What’s there to do in Di An? Suggested 5 hottest destinations in Di An Binh Duong


Di An Binh Duong is located adjacent to Saigon, becoming an attractive destination for tourists with beautiful landscapes that fascinate people. So what’s the best place to go in Di An? Join vinlove to explore the hottest destinations in Di An city through the following article!

What is the most fun place to play in Di An? 

Thuy Chau ecological area, Binh An lake, Chau Thoi pagoda, Di An park, Vincom Di An are the answer to the question of what is the most fun and interesting place to play in Di An . Let’s start the journey to explore the beautiful scenery of Di An city!

1. Thuy Chau eco-tourism area  

– Address: No. 55, DT743A Street, Binh An Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province 

The most famous destination in Di An and also a super hot destination of Binh Duong tourism is Thuy Chau ecological area. The ecological area has a large area of ​​18 hectares and is surrounded by lakes and trees. Exploring the Thuy Chau ecological area, visitors will be immersed in the beautiful, peaceful and ancient natural scenery. Participate in many fun activities such as: Organizing a barbecue on the lawn, camping, cooling off in an artificial lake or going fishing for relaxation…

What is the most fun place to play in Di An?  - Thuy Chau ecological siteThuy Chau eco-tourism area is the top tourist attraction in Di An. Photo: mia 

With beautiful scenery and a location near Saigon, only about 30 minutes’ drive, Thuy Chau ecological area is an ideal destination for families with young children or groups of friends to have fun on weekends and holidays. So if you are looking for a place to have fun and relax with beautiful natural scenery, Thuy Chau ecological area is the number one choice today.

What is the most fun place to play in Di An?  - Thuy Chau ecological siteEnjoy checking-in to a beautiful virtual life at Thuy Chau ecological area. Photo: @sonnguyen88vt  

2. Binh An Lake   

What’s there to do in Di An? Binh An Lake is an ideal destination to live “slowly” and enjoy peaceful relaxing moments. This place has a beautiful natural space with vast rows of green trees surrounding the lake, creating a beautiful scene like a watercolor painting. The most impressive thing about Binh An Lake is the rustic leaf-roofed huts and blooming flower beds.

What is the most fun place to play in Di An?  - Binh An lakeBeautiful and poetic scenery of Binh An lake. Photo: ivivu

Exploring the beautiful scenery of Binh An Lake, visitors can walk around the lake, enjoy a cup of coffee and admire the scenery to dispel all the noise of daily life. Let’s follow the small road to see houses made of leaves roofed according to the architecture of the Central Highlands ethnic people. Visitors can stay overnight at Binh An Lake with many simple room services made from leaves and enjoy the specialties here.

What is the most fun place to play in Di An?  - Binh An lakeSuper beautiful virtual living corner at the poetically beautiful Binh An lake. Photo: @_.realll_nhu  

3. Chau Thoi Pagoda   

– Address: Binh An Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province

Referring to famous tourist destinations in Di An Binh Duong, one cannot ignore Chau Thoi Pagoda . This very sacred and famous pagoda in Di An is located on Chau Thoi mountain, attracting tourists with its extremely magnificent beauty. Chau Thoi Pagoda is 82m above sea level and stands out with its ancient architecture and pure natural scenery.

What is the most fun place to play in Di An?  - Chau Thoi pagodaChau Thoi Pagoda is a spiritual place that attracts tourists in Binh Duong. Photo: phatminhle_

During Tet holidays, the pagoda attracts a large number of tourists to sightsee and worship and pray. To get to Chau Thoi Pagoda, visitors need to walk more than 200 steps or can go by motorbike. From the top of the pagoda, visitors will have a panoramic view of the beautiful surrounding scenery and a sparkling virtual check-in.

What is the most fun place to play in Di An?  - Chau Thoi pagodaPure natural scenery at Chau Thoi Pagoda. Photo: baotrannn99 

4. Di An Park

– Address: No. 9, Di An ward, Di An town, Binh Duong 

If you still don’t know what the most interesting things to do in Di An , then Di An park is a suggestion that you should not miss. This is a small campus with a quiet, cool and fresh natural setting. The park is planted with many trees, bringing a cool and fresh atmosphere.

What is the most fun place to play in Di An?  - Di An parkVast scene at Di An park, Binh Duong. Photo: Facebook. Administrative Park – Di An City

Di An Park is a place where people exercise in the morning. This is also the ideal for many groups of friends to organize fun activities, sing and dance. Coming to Di An park, you will be able to play rollerblading, sing karaoke and have car rental service for children… This promises to be an extremely interesting nightlife spot that you should not miss when coming to Di An. An.

What is the most fun place to play in Di An?  - Di An parkDi An Park is a destination that attracts tourists on weekends. Photo: diadiembinhduong   

5. Vincom Di An 

– Address: No. 3, DT743 Street, Tan Dong Hiep Ward, Di An Town

Vincom Di An is a famous entertainment place in Di An that many young people choose when coming to Binh Duong . Coming to Vincom Di An, visitors will enjoy shopping for all kinds of products from famous brands. Enjoy the unique cuisine of many countries such as Thailand, Korea, Japan…

What is the most fun place to play in Di An?  - Vincom Di AnVincom Di An is the leading entertainment and shopping destination in Di An. Photo: vincom

In particular, Lotte Cinema with romantic movies or blockbusters promises to be a top destination for couples or groups of friends. For families with young children, you cannot miss the children’s play area TiniWorld, with games that help children develop their talents as well as their thinking and physical ability. At Vincom Di An there are also beautiful and genuine virtual living corners. 

What is the most fun place to play in Di An?  - Vincom Di AnChildren’s play area at Vincom Di An. Photo: tiniworld 

Famous tourist destinations in Di An Binh Duong 

When you know what Di An has to offer , you can also “pocket” other famous places in Binh Duong such as: 

– Visit Binh Duong ceramic village to learn about the ceramic making process and buy ceramics as gifts. 

– Visit Ba Binh Duong Pagoda to admire the beautiful, peaceful scenery and pray for good luck. 

– Travel to Dau Tieng Lake in Binh Duong to sightsee, camp and check-in for virtual living. 

– Have fun at Thanh Le water park in Binh Duong. 

– Enjoy fresh fruit at Lai Thieu garden in Binh Duong. 

Surely when you read this far, you already know what Di An has to offer for fun and the most interesting experiences, right? Hopefully the above sharing will help you choose for yourself the most beautiful destinations in Di An Binh Duong. 

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