticky rice dish, you will feel the fatty taste of beans, blending into each sticky rice seed. 
 Sticky rice is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishGlutinous grains seem separate but are very flexible. Photo: @phihankhang

Southerners often add coconut milk and sugar to sweeten sticky rice. People in the North rarely eat sweets but prefer onion fat. Meanwhile, sticky rice in the Central region often has more pepper due to the habit of spicy food. However, no matter what ingredients are added, sticky rice must still be cooked from delicious sticky rice to have the necessary plasticity. 
 Sticky rice is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishEach region has flexibility when it comes to making sticky rice to suit their taste. Photo: @the.kitchenbeat

Nowadays, sticky rice has become an indispensable dish in parties, especially anniversaries, birthdays, full months, etc. In addition, thanks to its rich foam, it helps to stay full for a long time, so it is also a gift. breakfast many people love. Whether in big cities or in the countryside, you can easily buy attractive sticky rice. 

5. Sticky rice with ant eggs

Ant egg sticky rice is also one of the strange and famous sticky rice dishes in the provinces of Cao Bang, Lai Chau, Ninh Binh, Bac Giang, etc. This special sticky rice is made from upland sticky rice, cooked like other types of sticky rice. . After that, people continue to make the accompanying ingredients, which are ant eggs. 
 Sticky rice with ant eggs is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishSticky rice with ant eggs is a specialty of the northern mountainous provinces. Photo: @vietnamesegod

After cleaning, the ant eggs will be marinated in dong leaves, banana leaves and grilled on a charcoal stove. Some regions will fry ant eggs with onions so that the eggs can smell and can be enjoyed with sticky rice. When the sticky rice is cooked, people put it on a plate and put it on top or mix it well. 
 Sticky rice with ant eggs is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishAttractive egg sticky rice dish, with fragrant fried onions. Photo: @vuanhtuyet.1987

This special sticky rice dish brings a strange feeling when eating. The most interesting thing is that you can hear the crackling sound of ant eggs in your mouth, then the greasy taste and fragrant sticky sticky rice seeds, no matter where you eat, you will be addicted to it. Of course, because it is made from ant eggs, perhaps this sticky rice dish will make many people afraid of insects.

6. Sticky rice

On the culinary map of Vietnam, sticky rice is also a favorite delicious dish. This dish originates from Thailand and was introduced to the West of Vietnam. In which, the most popular is sticky rice in Chau Doc, An Giang province . This sticky rice dish is becoming more and more popular and has become a popular breakfast gift in the West.
 Xoi Siam is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishComing to An Giang, you cannot ignore the dish of sticky rice. Photo: @changelee.foodstory

Ingredients for making sticky rice are usually Thai sticky rice, flour, duck eggs and An Giang specialty jaggery. The process of cooking sticky rice is similar to many other sticky rice dishes. Then comes the stage of making the sauce by mixing eggs, flour, fresh coconut water and jaggery well and then steaming for 30 minutes. 
 Xoi Siam is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishSweet and greasy sticky rice with Western flavor. Photo: @dhangng_

After the sticky rice is cooked, it will be sprinkled with sauce on top. To increase the greasy flavor of this sticky rice dish, people also add pureed green beans or a piece of durian. When eating, you will feel the sweet and fatty taste of the sauce, the plasticity of sticky rice. All blend harmoniously, creating an attractive delicious dish, once eaten is remembered forever. 
 Xoi Siam is a very delicious Vietnamese sticky rice dishSauce makes sticky rice more attractive. Photo: @thaituyethoa

Each Vietnamese sticky rice dish has its own flavor, but all are delicious dishes, cooked from carefully selected sticky rice varieties. Vietnamese sticky rice dishes are both a daily dish and an important feng shui meaning, used during Tet holidays and traditional parties of the Vietnamese people. 

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