What month is the durian season? Delicious durian gardens in the West forgot the way back

If you are a durian believer, you will be very interested in which month of the durian season, how to choose the right sweet and fragrant durian, and make a plan to go to the Mekong Delta, and visit the durian gardens in the West. the apex of the apex”.

Durian is a typical fruit of our country, sweet, fatty, attractive color and loved by many people. Durian season is defined as the time when durians are ripe, racing to give off a strong fragrance, captivating many foodies. So what month is the durian season? When does it start and end? Let’s find out information about durian season with Vinlove, how to recognize, choose to buy delicious durian and remember the coordinates of the Western fruit gardens with the best durian in this article.

What month is the durian season - Enjoy durianEnjoy delicious durian on the spot. Photo: foody

What month is the durian season?

Our country is located in the tropical and subtropical monsoon climate zone, with abundant sunshine, abundant rainfall and high humidity. Durian is a tropical fruit tree, so it is very suitable for the climate and soil of our country. That is why the durian season will last throughout the year in many different provinces and regions. Durian harvest time will also correspond to each region and climatic conditions. As follows:

Durian season from March to May: The West harvests durian in the main season. At this time, the fruit, considered by many in Southeast Asia as the “king of fruits”, had a relatively low yield because of the limited planting area.

Durian season from April to July: Eastern provinces such as Dong Nai, Binh Thuan (Duc Linh) collect the main crop.

Durian season from May to July: provinces in the Southeast region such as Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc in the autumn of the main crop. But the harvest time in each locality also has differences. The areas of Phuoc Long, Binh Long and Loc Ninh will conduct collection earlier than Bu Dang, Dai Hoai, and Da Te.

Durian season from July to August: Dak Nong province has the main harvest season. In which, the area near Bu Dang is harvested at the earliest in July. The area with the latest harvest is Dak-mil, Cu-jut.

What month is the durian season - Durian bloomsFlowering durian. Photo: thegioicaygiong

Durian season from August to September: Dak Lak province harvests the main crop. Areas of Buon Ma Thuot, Krong Pack, Krong Nang harvest durian earliest. Krong Buk, E’Hleo regions harvest durian late.

Durian season from September to October: Gia Lai area collects durian in the main season.

Durian season from October to November: Bao Loc area harvests the main crop.

Durian season from November to March next year: durian gardens in the West harvest seasonally.

One note is that if you do not know what month the durian season is in each region, you will have to buy this specialty at a rather high price because it has just fallen in the off-season but the planting area is small.

What is special about the durian season in our country?

Those who are followers of this “thousands of people” fruit want to know exactly when to buy and enjoy the best durians. On the contrary, durian growers and sellers also refer to the needs of customers to see when people like to eat durian the most to predict and choose when to handle flowering in order to “win the winning season”. .

Which month is the durian season - HeavenHeaven for durian devotees. Photo: Kenhhomestay

Because each place has different characteristics of varieties such as Cai Mon durian , the seeds are flat, the rice is yellow in color and chicken fat is smooth, greasy, rich, the thicker the taste, the sweeter it is; Musang Kin durian in the Central Highlands has smooth, dark yellow rice, the rice fibers are linked together, two domestic varieties are chicken coop durian and bitter melon with extremely characteristic aroma, sweet taste and ring taste. , mild bitterness, once eaten, remember forever, so each growing area will have a different harvest season.

Which month is the durian season - different harvestsEach variety of durian will also have a different harvest season. Photo: Bach Hoa Xanh

On the other hand, durian will ripen sooner or later, depending on the soil and weather each year. Specifically, if the durian growing area experiences drought and little rain, that year’s durian season may start earlier because such climatic conditions cause the soil to dry quickly and stimulate early fruiting. On the contrary, if an area has prolonged rainstorms, cold weather and a slow dry season that makes the soil wet, the tree will bear fruit later. This is also the reason why the harvest season in some places starts 3 to 3.5 months later.

Ripe Durian - Ripe DurianRipe durian is delicious. Photo: Bachhoaxanh

Vietnam has two indigenous varieties of “fat durian” with a gray-white layer of rice like fat and “sugar durian” with a yellow layer of rice like cane sugar. Later, thanks to breeding and crossbreeding, durian varieties are now increasingly abundant. Most popular is the “seedless sugar durian” which is specially bred in Thailand and Vietnam. The advantage of this type is that the pulp is sweet, there are no seeds or seeds are reduced.

