Vung Tau Pearl Island – ‘Beautiful oasis’ ideal for relaxing on the weekend

If you are looking for a place with beautiful, peaceful scenery to relax on the weekend with family and friends, Vung Tau Pearl Island is that ideal destination. Exploring the beautiful Pearl Island, visitors will discover a diverse flora, have fun, and enjoy fresh seafood.

    Where are the coordinates of Pearl Island located in Vung Tau?

    Pearl Island, also known as Cu Lao Bai Ngua, is located right in the center of the city. Vung Tau. This beautiful island is surrounded by mangrove forests and forests of mangrove trees and tiger parrots, creating a beautiful scenery. In particular, the entire area on the island is planned as mangrove land so it is preserved intact as it is today.

    Vung Tau Pearl Island has become a destination attracting tourists with its peaceful and pristine natural scenery. The beautiful scenery at Pearl Island is like a beautiful picture that nature has bestowed on Vung Tau tourism . Exploring the beautiful scenery of Pearl Island, visitors will relax in resort leaf huts and have fun with family and friends.

    Contact Info:

    – Address: Bai Ngua, City. Vung Tau 

    – Opening hours: 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Monday – Sunday ).

    Where is Vung Tau Pearl Island?Beautiful panorama of Pearl Island when viewed from above. Photo: vuntaumarina

    How to get to Pearl Island Vung Tau

    Vung Tau Pearl Island is about 106km from Saigon center. To travel to this beautiful island, you can refer to the instructions below: 

    From Saigon to Pearl Island 

    Starting from the center of Saigon, you go in the direction of Dai Han Highway on National Highway 1A -> turn in the direction of Vo Van Kiet street to Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway -> go to the roundabout and merge into intersection 01 -> turn onto National Highway 51 -> follow the roundabout and turn into the 2nd intersection to Vung Tau -> continue on 30/4 street to see Dao Ngoc. Then rent a boat, canoe or boat to move to the island.

    You can take a bus from the Eastern bus station of Toan Thang, Hoa Mai, Kumho… with prices ranging from 80,000 – 120,000 VND/person or take a self-driving car to get to Vung Tau very simply. 

    From the city center. Vung Tau to Pearl Island

    If you move to Vung Tau Pearl Island from the city center. From Vung Tau, you go southwest to 30/4 street towards Do Luong -> at the roundabout, take the first exit to street number 1 -> drive about 900m and turn left onto street number 12 -> go further. 750m and turn right at Quoc Anh Manufacturing Service Co., Ltd. you will reach the pier and rent a canoe or boat to the island.

    Travel time is about 10 minutes. Because the travel distance is quite short, you can go by taxi or motorbike taxi.

    How to get to Pearl Island Vung TauHow to get to Pearl Island Vung Tau

    Ticket price to visit Pearl Island in Vung Tau  

    The ticket to visit Vung Tau Pearl Island is 150,000 VND/person and includes: Kayaking, water cycling, basket boat rowing, dinghy boating, and boating to visit the mangrove forest. 

    Visitors will pay additional service fees such as: 

    – Vung Tau Marina boat ticket: 30,000 VND/person.

    – Rig tour: 190,000 VND/person.

    – Ticket for a walk on Marina Bay: 800,000 VND/boat of 4 people.

    Ticket price to visit Vung Tau Pearl IslandTourists need to buy tickets when visiting Vung Tau Pearl Island. Photo: halotravel 

    What’s interesting about Vung Tau Pearl Island?

    Exploring Pearl Island of Vung Tau, visitors will discover diverse nature, participate in many interesting experiences and eat seafood. 

    Fresh natural scenery and diverse ecosystem

    Standing from the top of Pearl Island, visitors will admire the beautiful panorama of Dinh River. Let’s admire the forests of mangrove trees, tigers, and parrots that are hundreds of years old. In particular, visitors will be able to take a canoe through the mangrove forests to admire the scenery, relax and forget all the fatigue of daily life.

    ecosystem in Vung Tau Pearl IslandExplore the diverse ecosystem in the beautiful Pearl Island. Photo: halotravel

    Take a boat on the river to feel each fish struggling on the water surface or listen to the bustling sound of birds singing as they search for their nests. The scenery at Vung Tau Pearl Island is developed in the direction of conservation but there are still artificial items to attract tourists. Among them are bamboo huts for sightseeing, wooden bridges for fishing and virtual living.

    ecosystem in Vung Tau Pearl IslandBeautiful natural scenery at Pearl Island. Photo: Vungaumarina

    ecosystem in Vung Tau Pearl IslandThe bridge moving to Pearl Island is made of wood. Photo: halotravel

    Visit seaports 

    One of the interesting experiences when coming to Pearl Island is visiting the ship ports. Visitors will be able to directly see and learn about the modern oil and gas industry such as: Rig shoe sole factories, seaports, shipyards… The seaports on the island are as beautiful as a picture of the landscape. modern industry and witness the development of the country.

    ecosystem in Vung Tau Pearl IslandNgoc Island has become an attractive destination for tourists. Photo: digiticket

    ecosystem in Vung Tau Pearl IslandThe beautiful check-in corner at Pearl Island is loved by tourists. Photo: Vung Tau Marina

    Participate in many interesting experiences

    Coming to Vung Tau Pearl Island , visitors will experience interesting activities such as: Fishing, canoeing, casting nets, raising fish, growing vegetables… Especially, you will enjoy your own achievements which are seafood dishes. fresh produce. Especially when coming to Pearl Island, visitors can also participate in kayaking, sailing, water cycling, speedboats…

    Interesting experience at Pearl Island Vung TauBoating to see the beautiful scenery at Pearl Island. Photo: datviettour

    Interesting experience at Pearl Island Vung TauCheck-in for a beautiful virtual life at Pearl Island. Photo: @kky97_

    Interesting experience at Pearl Island Vung TauVung Tau Pearl Island has become a favorite destination for young people. Photo: @anhvynguyen27

    Enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood

    Visiting Vung Tau Pearl Island, visitors cannot miss fresh seafood dishes. Among them are grilled oysters and learning about the oyster farming and harvesting process of the people on the island.

    Eating and drinking at Pearl Island Vung TauEnjoy fresh seafood at Pearl Island. Photo: halotravel

    Things to note when visiting Vung Tau Ngoc Island

    Let’s “pocket” some useful notes when visiting Pearl Island in Vung Tau below:

    – You should visit the island on sunny days, it will be suitable for fun and sightseeing.

    – Prepare comfortable clothes, apply sunscreen and wear a hat.

    – Pearl Island is located near Saigon so you can go during the day. If you want to stay overnight, you can rent a hotel or motel in the city center. Vung Tau . 

    – Regarding dining, visitors do not need to bring ready-made food, because Ngoc Island’s restaurant offers full service.

    – Can combine visiting famous places near Pearl Island such as: Ho Phap Pagoda, Front Beach, Go Gang Island , Nghinh Phong Cape… 

    Hopefully the above information will help you have a trip full of interesting experiences and memorable memories at the beautiful Pearl Island of Vung Tau this weekend!

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