What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do? What is the most beautiful and interesting place?


What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do? If you still do not know where to go and what to play when you have the opportunity to visit Chon Thanh in Binh Phuoc , let’s “pocket” the super interesting suggestions below.

What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?

What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do? Because it is a small district in Binh Phuoc, when coming to Chon Thanh, you do not have too many choices about places to visit and have fun. Here are some suggestions that you can refer to when exploring Chon Thanh such as:

1. Admire the Buddha Temple  

– Address: Hamlet 3, Minh Long, Chon Thanh, Binh Phuoc

Phat Mau Temple, also known as Kim Dien Dia Mau, attracts visitors with its pristine and pure beauty, ideal for dispelling all the troubles of a vibrant city. To get to Phat Mau Pagoda, when moving to Highway 13 to Chon Thanh intersection, turn left in the direction of Tay Ninh about 8km.
 What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?  - Buddha TemplePhat Mau Temple attracts visitors with its unique architecture

Kim Dien Dia Mau worships the Mother Buddha who was in charge of Kim Ban. The pagoda has a spacious, majestic space and outstanding architecture with yellow and lapis lazuli. Although newly built in 2012, Phat Mau Pagoda quickly became a tourist attraction and was named the most beautiful temple in Binh Phuoc. 
 What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?  - What does Phat Mau Temple have?Inside the temple grounds, there is a large lotus pond

Inside the temple grounds, there is a blooming lotus pond that spreads its fragrance throughout the space, you can take a walk to breathe in the cool and relaxing lotus scent. When visiting this tourist destination , you can also admire the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha lying on his side, straightening his legs and resting his left hand on his thigh. What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?  - What does Phat Mau Temple have?Buddha statue inside Buddha Mau temple

2. Visit Tram Koi Garden Coffee shop

– Address: Pham Hong Thai Street (Old No. 8 Street), Chon Thanh, Binh Phuoc

If you are wondering what interesting things to do at Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc , you can go to the famous Tram Koi cafe on Pham Hong Thai street. The shop owns a green, cool and fresh natural space. Coming to Tram Koi Garden Coffee, you will admire the colorful koi pond, birds chirping. In terms of drinks, Tram Koi Garden Coffee serves a variety of cocktails, coffee, smoothies to snacks. This will definitely be the ideal destination to enjoy drinks, sightsee and relax in Chon Thanh.
 What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?  - Tram Koi coffeeTram Koi Garden Coffee has a fresh natural space
What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?  - Tram Koi coffeeThe lake and the green campus of the cafe
What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?  - beautiful Tram Koi coffeeDiners can enjoy drinks while watching the beautiful aquarium

3. Le La Car Cafe

– Address: Chon Thanh intersection towards Binh Long

And if you are looking for a new and unique place to have fun in Chon Thanh , then the Car cafe at Chon Thanh intersection is the ideal suggestion that you should not ignore. To get to the car cafe from Chon Thanh intersection, you go in the direction of Binh Long about 1km and you will see the shop on the left hand side. This cafe in Binh Phuoc attracts young people with deliciously prepared drinks and a wide variety of snacks. Some of the restaurant’s “cabinet” dishes that are loved by many diners include: Fish cake, roasted peanuts, dried squid, dried jam, beef jerky, pig ear cake…
 What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?  - Car cafeCar cafe has a unique design
What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?  - Famous Car cafeWide range of delicious drinks and snacks

Other popular tourist attractions in Binh Phuoc

In addition, you can also refer to some other famous places in Binh Phuoc such as: 

– Spiritual tourism : Binh Phuoc is famous for many beautiful spiritual places such as: Quang Minh Pagoda, Ba Ra mountain… beautiful majestic mountains.
 What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?  - Ba Ra mountainCheck-in Ba Ra mountain, Binh Phuoc. Photo: tripzone

– Experience community tourism : Besides beautiful places to visit, when you come to Binh Phuoc, you will also discover the unique culture of the S’tieng, M’nong, Khmer… experimenting with grazing cattle, harvesting agricultural products on the fields, weaving brocade, knitting, performing gongs. Besides, visitors also enjoy a lot of delicious dishes such as: Kitchen guard meat, grilled stream fish, soup, wild vegetables…

– Exploring tourism : Many famous tourist attractions in Binh Phuoc that you should not miss such as: Suoi Lam Lake, Mo Waterfall, Bu Dang Rubber Forest, Cat Tien National Park, Waterfall No. Standing waterfall, My Le eco-tourism area, Elephant waterfall, Soc Xiem tourist area, Bu Lach grassland, Soc Bom Bo, Bu Gia Map National Park …
 What does Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc have to do?  - rubber forestBeautiful virtual life in the rubber forest in Bu Dang. Photo: we25

Some experiences when going to Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc

After answering the question what is Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc playing , you should also refer to some useful experiences below:

– Chon Thanh is about 45km from the center of Binh Phuoc province, the most convenient way to reach Chon Thanh is by motorbike. You can go in the direction of QL13 about 1h10m to arrive. 

– You can travel to Binh Phuoc at any time of the year. However, before you go, you should check the weather forecast to be proactive about the time and have the most complete trip.

– When visiting spiritual places such as temples, you should pay attention to dress politely and discreetly. 

– In terms of food, you can enjoy a lot of delicious Binh Phuoc specialties in Chon Thanh such as: free-range pork, fried milk cicadas, cashew salad, lam rice, suckling pig… 

– If you want to stay overnight in Chon Thanh, you can choose some motels or budget hotels in the district center area. Room rates fluctuate around 150,000 VND / night.

So you already know what is the most interesting thing about Chon Thanh Binh Phuoc ? Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have the most perfect trip. In addition, you can refer to: Binh Phuoc travel experience . 

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