What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat? Check this list now!

The question “what should be prepared to travel to Da Lat?” It will not be a problem when you follow the article below!

The necessary items when traveling to Da Lat that you need to prepare

1. Identification papers

What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat? – the main answer is identification documents such as original ID / CCCD or passport, driver’s license, and notebook recording important addresses and phone numbers to contact in case the phone is lost or power down. This is something not only going to Dalat but when going to any land, items that you cannot forget.What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat?  - identificationIdentity and driver’s license are the most important

In addition, if traveling with your own vehicle, you must bring the vehicle’s vehicle license and road insurance. In Dalat, there are some points that will have incentives for students, so you can also bring student cards.

If you have children with you, you should bring the child’s birth certificate with you, but use a certified copy, as losing the original will be difficult to do again. Moreover, in some hotels in Dalat, if you share a room with a foreigner of the opposite sex, they will ask you to provide a marriage certificate, so always prepare a copy in advance. What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat?  - related documentsThe baby’s birth certificate and marriage certificate are also quite necessary

And especially note, these essential items when traveling to Dalat are extremely important, missing one is not good, so please be careful with them in a passport holder and always carry them with you and often. pay attention to avoid being lost.

2. Money and ATM card

The travel items to Dalat need to prepare, followed by money and ATM cards. In a trip to “foggy city” depending on the distance and the time to stop, you will have to spend from 1,500,000 VND to 5,000,000 VND. However, you do not need to bring too much cash to avoid loss or robbery, just bring enough to pay for travel to your booked accommodation about under 1,000,000 VND.

Then, visit ATMs located in downtown areas or near major tourist destinations to withdraw money to pay for food, entertainment and shopping. Above all, nowadays quite a lot of big stores have very convenient card payment services, so you don’t need to withdraw too much. What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat?  - ATM cardATM card is very important

3. Personal belongings

If you wonder “ what should I prepare to travel to Da Lat? “Then it is personal belongings such as brushes, toothpaste, combs, sunscreen, cleanser, face towels, towels and raincoats, hats, umbrellas. Usually motels, hotels or homestays have shower gel, soap and shampoo, but if you are used to using your things, you should also bring them, but remember to prepare a package, mini type or extract a small bottle.

If you are a woman, you should bring along with makeup remover, cotton remover, lotion, cosmetics, and familiar makeup items. As a man, bring cream and shaving equipment to always be neat and tidy.What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat?  - personal belongingsItems for living are also very important to bring

In case of traveling with children, bring essential items for the baby such as: bottles, special water bottles, underwear, diapers, baby pillows and favorite toys. Or go with a large group of close friends, bring the wandering rage or the werewolf deck for fun to bond with.

Other important items in Dalat travel are electronics such as: telephone, camera, music player, battery charger, backup battery charger, selfie stick. In addition, you can bring your tablet / laptop to the room for unexpected work, or video camera. Of course they should all be kept in a waterproof zip bag.What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat?  - electronic gadgetsElectronic equipment is very useful

If you intend to do a picnic on the mountain, bring tents, tarpaulins, speakers and climbing sticks. Coming to the place to buy some more food is “perfect”!

4. Medicines and medical supplies

Dalat is located in the highlands, the climate will be a bit cold, many people will not adapt, so cold medicines, stomach ache medicines, pain relievers, allergy medicine, motion sickness medicine, insect medicine, wind oil, personal state, hydrogen peroxide, digestive medicine, … and those who need to take long-term medicine should also bring it with them.

Of course, in the flower city, there will be no shortage of pharmacies or hospitals, but it is still necessary to prevent force majeure cases. So, if someone asks “what should I prepare to travel to Da Lat?” You should always answer medical supplies and medicine.What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat?  - medicineMedicines are equally important

5. Costumes

The equipment that needs to prepare to travel to Da Lat is indispensable anymore is the costume. Because this place has countless top-notch backgrounds, choosing Da Lat tourist outfit that is both suitable for the climate and beautiful is what many people are interested in.

Accordingly, if you go in the spring, you can wear long pants or long skirts with a hoodie or a sweater, but please “take” available thin sweaters, thin coats or scarves, because the weather is early in the morning. and the evening will be very cold.

Summer, you can comfortably “loose” with sleek skirts, with the letter A, dynamic jeans or shorts with croptop, “sexy” or a thin T-shirt. Add sunglasses that both let the sun shine and the cool “protruding” image again to put them off the table.What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat?  - summer outfitsComfortable active summers (Photo @tai ._. Ita)

Costumes to travel to Dalat in autumn are not too different from the summer, just add a few thin shirts to wear at night to prevent the cold. In winter, you must definitely have warm clothes such as thick coat, thick sweater, scarf, beanie, pants, gloves and socks.What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat?  - Winter outfitWinter clothes should be thick and warm (Photo @ iamducthien30)

In particular, Da Lat is a mountainous terrain, quite difficult to travel, so if you are wondering “what should I prepare to travel to Dalat? “Then definitely have to find the hills of sports shoes or flats that are not” determined “feet. 

As for the color of the outfit, you should choose elegant colors such as white, black, or a little vintage such as: brown, orange, red … make sure to take the picture “like distilled water”.What to prepare for traveling to Da Lat?  - vintage outfitsDalat is very suitable for vintage clothes (Photo @ rosy.hnn)

Hopefully the above suggestions can answer the question “ what should be prepared to travel to Da Lat? To you to have the most meaningful and memorable trip.

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