Weekend picnic at Bang Bang rapids in Da Nang

After crossing the rocky slopes and passing through the dense forest trees, in front of visitors will be Bang rapids with clear blue water, and many beautiful rocky beaches.

Ghenh Bang has been a famous destination among Da Nang backpackers for about 3 years now. This place is located on the Son Tra peninsula, about 15 km from Da Nang city center, in the direction of Hoang Sa street. Ghenh Bang together with Gun cape, Nghe cape, Golden sand beach, and Den rock beach… have created unspoiled natural landscapes, attracting tourists to explore.

Ghenh Bang landscape viewed from above, visitors have to cross the forest, climb rocks to reach this place.  Photo: Huynh Nhi
Ghenh Bang landscape viewed from above, visitors have to cross the forest, and climb rocks to reach this place. Photo: Huynh Nhi

From the North fork in the direction of Hoang Sa Road, about 500m, visitors will see a sign to keep motorbikes going to Bang Rapids, where there is a guide to go down the rapids. The road is a small path, with a steep slope, visitors must cling to trees and ropes hanging by the roadside to keep their balance.

The road is about 1 km long, but it takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the rapids. For those who are proficient, the time can be faster. The hardest part is when it’s about 100 meters to the coast. This is a section with high rock formations accompanied by water seeping from the cliffs creating slippery moss, visitors should stick to the rope carefully. Also from here, the sound of sea waves whispering closer and closer, arousing excitement, forgetting fatigue. Upon arrival, you will immediately feel the cool breeze blowing in from the sea, in front of the clear blue sea, urging visitors to come down and struggle.

Rock climbing to discover Ghenh Bang in Da Nang - 1
A section of Bang rapids with rocky beaches, alternating golden sand and clear water. Photo: Huynh Nhi

With a road with the sea about 2 km long, Bang Rapids has flat sandy beaches, large and small rocky beaches protruding into the sea, and interesting coral beaches… along the coast are cool green forests to shade and create shade for people. guests rest. Visitors to Bang rapids often prepare firewood, snacks, and drinking water for camping or picnics during the day. With skilled people, they can catch fish, snails and crabs on their own in the sea to cook. Meanwhile, some families with young children also consider this an ideal weekend destination because the landscape is close to nature, with no hustle and bustle.

Mr. Thinh lives in Da Nang city with his wife and 3 children for a weekend picnic, although the road is difficult, he always encourages and encourages the children to overcome. “I keep telling them not to be afraid, crawl over, they’re all dirty after going out, but they also enjoy swimming in the sea. This is also how I guide them to become independent,” Mr. Thinh said. Currently, many people have known this place because of its unspoiled landscape, and the beach also produces a lot of plastic waste and plastic bags. He hopes visitors should be more aware of hygiene so that people who come later have beautiful scenery to see.

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