Guests “hunt” the most beautiful rice fields in Vietnam: The road is long but it’s worth it

Foreign tourists enjoy the wonderful and diverse nature of Vietnam.

    “From the towering limestone islands rising out of the blue water to the dense forests embracing the rocky mountains, the natural scenery everywhere in Vietnam makes visitors extremely excited. what a beautiful country with diverse landscapes,” begins the article on “A collection of the most beautiful rice fields in Vietnam,” commented author Joel Rabinowitz of Culture Trip.

    “For me, the most beautiful scenery in this country is the vast stretches of rice fields.” This is not only an irreplaceable symbol of Vietnam, imbued with the characteristics of rural areas, it also asserts itself as an essential part of the national economy. Moreover, for tourists like us, this is an impressive sight to admire and conquer.

    1. Mai Chau

    The author said, hidden in a quiet valley in Hoa Binh province, 140km southwest of Hanoi, you will find Mai Chau. Here, there are rice fields stretching like a carpet, covering the valley. Take the time to cycle through the rice fields and learn about the local culture.

    2. Sa Pa

    The rice fields here are arguably the most iconic in the country. To get to Sa Pa, you have to go through a not-so-easy road due to its high terrain. “Once you get there, though, you’ll find what you’re seeing is well worth it.”

    The author of the article also gives the advice to go to Sapa because, at that time, the rice fields have the most impressive and vibrant colors.

    3. Mu Cang Chai

    “When I looked at the map, I thought Mu Cang Chai doesn’t seem too far from Hanoi. But when it comes time to go, this is the most remote rice field. Visitors can reach Khau Pha Pass – one of the the steepest road in the country – winding through the foothills of Hoang Lien Son mountain,” wrote Joel Rabinowitz.

    The journey of visitors here will certainly be as “worth the money, worth the effort” as when you start coming here. Welcome to the most “photogenic” rice terraces in Vietnam.

    4. Hoi An

    Hoi An is famous for its colorful streets of beautiful shimmering lanterns, famous for its delicious food and unique architecture of the old town.

    However, if you want to see Hoi An in a different way, go find the rice fields. No need to go too far from the center to admire the peace from the village scene, from the rice fields.

    5. Tam Coc

    Only 100km from Hanoi, Tam Coc is one of the destinations not to be missed if you are also looking to “hunt” beautiful rice fields in Vietnam. The rice fields here are known as the “blue sea”. They lie completely in the long and flat valley, under the limestone mountains. If you come to Vietnam in March and June, you must definitely “hunt” this beautiful scene in Tam Coc.

    6. Pu Luong

    Not grown on terraced fields, rice here must be planted in water to thrive. When coming here, in addition to hunting rice fields, pay attention to the water buffaloes or the water wheels here. The scene will surely make you remember forever, said the author of Culture Trip.

    7. Bac Son

    Bac Son is located in an idyllic valley, surrounded by mountains and forests in Lang Son province. The climate here is very favorable, the soil is fertile, creating perfect conditions for rice cultivation.

    “For the ultimate view, climb up the trail and reach the top of Na Lay. I was really blown away by the fresh air and the beauty of the rice fields,” Joel Rabinowitz pointed out. How to hunt beautiful scenery.

    8. Hoang Su Phi

    Joel Rabinowitz said: “In my opinion and taste, this can be considered the most spectacular place in the country. It has a lot of terraced fields. I highly recommend visitors to come here. this place in September and October to see the rice fields turn from green to yellow. You definitely don’t want to miss the sight.”

    Photo: Internet