Visit the green Rithy Farm Tra Vinh

Rithy Farm Tra Vinh officially operates in 2023, promising to be an ideal destination for those who want to temporarily escape the crowded, dusty city and return to green and peaceful nature.

    As a coastal province in the Mekong Delta, Tra Vinh is surrounded by two rivers, Tien and Hau rivers, with the main estuaries being Cung Hau and Dinh An. Waterway transportation in this land has conditions for development because there are many rivers and canals surrounding it.

    Besides, located at the end of an island in the middle of a large river, this coastal land is also a place where Kinh, Khmer and Chinese people have lived for a long time. Over the years, an outstanding multi-ethnic culture has been formed, including many unique religious architectural works from Hang Pagoda, Vam Ray Pagoda, Ang Pagoda, Co Pagoda, Khmer Museum. Today, when traveling to Tra Vinh and visiting these famous Western destinations, you will immediately feel the peace, familiar beauty, closeness and hospitality and friendliness of the Western people. It’s the South.

    Visit Rithy Farm - located in Tra Cu districtRithy Farm is located in Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province. Photo: thamhiemmekong

    Tra Vinh is also a province in the Mekong Delta that possesses quite a diverse natural landscape, from a system of canals, rivers, ponds, lakes and long beautiful beaches, peaceful rice field scenery to scenic spots. beautiful like Ba Dong beach, Ba Om pond, Tan Quy island, Long Tri and especially the Southern-style farm Rithy Farm, which has just been planned to become a community tourist destination in Tra Vinh.

    Where is Rithy Farm located?

    Address: Rach Ca hamlet, Ham Tan commune, Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province.

    Sightseeing ticket price: 35,000 VND (Special free 1 glass of cool water).

    Free tickets for food bills over 200,000 VND.

    Opening hours: 08:00 – 20:00 daily.

    To get to Rithy Farm, you must first go to the center of Tra Vinh province according to the transportation instructions below:

    First, the information tourists need to know is that Tra Vinh is located 200km from Ho Chi Minh City if you start from the Western bus station and follow Highway 53 through the provinces of Long An, Tien Giang, and Vinh Long. If you choose to travel along Highway 60 to go through Long An, Tien Giang, and Ben Tre provinces, the distance will be shortened to only 130km. If you choose to go the second way, you are only 50km from Can Tho city, so a small tip is that tourists can combine a trip to the West, and then plan a tour by the way. Going around the provinces of Ben Tre, Tra Vinh and Can Tho, it will be quite convenient and reasonable.

    Visit Rithy Farm - Path to the shopPath leading to the restaurant. Photo: dulichtravinh

    Directions to Rithy Farm

    Rithy Farm is located in Rach Ca hamlet, Ham Tan commune, Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province. The quickest and easiest way is when you arrive in Tra Vinh city, you search for the location of Vam Ray pagoda or ask local people for directions and when you get to the pagoda, you run up about 50m then turn left at the intersection and go through Two bridges will take you to Rithy Farm.

    What is attractive about Rithy Farm?

    Peaceful rice field scene

    Referring to Tra Vinh tourist destinations, there are not only Ba Dong beach, Con Chim tourist area , and Ho island but also famous ecological areas and farms, typically Rithy Farm. It can be said that the first impression of visitors when first setting foot in this famous ecological area is the scene of peaceful rice fields, stretching as far as the eye can see. It is also a beautiful scene that makes up the characteristics of the river area, besides other landscapes such as Tra Su cajuput forest, Tinh Bien palm fields, Bay Nui An Giang region or Binh Thien bungalow, Ba Om pond, etc. .

    Visit Rithy Farm - Rice field viewPeaceful rice field scene. Photo: dulichtravinh

    Most tourists who visit the farm say that after checking in here, what remains is a feeling of calmness, gentleness, simplicity and closeness like the personalities of the people of the Nine Dragons land. . Indeed, when walking through each green rice field with the color of young seedling leaves or when the ripe golden rice tops are heavy, when walking through the graceful rows of wax coconut trees – known as Tra Vinh’s specialty that provide great shade. In the middle of summer, you will feel peaceful, live more slowly and as if nature and the countryside are healing our souls after the chaos of work and everyday worries.

    The farm has a Southern feel

    Located in the middle of a peaceful plain, Rithy Farm tourist area appears with the image of a peaceful countryside. True to its name, when checking in to this destination, you will experience an agricultural farming model that exudes a rustic, simple, yet familiar, yet chill, design with a design that is closely related to daily life. normal but no less open, oriented towards nature.

    Visit Rithy Farm - Reminiscent coconut rowsCoconut rows remind us of our familiar homeland. Photo: vntrip

    Coming here, you will get a true view of the daily life of Tra Vinh farmers in particular and the Southwest region in general. Besides the scenery of rice fields, gardens, rows of trees, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees, you can also visit the display area of ​​agricultural tools and equipment associated with the wet rice growing process. Everything is arranged reasonably and extremely lively.

