Vung Tau beach is crowded with people on National Day

BA RIA – VUNG TAU – Tourists in the surrounding areas flock to Vung Tau city, making the beach crowded with people, the number of visitors is three times higher than yesterday.

On the afternoon of September 2, it was sunny, with little wind, on Bai Sau beach, Vung Tau city, people and tourists from the eastern and western provinces poured into the sea to play and cool off.

On the nearly 10 km long beach, tourists focus on bathing near the Flagpole square extending to the East Sea tourist area and only really crowded from 15:30 to the evening.

“Perhaps the holiday is long, so people choose to go out. I personally like the sea, so Vung Tau is always the first choice,” said Ngoc Anh (wearing a hat) from Ho Chi Minh City and said, the restaurant is quite open. Clean, affordable prices.

Young people in a group of friends from Ho Chi Minh City lie on the beach so that the rest of them make sand to create a pregnant woman. Ly (27 years old) said that the National Day holiday was a long day off, but she did not choose to return to her hometown in the West, but went with her company to travel to Vung Tau for two days to relieve stress after hard working days.

From Binh Duong, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hieu’s group of 10 people arrived this afternoon to start a three-day holiday. They rent an apartment and plan to go to the markets in the city to buy seafood and cook grilled dishes and hot pot. “We have friends who cook quite well, so self-service will save costs and be delicious,” said Mr. Hieu.

A group of friends from Bien Hoa city frolicking with the waves.

In addition to the jet ski experience, many visitors rent a kayak for 250,000 VND for 30 minutes of rowing. They are equipped with life jackets by the lessors and instructed on how to sit and row to ensure safety.

The rental service of swimming floats in the past two holidays was quite sluggish, while the price did not increase (30,000 – 50,000 VND per rental). “Because the tide recedes far from the shore, there have been just over five tenants since morning,” said a rental woman.

In the afternoon, the tide rose rapidly, Mr. Tran Van Phuong, a lifeguard, couldn’t take his eyes off the bathers in the distance, near the swirling ponds that had been flagged with black flags. “This holiday, the sea is calm, there are few waves, so few people have problems. But we can’t be subjective because things can go bad in a split second,” said Mr. Phuong.

By late afternoon, the parking lots along Bai Sau beach were full of motorbikes.

According to the Vung Tau City Center for Tourist Management and Support, the beaches today welcome 52,000 visitors and have fun (three times as much as yesterday).