Visit Da Lat Green Smoke Valley to chill all day with a mesmerizing view

    Coming to Da Lat Green Smoke Valley, you will admire the panoramic view of the city from above as beautiful as a picture, if you like sightseeing or “virtual living”, this will definitely be the ideal suggestion for you. feel free to chill.

    Going to Da Lat is never boring is a saying that the believers often whisper to each other and indeed, this city always has new places for tourists to stop, explore and no matter how much they return. Again, it will always be new. Da Lat Green Smoke Valley is one of the new places in the land of fog, being loved recently by its green space, beautiful mountain view, completely away from dust and noise. , where you can relax in the middle of a peaceful space, breathe in the fresh air and see a truly poetic Da Lat.

    Visit Da Lat Green Smoke ValleyDa Lat Green Smoke Valley is a very HOT check-in point recently. Photo: FB/Da Lat Green Smoke Valley

    About Da Lat Green Smoke Valley 

    Da Lat Green Smoke Valley is a cafe located on Lam Van Thanh Street, Ward 11, 8km from the city center. From the central area, if you want to move to this place, it will take you about 15 minutes, the route is quite easy to find, but if you want to go quickly, you can refer to simple instructions as follows: The visitor center goes in the direction of Bo Da Chien restaurant, passes through the bag Mo To cafe area 100m on Sao Nam street, then turns right to enter Lam Van Thanh street. Green Smoke Valley.

    Visit Da Lat Green Smoke ValleyThe shop is 8km from the center of Da Lat. Photo: FB/Da Lat Green Smoke Valley

     This is a very HOT stopover in the eyes of travel enthusiasts, especially those who want to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and romantic scenery of Da Lat. This restaurant is especially popular for its immense hilly view, where visitors can enjoy the full 360-degree view of Da Lat from above, which is also the main reason why this place has become so famous.

    The space in this Dalat cafe is very delicately designed, keeping the beauty of nature, not concreting like many other places. From here, visitors can see the whole green old pine forest, towering mountains, escaping hidden under the clouds, the quiet houses and cool breezes or floating clouds. 

    Da Lat Green Smoke ValleyThe scenery of the Blue Smoke Valley is both poetic and romantic. Photo: FB/ Da Lat Green Smoke Valley

    Fascinating experience in Da Lat Green Smoke Valley

    Enjoy the mountain view and chill all day 

    The specialty of Da Lat Green Smoke Valley is the beautiful scenery with picturesque mountain views, so coming here, the experience anyone can’t miss is sightseeing. From this cafe, visitors can zoom down to the valley in front to admire the dreamlike scenery like fairy tales, floating clouds, mountains, and beautiful green pine forests.

    People still often talk to each other, the view of the Green Smoke Valley is perfect so you can chill all day because at any time of the day, the scenery here is extremely beautiful and charming. In the morning, you can hunt for clouds, watch the sunrise, at noon admire the beautiful natural picture filled with sunlight, and in the afternoon, you will have a romantic sunset moment.

    Scenic view of Da Lat Green Smoke ValleyView of mountains and beautiful pine forest. Photo: FB/Da Lat Green Smoke Valley

    Hunting in Da Lat Green Smoke ValleyVisitors here can also hunt clouds in the early morning. Photo: FB/ Da Lat Green Smoke Valley

    “Virtual life” is cool with countless beautiful shooting angles 

    In addition to the wonderful natural background, Da Lat Green Smoke Valley is also a beautiful virtual paradise. Most of the space here is outdoor, in addition to the beautiful mountain scenery, there are also countless miniatures for you to drop your virtual life like a magic mirror, swing, seesaw, etc. camping chairs, nomadic tents, lazy chairs…. All look like a dreamlike movie studio, so you can take pictures of your tired hands and bring back a basket of beautiful photos.

    Virtual living in the Green Smoke Valley DalatThe campus of the shop has many beautiful virtual living corners. Photo: FB/ Da Lat Green Smoke Valley

    Da Lat Green Smoke Valley photo shootSuper HOT virtual living mirror in Da Lat Green Smoke Valley

    Enjoy an attractive drink menu 

    Da Lat Green Smoke Valley is not only scored by the beautiful view or super chill space, but the shop also has very attractive drinks. Accordingly, the menu of this restaurant has a variety of drinks from natural fruit juices, smoothies, milk tea, coffee and special prepared drinks… If you check-in here after 5pm, you can can receive special free gifts such as baked potatoes or cakes. 

    Drinks in Da Lat Green Smoke ValleyGuests can enjoy chilling with an attractive drink menu. Photo: Thanh Ngan

    Suggested check-in points near Blue Smoke Valley 

    In addition to the advantage of space and super-beautiful view, Da Lat Green Smoke Valley is also located very close to the famous check-in points of Da Lat, so visitors can combine the schedule very easily, below is a typical suggestions. 

    Mo To Bag Cafe

    This is almost one of the classic check-in points of people who are addicted to chil, and love to go on a cafe tour in Da Lat. This shop is only 100m from Da Lat Green Smoke Valley  , so it is very convenient for visitors to combine check-in. Mo To bag has a poetic space of Da Lat with flower beds all over the space, a beautiful view of the valley and a bit of antique vintage decor at this shop, no matter what corner you check-in, easy to have pretty photos to take home. Especially, right below the bag Mo To coffee area is a restaurant area with a romantic space for you to enjoy hot pot, grill and delicious dishes.

    Big apricot bag shop near Green Smoke Valley DalatMo To bag shop is located very close to Green Valley restaurant. Photo:

    Linh Phuoc Pagoda

    Linh Phuoc Pagoda, also known as Ve Chai Pagoda, is a very famous destination on the tourist map of the foggy country. This temple is also located right in ward 11 and possesses a very unique architecture that makes anyone admire. In addition to admiring the impressive architecture, visitors can also explore wax statues of monks meditating like real people, check-in with Dai Hong Chung bell tower, 18 floors of hell area, Bodhi wood statue. Ghost, 12m high Buddha statue, Quan The Am Bodhisattva statue with immortal flowers…  

    Linh Phuoc Pagoda near Da Lat Green Smoke ValleyLinh Phuoc Pagoda owns beautiful architecture. Photo: motogo

    Thai Phien Flower Village

    Thai Phien Flower Village is about 1km from Da Lat Green Smoke Valley and is one of the most famous tourist destinations. Coming to this flower village, visitors will be overwhelmed by countless brilliant flowers such as tulips, yellow daisies, roses, carnations. The poetic space of flowers here is always what makes visitors fall in love, from above. Looking down high, visitors can see the whole scene of the flower village with rows of greenhouses stretching along the hillside.

    Thai Phien flower village near Da Lat Green Smoke Valley

    Thai Phien chemical village is romantic with brilliant flowers all year round. Photo: @tam Giao5695

    Wild Chien Beef Hotpot

    After checking through the beautiful check-in points near the Green Smoke Valley, stop at the famous Beef Hot Pot Restaurant about 2km away, this is a very popular food spot with a menu of dishes. from cows. You can choose grilled, steamed, fried, hot pot… to enjoy. The most prominent here are mixed grilled dishes, beef jerky, crispy tendons in earthen oven or field beef hot pot… 

    Field beef hot pot near Green Smoke Valley DalatField beef hot pot is a super HOT culinary destination. Photo: @vominhanh

    Visiting Da Lat Green Smoke Valley to admire the poetic scenery from dawn to dusk, enjoying the full peace from every breath will be an attractive experience for those who are looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. day.

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