Vung Tau apricot fish salad – a famous specialty that makes visitors praise delicious

Besides famous seafood, Vung Tau apricot fish salad is also a favorite dish of many tourists. So what’s so special about apricot fish salad and where is the best place to eat in Vung Tau ?

Vung Tau apricot fish salad specialties eat once and remember forever

Vung Tau apricot fish salad is a famous seafood dish that any tourist wants to enjoy once when having the opportunity to visit the coastal city. Any restaurant in Vung Tau serves this famous delicious specialty. The apricot fish salad fascinates visitors from near and far with fresh sweet fish meat, the fleshy taste of peanuts and hearing mixed with the sour taste of star fruit, the acrid taste of green bananas and indescribably delicious vegetables.  

Vung Tau apricot fish salad - famous specialty

Why must it be apricot fish and not another type of fish? Mai fish has a small shape like anchovies and especially has no fishy smell. Apricot fish meat is very firm, so when processed into a salad, it is not crushed, so it is loved by many tourists. Vung Tau apricot fish salad, which is a rustic dish of the people of the sea, today has become a famous specialty. 

Vung Tau apricot fish salad - famous specialty of Vung Tau

Although they know that apricot fish meat is juicy and not fishy like other fish, to have a good standard apricot salad, Vung Tau people also have their own secrets. For a delicious apricot fish package first of all needs to choose the fish that must be freshly caught. Then prepare the fish meat and marinate it with spices. In particular, the “soul” of apricot fish salad is the dipping sauce and accompanying vegetables. The dipping sauce includes peanuts, fish sauce, sugar, and chili puree. In particular, peanuts must be ground 2-3 times to puree and add fish sauce, garlic, lemon, shrimp paste or soda for a bold taste. 

Vung Tau apricot fish salad - famous specialty of Vung Tau

When enjoying Vung Tau apricot fish salad , you roll it with rice paper and add basil, basil, coriander, lettuce, perilla, green banana and sour star fruit. If you want to increase the attractive flavor of the dish, you can sprinkle a little more peanuts and roll it up with the dipping sauce. Sweetfish meat combined with vegetables and accompanying sauces likes to fascinate visitors, eat and want to eat again. That is also the reason why many tourists coming to Vung Tau must definitely enjoy this Vung Tau specialty. 

Vung Tau apricot fish salad - famous Vung Tau specialties are loved

The best place to eat apricot fish salad in Vung Tau

So do you know any delicious apricot fish salad in Vung Tau to enjoy? Take a look below:

Seven Trips apricot fish salad shop 

– Address: No. 33 Phan Boi Chau, Ward 2, Vung Tau city

Bay Trien apricot fish salad restaurant is very famous in Vung Tau. The apricot fish salad at the restaurant is made according to a traditional recipe, so it has its own unique flavor. Apricot meat is imported within the day and absolutely no frozen goods. Along with dipping sauce prepared according to own recipe and super reasonable price. Therefore, the shop is always crowded, including Vung Tau people and tourists near and far. 

Vung Tau apricot fish salad - Seven Trips restaurant

Mango apricot fish salad shop 

– Address: 34/5 Hoang Hoa Tham, City. Vung Tau

Next is Vuon Mango apricot fish salad shop on Hoang Hoa Tham street. The restaurant is located in the city center, so it is very convenient to travel. The taste of apricot fish salad at Vuon Mango restaurant attracts visitors right from the first time. That’s how to choose fresh ingredients and rich dipping sauce. In addition, the restaurant also serves hot pot dishes in which the most famous is stingray hot pot . 

Vung Tau apricot fish salad - Mango Garden

Ba Hung apricot fish salad shop 

– Address: A7.10/9 Street 12, Chi Linh Urban Area, Nguyen An Ninh Ward, Vung Tau

To enjoy delicious Vung Tau apricot fish salad, you can go to Ba Hung restaurant in Chi Linh urban area. The apricot fish at the restaurant is carefully selected, and the fish meat is fresh. The service is quick, so you don’t have to wait long. In only about 10-15 minutes, you have a plate full of salad and 100% fresh food to enjoy. 

Vung Tau apricot fish salad - Ba Hung restaurant

Thien An Restaurant 

– Address: No. 195 Vo Thi Sau Street, Thang Tam Ward, City. Vung Tau 

Thien An Restaurant specializes in serving Vung Tau specialties, including apricot fish salad that is loved by many tourists. Diners commented that the apricot fish salad at the restaurant was fresh, not fishy and served with irresistible delicious rice paper. The restaurant has spacious space, clean tables and chairs and very fast service. 

Vung Tau apricot fish salad - Thien An restaurant

Apricot fish salad shop 7 Pick up shop 

– Address: No. 37 Nguyen Truong To, Ward 3, City. Vung Tau

Referring to the delicious apricot fish salad shops in Vung Tau , we must mention the 7 Luom restaurants on Nguyen Truong To street. This is the most famous address in Vung Tau with a stingray hotpot. Not only that, the shop is also loved for its delicious fresh apricot fish salad. The food is prepared according to the traditional recipe, the food is fresh and the price is reasonable, which is the plus point of the restaurant. In addition, when you come to 7 Luoc restaurants, you can order more stingray hotpot to enjoy. 

Vung Tau apricot fish salad - Bay Luom restaurant

Ut Nguyen apricot fish salad 

– Address: Phuoc Hai, Dat Do, Vung Tau 

Ut Nguyen apricot fish salad is the next suggestion that you can refer to enjoy the famous delicious apricot salad in Vung Tau coastal city. Although serving many different seafood dishes and hot pot dishes, the apricot fish salad at Ut Nguyen restaurant is loved by many tourists. The plus point of the restaurant is that the meat is fresh, the fish is delicious, the vegetables are served a lot and the dipping sauce is super divine. 

Vung Tau apricot fish salad - Ut Nguyen restaurant

Vung Tau apricot fish salad is not only delicious but also the pride of the people of the coastal city every time tourists visit. If you have the opportunity to travel to Vung Tau , you should once enjoy the famous delicious apricot fish salad and feel it together! 

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