Where to go at Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City?

Where to go at Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City? Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 falls on a Saturday, so families can consider taking their children out for a full day at the following interesting places.

No need to worry too much about where to go for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon has many places to play Mid-Autumn Festival that not only attracts children but also adults, especially boys and girls who love to check in.

Luong Nhu Ngoc Lantern Street

Luong Nhu Ngoc Lantern Street has long become a familiar address for Saigon people every Mid-Autumn Festival. This street is the largest place selling lanterns in Saigon because most of the Chinese community in Ho Chi Minh City live here. Walking along the road, you will be mesmerized when you see all kinds of lanterns of various colors, shapes and styles.

In addition, the Chinese have a great custom of eating the Mid-Autumn Festival, so the atmosphere here is extremely bustling.

Where to go on Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City?The beauty of Luong Nhu Hoc lantern street certainly does not disappoint you.

Because it is a famous Mid-Autumn festival in Saigon, Luong Nhu Hoc lantern street is always quite crowded right from the beginning of the holiday season. If you intend to visit lantern street, be careful with the situation of jostling, pushing, creating opportunities for bad guys to take advantage. In addition, when choosing a suitable check-in place, don’t forget to buy some lanterns there, both as props and help the shop owner be happier when you take pictures.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is an attractive entertainment destination in every holiday. Located right in the city center, this neighborhood attracts a lot of young people who love the bustle to visit. Especially, on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street becomes more splendid than ever when it is dressed in colorful lanterns, decorated along the road.

Besides, the bustling music from street bands and interesting toy stalls such as glowing bracelets, gyroscopes, etc. make the neighborhood more joyful and bustling.

Ho Chi Minh City Children’s House

Every year, on each occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Ho Chi Minh City Children’s House will organize many interesting activities to welcome the night of the full moon festival. Therefore, for families with young children who are still wondering where to go during the Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City, this will be a good choice.

Here, the children will be able to watch music and dance performances, see the plays of Uncle Cuoi and Ms. Hang, participate in breaking the feast and play childhood games.

Starlight Bridge – Crescent Lake

Where to go on Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City?  - Photo 2.

Starlight Bridge becomes an ideal place to watch the moon for couples and families.

Starlight Bridge in District 7 will be the right choice for those who like to immerse themselves in nature or the scene is not too noisy and crowded. Starlight Bridge has an open space, the scene of “dyed” night lights for Crescent Lake looks very romantic. For that reason, this place attracts many couples and families to visit and take a walk. Especially, on the Mid-Autumn Festival night, you and your family can fully enjoy the full moon shimmering, fanciful right from the lake.

White Rabbit Park

One of the places to play the Mid-Autumn Festival for free in Saigon that many families choose is White Rabbit Park – Saigon’s festival paradise. On holidays such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, this place is meticulously decorated with eye-catching and unique themes that both adults and children enjoy. In addition, at the White Rabbit Park, the children can also enjoy playing many different games.

On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the park also performed many exciting performances such as circus, magic, music, lion dance, lantern procession, etc. with the appearance of Ms. Hang, Uncle Cuoi, and the White Rabbit mascot. . Therefore, this will be one of the most suitable Mid-Autumn Festival venues for families with young children.

big shopping mall

Large commercial centers such as AEON Mall, Crescent Mall, Vincom, Takashimaya – Saigon Center… are places where many families and young people come every Mid-Autumn Festival. They score points thanks to their central location, ease of movement, and investment in decoration.

Where to go on Mid-Autumn Festival in Ho Chi Minh City?  - Photo 3.

Large shopping centers are brightly decorated, which is a favorite place to play the Mid-Autumn Festival.

In large commercial centers on this occasion, from the front of the lobby to the inside, they are filled with Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere with lanterns, lotus flowers, lovely stuffed animals… In addition, the moon cake stalls are also very diverse. format so that the family can choose to buy as a gift or enjoy.

Dam Sen Park – Suoi Tien

On the occasion of the full moon festival, both cultural parks become extremely bustling and crowded. Everywhere is decorated with colorful lanterns and there are many fun activities to attract children.

Some interesting activities can be mentioned such as lion dance, art with Ms. Hang, watching Uncle Cuoi’s play… Children can watch the parade, take pictures, participate in the lantern procession, break the feast and receive gifts from the children. Exciting game here. In addition, every year these parks also offer gifts or free participation in some games for children.

Walking around the church, parish

On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, walking to churches and parishes is an interesting choice for those who are looking for a unique place to hang out. Depending on the size and area, the churches will be decorated in accordance with the holiday atmosphere, you are free to take pictures “virtual life” without worrying about “touching”.

Some churches you can refer to for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Saigon are: Notre Dame Cathedral, Redemptorist Church, Tan Dinh Church, Pham The Hien parish, Go Vap religious village…

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