Where should you go in Phat Lai Chau, what is the most interesting thing to do?


There is no need for beautiful, romantic beaches, or modern entertainment areas, but Lai Chau is always a favorite stop for many tourists. Because of the wild beauty of the mountains, the forests of banyan flowers, blooming wild sunflowers, or the winding and dangerous passes, that is what attracts many backpackers to Lai Chau tourism. And if you are wondering where to go to Lai Chau, don’t ignore these suggestions. 

Do you know where to go in Lai Chau?

1. Hiking in Si Thau Chai

If you are a lover of discovery, love to learn new things in  Lai Chau culture, Sin Thau Chai will be the ideal stopover. Although this is only a small village of the Dao ethnic people, with a population of only over 60 households, the atmosphere here is always bustling. Coming to Si Thau Chai, visitors can not only immerse themselves in the fresh air, with poetic natural landscapes, but also learn about the lives of the people here, and enjoy delicious dishes and specialties. attraction of the highlands. Therefore, Si Thau Chai tourism is also the answer to the question  of where to go to Lai Chau  .Where should you go in Lai Chau?  Si Thau Chai - An attractive tourist destination in Lai ChauDiscover Si Thau Chai

2. Travel to Pu Sam Cap cave complex

Among the most popular tourist destinations in Lai Chau, the Pu Sam Cap cave complex is the most mentioned name and this place was once known as the ‘Northwest first cave’. Therefore, exploring Lai Chau without spending time visiting Pu Sam Cap is a pity. It is known that currently in this cave complex, there are two most popular tourist reception areas: Thien Mon Cave and Thien Duong cave. When exploring these 2 caves, you will find inside are rows of magical stalactites, with many different unique shapes. Combined with the electric lights, creating more shimmer, fanciful and mystery for the cave. Besides, this cave complex is also associated with many interesting legends and only when you come here you will understand.Where should you go in Lai Chau?  Pu Sam Cap - Famous tourist destination in Lai ChauThe shimmering, fanciful beauty in the Pu Sam Cap cave complex

3. Hike to the top of Pu Ta Leng

One more choice if you do not know how to travel in Lai Chau, you should go somewhere to the top of Pu Ta Leng. With a convenient location, located only about 20km from the city center, it is very easy to move. The peak of this Pu Ta Leng mountain is 3049m high, which is the goal of many backpackers when they want to conquer it. On the way to the top of Pu Ta Leng mountain, visitors will discover nature with rich and diverse flora, and see the beauty of wildflowers blooming especially azaleas. Climbing to the top, from high above to bring your eyes to the car, you will be able to see the full beauty of the impressive miniature Lai Chau. All these experiences, leave memorable memories for visitors to see.Where should you go in Lai Chau?  Pu Ta Leng - Famous tourist destination in Lai ChauConquering the legendary Pu Ta Leng peak

4. Going to O Quy Ho Pass

Lai Chau with many famous landmarks, and in which, it is impossible not to mention O Quy Ho pass. This pass is located in a unique position, between the two provinces of Lai Chau and Lao Cai, winding around the Hoang Lien mountain range – Where the peak of Fansipan mountain is known as the roof of Indochina. Coming here, you will find this pass is quite dangerous, but it is that danger that attracts many adventure-loving backpackers to conquer O Quy Ho. There will be nothing more wonderful when you can discover the beauty of O Quy Ho, experience the downhill, and live virtual with many “divine” shooting angles. And that is also an option when you do not know where to go in Lai Chau, what to play?Where should you go in Lai Chau?  O Quy Ho Pass - Famous tourist destination in Lai ChauSee the beauty of O Quy Ho pass from above

5. Hiking Sin Ho Plateau

Located not too far from the city center, only about 60km, Sin Ho plateau is also a favorite stop for many tourists. Because this place is likened to the second Sapa of the Northwest mountains, with a cool year-round temperature of only about 18 degrees Celsius, visitors can travel to Sin Ho plateau at any time of the year. Exploring this beautiful plateau, visitors can not only enjoy the cool sea of ​​​​clouds floating, watch the winding terraced fields, discover the unique highland culture, but also enjoy the endless scenery. many delicious dishes, Lai Chau specialties too. In general, Sin Ho plateau is great entertainment and tourist attraction in Lai Chau that tourists must visit at least once.Where should you go in Lai Chau?  Sin Ho Plateau - Tourist places in Lai ChauExperience hunting clouds in Sin Ho plateau

6. Going on a trip to Tan Uyen tea hill

Many of you are wondering where to go to Lai Chau to have the most interesting experience?  So what do you think of a green tea hill, romantic natural landscape, an ideal destination for virtual check-in? Tan Uyen tea hill is the stop that luhanhvietnam wants to mention. This tea hill is quite long, about 50 years old, with an area of ​​up to 2,000 hectares, so you can comfortably walk and explore. Arriving at the tea hill, you will see that there are many young people looking for a beautiful angle, even many couples choose this place to save their wedding photos for a lifetime. In addition, when you come to Tan Uyen tea hill, don’t forget to enjoy delicious cups of tea, famous throughout the country. Guaranteed the taste of Tan Uyen fresh tea will make visitors remember forever.Where should you go in Lai Chau?  Tan Uyen Tea Hill - A tourist destination in Lai ChauCheck-in virtual living in Tan Uyen tea hill

7. Traveling to Bach Moc Luong Tu

Known as one of the 5 highest mountains in Lai Chau, with an altitude of 3,045m above sea level, this Bach Moc Luong Tu mountain is a favorite destination of many backpackers. Especially those who love adventure, love to explore and like to challenge themselves. Although Bach Moc Luong Tu is not the highest mountain, it possesses an impressive road and beautiful natural landscape, making many tourists come here fascinated.Where should you go in Lai Chau?  Bach Moc Luong Tu - Tourist places in Lai ChauConquering Bach Moc Luong Tu

Above are the great suggestions that Vinlove wants to share with everyone. Hopefully, this information will help you get the answer to where to go to Lai Chau so that you can have a lot of fun and memorable experiences and memories. Wish your trip safe and smooth!

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