Vung Tau Sea Wind Resort – a resort paradise close to the sea with a beautiful view of ‘heart-stopping’

Vung Tau Sea Wind Resort is an impressive resort paradise with a system of beautiful, luxurious rooms and especially a beautiful sea-view view that fascinates people, ideal for a relaxing trip with family and friends.

Locating the coordinates of the Vung Tau Sea Wind tourist area  

Gio Bien tourist area is located on Thuy Van, Back Beach, Vung Tau. With a location close to the beach and surrounded by mountain ranges, along with spacious and comfortable space, Vung Tau Sea Wind resort has become an attractive destination for tourists. 

Coming to the Sea Wind Resort, visitors will enjoy the cool water and mingle with the sun and wind from the sea to dispel all the fatigue of life. In particular, visitors can also participate in many interesting entertainment activities when coming to Sea Wind Resort.

Vung Tau Sea Wind tourist area is a tourist attractionSea Wind tourist area is a tourist attraction in Vung Tau. Photo: @Wind_Sea_Resort

The best time to go to Vung Tau Sea Wind Resort

Vung Tau has a cool and very pleasant tropical monsoon climate. The most ideal time to explore the beautiful scenery in the Sea Wind tourist area is from November to April next year. At this time, the weather in Vung Tau is sunny and beautiful, the cool blue water is suitable to enjoy playing with the cool and relaxing water.

Time to go to Vung Tau Sea Wind resort  The best time to go to Sea Wind Resort is from November to April next year. @thuyp.ty

How to move to Sea Wind resort 

Review of Vung Tau Sea Wind resort said that you can choose from many different means of transport when moving from Saigon to this resort such as: 

– Hydrofoil : Depart from Nha Rong Wharf to Cau Da port, operating time from 8am – 4pm. Travel time by hydrofoil is about 1 hour 30 minutes and the fare is 240,000 VND/adult and 120,000 VND for children. 

– Airplane : For those who are far away like Hanoi, it is most convenient to go by plane to Saigon, then take a taxi to Vung Tau. 

– Bus : From Saigon, there are many bus routes to Vung Tau such as: Kumho, Phuong Trang… Travel time is about 2h30p. Ticket price is 100,000 VND/person. 

– Private vehicle : You can also go by self-driving car or motorbike through the direction of Cat Lai ferry -> Nhon Trach (Dong Nai) -> turn right to National Highway 51 -> go another 100km to Ho Chi Minh City. Vung Tau. 

For those of you departing from the city center. Vung Tau can go in the following direction: 

Starting from the city center. Vung Tau -> go through the coastal roundabout -> then go straight on National Highway 51C/February 3rd -> roundabout at intersection 5 -> turn left onto Le Hong Phong street -> go for another 5 minutes to Gio Bien tourist area.

How to move to Vung Tau Sea Wind resort?  How to move to Sea Wind resort 

Room types at Sea Wind resort   

Vung Tau Sea Wind Resort includes many types of rooms to meet all the resort needs of visitors. Please refer to the details of each room class of this resort below:

Standard room 

This room class is impressively designed between modern and classic style. The interior of the room is luxurious, beautiful and sophisticated. Especially in the room with 2 double beds and windows with sea view. Room rates range from 200,000 VND/night. 

Tubular living room

This class of rooms offers an enjoyable experience for guests during their stay. Tubular rooms include all 6 rooms with sea view. Each room has full amenities and comfortable space. Prices range from 300.00 – 500,000 VND/room.

Room type in Vung Tau Sea Wind resort  Unique tubular accommodation at Sea Wind Resort. Photo: @Wind_Sea_Resort

What to play at Vung Tau Wind Beach resort? 

What does Vung Tau Sea Wind Resort have to play? Many interesting experiences are waiting for you to discover such as: 

Admire the beautiful romantic beach 

Wind Beach Resort has a private beach with clear blue water and beautiful white sand. From the room to the beach, just a few steps away, you are immersed in the cool water. Take a scenic walk together, participate in attractive sports on the beach, play parachute, volleyball… 

Seascape in Vung Tau Sea Wind resort  Admire the beautiful and poetic sea scene at Sea Wind Resort. Photo: digiticket

Enjoy the super beautiful virtual check-in

An interesting experience that you should not miss when coming to Sea Wind Resort is virtual living in a tubular house. The houses with all the colors of blue, pink and orange … will be super beautiful background corners for taking virtual pictures. Your job is to prepare clothes to comfortably pose for beautiful pictures as a souvenir.  

Virtual living in Vung Tau Sea Wind resort  Check-in beautiful virtual living at Sea Wind KDL. Photo: elitetour

Camping on the beach  

Exploring the Vung Tau Sea Wind tourist area, visitors can also organize camping with family and friends right next to the beach. Bring tents and gear to set up camp, have a BBQ party and have fun through the night. It is wonderful to be in the windy evening, to see the beautiful sea view and enjoy the most enjoyable trip. 

Camping in Vung Tau Sea Wind resort  Bring tents to camp in the Sea Wind resort. @huynhngoc94 

Enjoy playing canoe surfing 

It would be a big mistake to come to Sea Wind Resort without playing with friends to play canoes and surf to enjoy extremely exciting thrills. Let’s go canoeing to surf all over the sea to admire the vast, poetic sea view that is extremely attractive.

have fun at Vung Tau Sea Wind resort  Boating and surfing with friends at the Sea Wind Resort. Photo: vutauservices 

Relaxing sauna and massage

Exploring the Sea Wind Resort, visitors can also experience massage and sauna services. Relax with acupressure treatments from skilled professionals to dispel all the fatigue of daily life. 

Enjoy food at Sea Wind resort

What to eat when going to Vung Tau Sea Wind resort ? Going to the beach cannot help but enjoy seafood, at Gio Bien resort, there are 2 restaurants with large space to serve the dining needs of visitors. The restaurant serves a diverse menu of fresh seafood dishes such as: Squid, shrimp, crab, oyster… with prices ranging from 40,000 VND/piece and BBQ party about 500,000 VND. 

In addition, you can refer to more famous delicious eating places near the Sea Wind KDL such as: 

– Co Ne barbecue restaurant: No. 20 Tran Phu

– Vung Tau night market: After the Imperial hotel, Thang Tam ward 

– Anh Vy crab soup cake shop: No. 109 Vo Thi Sau, ward 2

– Di Huong’s banh khot shop: No. 48A Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 2

Eating and drinking at Vung Tau Sea Wind resort  Enjoy fresh seafood at Vung Tau Sea Wind Resort. Photo: tourvungtau   

Vung Tau Sea Wind Resort is the ideal destination to enjoy a relaxing weekend with family and friends with many interesting experiences that you should not miss when traveling to Vung Tau . 

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