Waterfall No. 6 Ha Giang: This beautiful waterfall, have you checked in yet?


Waterfall No. 6 Ha Giang is a small but peaceful and poetic waterfall of the rocky plateau region. This place is not only a beautiful location for sightseeing but also suitable for couples to take wedding photos.

Where is Ha Giang Waterfall No. 6?

Ha Giang Waterfall No. 6 is one of the favorite check-in spots recently. This is a waterfall located in Ha Thanh village, Phuong Do commune, about 8km from Ha Giang city center to here. Tourists who want to go to this waterfall can find the way to Thanh Thuy border gate which will be easier and more convenient.

Where is Ha Giang Waterfall No. 6?Waterfall No. 6 is located 8km from Ha Giang city center. Photo: @_quoclui_

Ha Giang is famous for many waterfalls such as Du Gia waterfall , Thi waterfall, Khau Lan waterfall, etc. Now, waterfall number 6 with a rustic, easy-to-remember name has gradually become a beautiful waterfall attracting many tourists. Both indigenous people and tourists recognize that waterfall No. 6 has a very unique appearance, different from many other waterfalls. 

Waterfall No. 6 Ha Giang attracts many touristsThis is an attractive destination for many tourists. Photo: @chitt.t 

In addition, thanks to not being too far from the city center, conquering waterfall number 6 is also easier. Besides, after exploring this waterfall, you can also take a walk around Phuong Do commune – a place with peaceful beauty and many interesting experiences for tourists. Surely your journey here will be very interesting and memorable. 

The peaceful and romantic beauty of waterfall No. 6 Ha Giang

What is so beautiful about Ha Giang Waterfall No. 6 that people check in so much? If you want to fully enjoy the beauty of this waterfall, perhaps you should visit here directly. If you only look at pictures on social networks, I’m afraid you can only feel a part of the waterfall. However, if you have not had the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang , you can still find more information about waterfall number 6, so that you can visit it when you have the opportunity. 

Waterfall No. 6 Ha Giang has a peaceful beautyPeaceful natural picture at waterfall number 6. Photo: @latundeyy

This is a unique waterfall with a stream pouring down from above but not too noisy or rumbling. The waterfall is not too big and the flow is gentle, passing through large and small rocks interwoven before falling down and forming a small, cool lake right at the foot of the waterfall. It seems that waterfall number 6 also follows the trend of living slowly, not rushing, not rushing, just taking it slow and chilling.

Waterfall No. 6 Ha Giang brings a pleasant feeling of relaxationWhen traveling to Ha Giang, remember to explore waterfall number 6 to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this place. Photo: @namxuxitai

Visiting this beautiful waterfall in Ha Giang , you will see the waterfall passing through many large and small rocks. The flowing water hits the rocks and creates white foam, painting a lyrical and poetic picture. Surrounding the waterfall is a scene of lush green forests. Every time I come here, I feel strangely peaceful and comfortable. 

Waterfall No. 6 Ha Giang with a gentle and gentle flowThis place still retains its original character. Photo: @_quoclui_

The beauty of waterfall No. 6 in Ha Giang is probably the flowing water as soft and gentle as the hair stream of a person lacking water. The water stream pours out from deep in the forest, its white color stands out among the gray rocks and green forest patches. The sound of flowing water is like the melody of the mountains and forests, adding to the poetic beauty of the surrounding scenery. 

Waterfall No. 6 Ha Giang is suitable for campingThe open spaces near waterfall No. 6 are suitable for camping and weekend picnics. Photo: @sunnyinhagiang

Exploring this beautiful waterfall number 6, you can sit on the edge of the waterfall to admire the scenery, sit next to the rocks at the foot of the waterfall to look at the calm lake surface, listen to the sound of flowing water, and feel peace in your heart. If you like taking virtual photos, find a nice angle to pose and save a few beautiful moments for yourself. 

Ha Giang Waterfall No. 6 brings a fun experience to visitorsYou will have many wonderful experiences when picnicking at this waterfall. Photo: @lukasonblock

In particular, Ha Giang waterfall No. 6 is also a place that many couples choose as a wedding photography location. The fresh and peaceful natural landscape, with waterfalls and cool green forests, is suitable for capturing happy moments of lovebirds. So if you are planning to take wedding photos, this is a place worth considering. 

Ha Giang Waterfall No. 6 is always peaceful and relaxingThere’s nothing better than eating grilled food here. Photo: @thaydoi.tatca

In addition, thanks to the advantage of being located near the city center, waterfall No. 6 is also a great location for camping and picnicking on weekends. Just bring some food and water and you can chill with the scenery at this waterfall, spending all your free time relaxing and enjoying the peaceful feeling of life. 

Note when exploring waterfall No. 6 Ha Giang

Currently, waterfall number 6 is a destination in Ha Giang that many tourists are interested in. You can come here in four seasons of the year, of which summer is the most suitable time because the weather is cool and pleasant. Visitors can watch the waterfall, bathe in the waterfall or camp in the area around the waterfall without worrying about the cold at night. 

Note when exploring waterfall No. 6 Ha GiangEach season this waterfall has its own beauty. Photo: @ngocmai201_

If you want to see the waterfall with a stronger flow, you can go during the rainy season from June to August. However, this season the road is quite dangerous, so it’s best to go back during the day and not take children with you. On the contrary, the dry season from January to March is when the water flows less, but it will bring a beauty of peace and comfort. 

Note when exploring waterfall No. 6 Ha GiangTraveling to Ha Giang, you remember once visiting waterfall number 6. Photo: @sunnyinhagiang

It can be said that Ha Giang waterfall No. 6 is a beautiful waterfall and worth exploring. The rustic, simple and intimate beauty of the waterfall will bring visitors many poetic feelings when coming here to experience. If next time you go to Ha Giang, remember to put waterfall number 6 on the list of destinations to check in. 

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