    Visit Rithy Farm - Peaceful afternoonPeaceful afternoon at Rithy Food Coffee. Photo: Fanpage Rithy Food _ Coffee

    Unique artificial landscape

    Besides the attractive natural scenery, Rithy Farm has strengths in artificial landscape with investment and design of many huts. What’s more special is that these beautiful little projects have extremely creative names named after provinces – cities – countries around the world. Each hut is quite spacious and airy, equipped with a hammock so that tourists traveling to the West can freely lean back, rest, and enjoy comfortable moments of relaxation with friends and relatives during the trip.

    Visit Rithy Farm - Beautiful small hutsBeautiful little huts. Photo: VietFuntravel

    In addition, fresh air, cool breezes blowing or the scent of rice fields mixed with areca and coconut scents are also factors that help you dispel all the stress from work or a stressful life. weekdays.

    Visit Rithy Farm - The space is meticulously cared forThe space is meticulously cared for. Photo: dulichtravinh

    Super nice check-in corners

    Rithy Farm also impresses tourists, especially young people, with many super beautiful photo and check-in angles, not inferior to Phung tourist area, Thoi Son island, Sa Dec flower village or Nga floating market. Where are you ? Even many miniature landscapes in the countryside are decorated extremely skillfully, exuding the beauty of rural Vietnam in general and Tra Vinh province in particular. You should arrange a reasonable time to visit the farm in the early morning or cool afternoon to have a sparkling set of photos with the most beautiful, bright light.

    Visit Rithy Farm - FacadeFarm facade. Photo: dulichmientay

    Experiential activities characterized by the West

    When it comes to eco-tourism or Western farms, many people will remember Lan Vuong Ben Tre tourist area , Tan Lap Long An floating village, Gao Giong Dong Thap ecological area,… But in reality there are many more. Other attractive tourist destinations that tourists have not yet discovered. Please schedule and plan to visit Rithy Farm to participate in the challenge of walking on the long monkey bridge across the vast field to experience the feeling of both suspense and fear but also very interesting. In addition to the shaking monkey bridge, there are also activities like rowing a dinghy like gliding gently on the interlaced river area, then also finding snails, fishing, herding ducks running in the fields, picking vegetables and fruits of all kinds in the fruit gardens. The South is wrong. All promise to bring visitors, relatives and families unforgettable memories during your trip to the West, check in Tra Vinh.

    Visit Rithy Farm - Try walking on the monkey bridgeTry walking on the loose monkey bridge. Photo: vntrip

    Rithy Farm also has accommodation services for visitors who are tired after hours of fun, activities, sightseeing. Most of the rooms here take their main ideas from Western rural life. That’s why the design of the rooms is simple, rustic but close, blending with the natural landscape of the Southwest fields. For example, each hut located right next to the water or overlooking the vast open rice fields will make visitors feel like they are immersed in the rhythm of hometown life and freely enjoy the feeling of peace.

    Visit Rithy Farm - Southern styleThe farm has a Southern feel. Photo: dulichtravinh

    Rithy Farm Cuisine

    Rithy Farm, along with many Tra Vinh specialties, is an advantage that many tourists from far and wide miss. With homeland specialties in the style of Southern Khmer cuisine such as: mud-fired chicken, pancakes, roasted shrimp in coconut water, steamed chicken, fried chicken with fish sauce, Samlo bamboo shoots, stir-fried frog with kneaded leaves, Bok lahong, etc. With the attentive, cheerful and enthusiastic service of the staff, it will definitely satisfy visitors.

    Visit Rithy Farm - Eat deliciouslyDelicious food in a peaceful space. Photo: thamhiemmekong

    After eating to your heart’s content, you can also go to Rithy Food & Coffee to drink coffee, milk tea, peach tea… or eat mixed rice paper, fish balls, spicy noodles and many other delicious dishes suitable for young people’s trends. .

    Visit Rithy Farm - Island hot potWestern specialty island hotpot. Photo: Rithy Food_ Coffee

    There’s nothing more comfortable than enjoying delicious dishes in a peaceful, airy, countryside-style space after hard days of studying and working.

    Visit Rithy Farm - Via Rithy Food CoffeeGo to Rithy Food Coffee to drink coffee, milk tea, and peach tea. Photo: Rithy Food Coffee Fanpage

    What are you waiting for? Hurry up to Rithy Farm Tra Vinh, check in to the river garden region of the Southwest, where there is a vast coconut garden between the banks of the Co Chien River. This beautiful and warm land of countryside is waiting for tourists to visit, visit and experience interesting and exciting activities.

    ($1~24,000 VND)
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