There are also many other durian varieties. The special thing is that durian varieties have different harvest seasons. If the Ri6 durian and Thai durian variety are planted at the same time, the Ri6 variety has a 25-30 days earlier harvest time than the Thai variety.

How to harvest and choose to buy durian in season

Once you know what month the durian season is , you also need to know some information about how to harvest and most importantly, how to choose the right durian to keep the full flavor of this king fruit. before enjoying.

What month is the durian season - Many gardens for comfortable sightseeingMany gardens are free to visit. Photo: Foody

Normally, gardeners will rely on the thorns of durian fruit, observing whether they have bloomed to know which fruit is young, which is old and ready to be picked. If you choose to buy a garden, please note this.

For those who plan to travel to Ben Tre , Tien Giang and want to eat durian right in the garden, you should choose to pick the fruit 2 days before it is ripe. This method will help you get delicious durian segments, ripe, drained, not mushy nor dry, but delicious to eat.

What month is the durian season - Durian Ri6Ri6 durian is famous for its delicious taste. Photo: Dong Thap link

For those who love durian and want to buy it to eat gradually or as a gift for relatives and friends after exploring the fruit gardens of Bay Thao, Nine Hong or Cai Be, they should pick it before the fruit is ripe 4-5 hours. day. This is a trick to help you have dry and soft, delicious durian rice while still transporting it safely, without softening or crushing the fruit.

Another point to keep in mind before you pick your own durian at the garden is to pick 5 cm from the mouth of the plate, so that when the stem has just fallen, it is beautiful. This is also the signal that the durian fruit is ripe at its best.

What month is the durian season - Delicious dishes from durianDelicious dishes from durian. Photo: @linhpigletgram

The enchanting ‘sanctuaries’ of durian in the West

1. Seven Thao Garden

Address: 236/92 Vinh Nam, Vinh Thanh, Lach market, Ben Tre

Phone number: 0917252529

Which month is the durian season - Check in at the Bay Thao gardenCheck-in at Bay Thao garden. Photo: FB Durian clean 7 Thao – Cai Mon

Bay Thao durian garden is located in Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach district. This place is about 40km northwest of Ben Tre city, located on the middle of Vinh Bac – Vinh Nam flower road. With a large amount of fruit, especially a large number of durians, Bay Thao garden is known as the kingdom of Cai Mon durian.

Fruit enthusiasts in general and durian in particular certainly cannot help but know about Bay Thao garden. As soon as you check in to the famous Ben Tre eco-tourism site, you will be satisfied with the land full of sweet and fragrant fruits, especially the scent of durian spreading throughout the garden if you come in the right season.

Durian season in months - Seven Thao GardenBay Thao garden is known as Cai Mon durian kingdom. Photo: FB Durian clean 7 Thao – Cai Mon

Bay Thao Garden for visitors to visit freely, free of charge. You can choose to pick durian to eat on the spot or buy it right at the garden as a gift (without traders or middlemen) at extremely affordable prices.

In addition to serving fresh fruit on the spot or weighing it in for take-out, the garden owner also serves lunch and dinner with delicious Ben Tre dishes that not everyone knows. From smashed banana cake, steamed coconut shrimp, coconut curd pancakes, banh khot, chicken porridge, chicken pot porridge with mushrooms and termites in season,… are all typical western dishes ready to serve you. guest.

What month is the durian season - another delicious dishIn addition to durian, there are many other fruits and delicacies. Photo: kenhhomestay

The garden also has an airy space, surrounded by cool fruit trees, creating a pleasant and relaxing feeling for visitors. In the middle of Bay Thao garden, there is also a fish pond where visitors can fish and prepare food on the spot.

2. Three Tiles Garden

Address: Phu Hiep hamlet, Vinh Binh commune, Cho Lach district, Ben Tre province.

Phone number: 0989721118

Ba Ngoi garden tourist area is also the addressprestigiousWestern durian gardenThis is one of the gardens that attracts many tourists to visit and enjoy specialties. Those who are hard fans of the king of tropical fruits cannot ignore the fragrant and fatty durians here.

Durian season in months - Ba Ngoi fruit garden.Durian at Ba Ngoi fruit garden. Photo: Vntrip

Ba Ngoi Garden has a very cool atmosphere because it is surrounded by the gentle Co Chien River and covered with green fruit trees, including mangosteen, rambutan and especially durian.

This summer, if you know which month is the durian season,  hurry up and visit the garden to enjoy the sweet and fatty durian fruits in the sunny but cool, pleasant garden of the garden country. Durian is sold at the garden depending on the time, but it is very cheap because it is a wholesale price, not through traders or middlemen.

