Visit Dak Nong Granite waterfall and listen to “Echoes from the Earth”

Nestled quietly under the green forest canopy of Ta Dung National Park, Dak Nong Granite waterfall is destination number 43 of the famous tourist route Echoes from the Earth, and is also where visitors will immerse themselves. with wild and beautiful nature in the Dak Nong plateau. 

Dak Nong is so famous for Ta Dung National Park, but most tourists only know about the scenic Ta Dung lake, known as “Ha Long Bay on land” of the Central Highlands, but Ta Dung is even more interesting than that. with old forests, mountain peaks and Granite waterfalls that fascinate travelers who are passionate about exploring. Ta Dung Granite Waterfall with its beautiful green scenery is an interesting destination in the trekking journey to explore the majestic mountains. The picturesque scenery of large rocks under the old forest will definitely be a motivation to Believers traveled long distances to come.

Dak Nong Granite waterfallMesmerizing tourists by the wild scenery, Dak Nong Granite waterfall is an attractive destination. Photo: Pham Anh

Go to Dak Nong Granite waterfall and immerse yourself in the vast Ta Dung forest 

Dak Nong granite waterfall is located inside Ta Dung National Park in Dak Som commune, Dak Glong district, about 55km from Gia Nghia town. This is an attractive destination with unique geological features as well as beautiful landscape. Accordingly, while most of the area of ​​Dak Nong is sedimentary rocks and basalt, in Ta Dung there are granite intrusive rocks that are the result of a complex movement and tectonic process over millions of years. in Unesco Dak Nong Global Geopark.

Dak Nong Granite waterfallThe waterfall is hidden in the middle of the jungle of Ta Dung National Park. Photo: Vo Anh Tu

Granite waterfall is created by a deep flow from the river passing through giant granite slabs, creating a beautiful waterfall with a scene that is both charming and fresh. The heart of the waterfall has a very large area with many large granite rocks stacked on top of each other. Traces from ancient times on each rock are still almost intact, creating a beauty that is both magical and majestic. .

Dak Nong Granite is a sliding waterfallThe waterfall is created by flowing on smooth granite slabs, so it is also called Slip Waterfall. Photo: Pham Oanh

The waterfall is located right in the heart of the old forest, under the vast green canopy of ancient trees that seem to embrace the entire waterfall, on both sides are tall, straight trunks of Locust trees interwoven, bunches of vines covering the wind blowing. It makes the scenery even more wild and wonderful, making people feel like they are lost in Tarzan’s world.

Scenery of Granite waterfall in Dak NongThe waterfall scene is like a paradise in Tarzan movies. Photo: Vo Anh Tu

The poetic and majestic scenery at Granite waterfall hides legendary colors over the years. Each season , the Granite waterfall possesses its own beauty. In the dry season, the water flows gently, remaining at the foot of the waterfall is a small, clear lake reflecting the shadow of the old forest, creating a magical picture that captivates people’s hearts. fascinated. When the rainy season comes, the waterfall becomes very strong with large waves of water rushing down, releasing white foam like a wild animal roaring, the scene becomes more spectacular than ever.

The beauty of Dak Nong Granite waterfallEach season the waterfall brings its own beauty. Photo: @hoangminh8910

Granite waterfall is not simply a gift from mother nature to the Ta Dung mountainous area but also a sacred place for the indigenous Ma people. The waterfall is where sacred activities and rituals of the community take place such as worshiping the water wharf, worshiping the forest god… to pray for Yang (the forest god) to bless a year of good weather and good harvests. collection and peace for the villagers.

Dak Nong Granite waterfall sceneThe waterfall is also a sacred place for the indigenous Ma people. Photo: Huyen Tran

Currently, the Dak Nong Granite waterfall tourist attraction has been put into tourism exploitation and is destination number 43 in the “Echoes from the Earth” tourist route. Visitors to the waterfall can check-in to the viewing hut. to admire the poetic beauty of the waterfall or enjoy walking on the rocks, soaking in the cool water and enjoying the rustic dishes of the mountains and forests. 

Bathing in Dak Nong Granite waterfallThis is destination number 43 in the “Echoes from the Earth” tour route. Photo: Triet Ha

Bathing in Dak Nong Granite waterfall

Visitors can cool off in the clear lake at the foot of the waterfall. Photo: Long Thanh

Useful Granite waterfall check-in experience to know 

Time to explore 

Granite waterfall is an attractive destination in the eyes of travelers who love to explore nature and trekking. The waterfall is beautiful all year round but the best time to stop is from November to April every year. At this time, the weather is very cool, the sun is beautiful and not too harsh, and the waterfall’s landscape also becomes the most beautiful with clear and abundant water after experiencing the rainy season.

Dak Nong Granite waterfall travel timeNovember to April is the ideal season to trek Granite waterfall. Photo: Trang Nguyen

Moving experience 

Dak Nong Granite Waterfall is located deep in Ta Dung National Park, from National Highway 28 to reach the waterfall you need to move about 1km further through the forest and rocky pass. The terrain will have many steep and bumpy sections, so you need to be able to handle it well. However, in return, the landscape on the way to the waterfall is also very beautiful with pristine mountains and forests, fields, valleys, and beautiful waterfalls, notably Gia Long waterfall. Experience for those who are going for the first time is to sign up for a tour or hire a tour guide to have a complete and safe experience. 

Dak Nong Granite waterfall tourist routeFrom Highway 28, visitors need to go another 1km to reach the waterfall. Photo: Lang Lang House

Other activities 

Because Granite Waterfall is located in Ta Dung National Park, it is an attractive destination with countless interesting activities for visitors to incorporate in their journey. Accordingly, visitors can experience picnicking, trekking in Ta Dung, fishing, checking in to Ta Dung lake, camping overnight… Especially, visitors can also combine visits to nearby stops such as Lien Son lake, Nam Nung forest, Yok Don National Park, Ky Dong stream…

Granite waterfall tourism in Dak Nong combined with Ta DungTa Dung Lake is an attractive stopover that should be combined when visiting the stone waterfall. Photo: @kyubichann

Granite waterfall tourism in Dak Nong combined with Nam NungIf you love wild nature, Nam Nung forest is also a suitable destination. Photo: @ponhiiii.

Dak Nong Granite Waterfall with its wild and majestic beauty will always be an ideal stop for those who love adventure and wild nature in the Central Highlands. If you have the opportunity to come to Ta Dung, don’t miss the opportunity to admire this beautiful waterfall. 

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