Weekend to pick lychees in Bac Giang

BAC GIANG – If you are a person who likes to eat lychee, do not miss the experience of checking in right at the garden, in the fruit-laden season in Luc Ngan.

Nguyen Thi Yen (Yen Vi Vu), born in 1999, from Bac Giang, currently lives and works in Hanoi. She returned to her hometown in the right season of lychee in early July to take beautiful check-in pictures. Yen and two friends came to Luc Ngan by motorbike from Hanoi, about 3.5 hours.

According to Yen, this is a suitable experience on the weekend, you can go and return during the day. Yen advises, the journey from Hanoi to Bac Giang in the direction of Thanh Tri bridge, Hanoi – Bac Giang highway, road 293 West Yen Tu turns into Luc Nam to reach Luc Ngan. Note, the road from Luc Nam to Luc Ngan is quite small and ugly, with many trucks, so it is necessary to move slowly and carefully.

Lychee is the main crop of Bac Giang province, in the fruit-laden season, harvested and sold. Coming to the Luc Ngan district, visitors can easily see the rolling hills, neatly planned. Currently, in Luc Ngan, the check-in service for lychee gardens has not been clearly exploited. The yen was introduced and led to visit the lychee hill of the owner named Hieu in Muoi village, Giap Son commune, free check-in.

In the memory of a son of Bac Giang, Yen remembers that in the past, he would see a litchi tree every few steps. “However, now that the countryside is new, the houses are repaired, and the litchi trees have also been removed,” Yen said.

From a distance, it is difficult to see the red color of the ripe lychee, but when standing closer, red dots gradually appear between the green of the leaves. “I stood on the top of this hill and looked to the other side, it was also full of cloth. From afar it was just the green of the leaves, not very red. Up close, the red color was clearly visible. And I didn’t think the fabric on the picture would be beautiful. and eye-catching like that!”, Yen commented. The lychee tree is about 10-15 m tall, with a raspberry-shaped canopy.

The yen was excited when climbing the hill, admiring the heavy red litchi branches. The owner of the garden must take a stick to prop up, otherwise the lychee will touch the ground and will be rotten and damaged.

Lychee is a fruit that Yen loves but dare not eat much because when she was a child “eating too much, she got red all over”. Another time, when Yen ate lychee when hungry, her body sugar suddenly increased, so she was stunned and dizzy. Since then, she only eats lychee after a meal, in a moderate amount, but this is a typical fruit of her homeland, so Yen still has a special affection.

Yen shared some experiences of checking-in lychee garden:

– Contact the garden owner in advance to arrange a time to visit.

– Should come in the morning, it is still cool and the dew is still on the leaves.

– If visiting in the afternoon, you should bring a hat to avoid the sun.

– Should bring drinking water because climbing lychee hill is easy to get tired, and “after eating sweet lychee, drink cool water”.

The most appropriate time to visit the litchi season is in the morning, in addition to admiring the beautiful scenery in the garden, you can also see the market scene, traders from everywhere flock to buy litchi and people bring fruit to offer. If you want a more special experience, you can come from the night before and sleep again, until 1-2am wake up to go with the people to harvest.

“The night here in the lychee season is as bright as the day. Come on, light bulbs, flashlights, and enough lighting equipment for the harvest. I also want to try the experience, but time doesn’t allow, the season doesn’t allow. lychee will come back next year,” Yen shared.

“The experience is that wherever the fruit is wrong or there is a line of trees as a path, stand there, smile brightly, hold more cloth and you will have a beautiful photo,” Yen smiled and shared. Visitors should wear neat clothes. Note: Do not arbitrarily pick lychees without the permission of the garden owner. Do not climb, pose offensively, avoid breaking branches.

Enjoying lychee at the garden is more interesting and “tasty” than eating fruit from the supermarket. The lychee is fresher, more succulent, although the sweetness is still the same. However, the good thing is that you can peel and bite the pieces while the fruit is still on the branch. “However, after that, I will still pick that branch down to enjoy the notes and avoid causing loss of beauty,” Yen shared.

Fabric season comes and goes quickly, only about 2-3 weeks. Therefore, you must take advantage of time, come to Luc Ngan to visit early. “I update information continuously from mid-June, but at the beginning of July, half a hill of litchi has been harvested,” Yen said. Near the end of July, the lychee season will come to an end.

You can buy lychees at the garden, but the gardens usually do not retail, only sell in bulk. The beautiful type costs over 20,000 VND per kg, and the regular type is over 10,000 VND per kg. Towards the end of the crop, the price of fabric will increase. If you like, the host will invite you to eat lychee in the garden, even give 1-2 bags of lychee to take home.

“I remember there were years of good harvest, people even gave each other lychees, didn’t bother to sell them, because no one bought them either, or sold them for too cheap. For me, lychee became a familiar thing. belong,” Yen shared.