What month is the durian season - Ba Ngoi fruit garden tourist area?Ba Ngoi fruit garden tourist area grows many durians. Photo: FB Helen Tran

Ticket price to visit the whole garden is 10k/person. If you choose to eat durian at the garden, you only need to pay by kg. If you stay until noon or afternoon, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the dishes of Western cuisine such as chicken porridge, river crayfish, pancakes,…

In addition to a fruit garden with dozens of different types of fruit in a peaceful and airy space, Ba Ngoi garden tourist area also has many tours to visit other landscapes and historical sites. In addition, there are other ecological destinations such as Phung island, Minh island, Nhan island. All promise for visitors to experience full enjoyment of sweet and fragrant fruits, fresh specialties of the river region.

3. Bao Thach garden eco-tourism area

Address: Tan Bac Hamlet, Tan Phu Commune, Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province

Phone number: 0968867242

Ben Tre not only has Bay Thao and Chin Hong gardens but also has a pretty famous name, known by many durian devotees. It is Bao Thach eco-tourism area .

Durian season in month - King of fruitsKing of tropical fruits. Photo: FB Doan Hai Yen

When you come to the garden, you will be welcomed very attentively with enthusiastic and happy guides. Right after that is a fruit buffet with many varieties such as rambutan, mangosteen, guava, plum and especially indispensable “king of tropical fruits”: durian. In addition, the garden also has a horse-drawn carriage to shuttle visitors for free and a list of attractive folk games integrated with homestay accommodation services for visitors at an extremely affordable price, only 120 thousand/room/night. .

With its own advantages of durian, especially the Cai Mon durian variety with flat seeds and thick, fragrant rice, this Ben Tre fruit garden has always won a lot of love from visitors. Once you have grasped the month of the durian season , let’s go to the West and stop at this attractive tourist destination to experience peaceful moments in the middle of the fruit-laden garden, enjoy the sweet and greasy durian. delicious intoxicating people. It will be an unforgettable trip for you and your close friends.

What month is the durian season - Like durian milkLike Cai Mon milk durian with flat seeds. Photo: Vinfruits

4. Cai Be Temple in Tien Giang Province

Address: Truong Cong Dinh, zone 2, Cai Lay district, Tien Giang province.

What month is the durian season - Golden durianThe durian is golden, the seeds are flat and the taste of cow’s milk is fragrant. Photo @hitomiquyen

More and more young people choose Cai Be – Tien Giang eco-tourism area, especially those who fall in love with the delicious and greasy taste of Cai Be durian.

About 70km from the center of Saigon city, the road to Cai Be street is quite easy because you just need to go through the Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong highway, then go straight and turn right through provincial road 878 (in the territory of the province. Tam Hiep commune, My Tho city, Tien Giang province, then continue to turn to National Highway 1A, straight towards Cai Be district, you will come right to the street of the same name.

What month is the durian season - FruitsуAll kinds of colorful fruits in Cai Be field. Photo: angiangtourism

Miet Luong Cai Be is considered one of the famous durian gardens in the West because it not only has Hoa Loc sand mangoes, Nam Roi pomelos, oranges, and honey oranges but also owns Ri 6 durian varieties and quartier durian varieties. precious, durian with lep seed milk originates from Cai Mon.

Eating durian here, you will enjoy and realize the difference in both taste and taste of durian compared to other regions. It is a sweet taste that lingers on the tip of the tongue, similar to the fatty aroma of milk, but not too strong and not unpleasant. This delicious dish has a high “addictive” level that makes anyone who has tried it once also want to eat it again and again.

What month is the durian season - Customers buy durianCustomers buy durian on Cai Be floating market. Photo: Ximgo

Depending on the time of the durian season, which month, the garden has many different prices for visitors to visit and eat durian. In the low season, the price to enter the garden is about 10,000 – 30,000 VND/person. In the peak season, the price can be increased to 50,000 VND/person. The price of Tam Loc fruit rib alone is about 30,000 – 50,000 VND/person because there are more types of durian for customers to choose from.

Come to the durian gardens in Cai Be garden to both enjoy the poetic scenery and enjoy eating or pick your own fruit at the garden to bring back as gifts for friends and relatives at extremely affordable prices. .

With the information in the article about the durian season in which months, the famous durian fruit gardens , Vinlove hopes you will have a memorable journey in the western durian country with the experience of “delicious eating and forgetting the way.” about” okay.

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