Wild sunflowers bloom in the suburbs of Da Lat


LAM DONG – The golden scenery and peaceful rhythm of the wild sunflower season in the suburban districts of Da Lat attract tourists.

Nguyen Van Quang, 31 years old, self-proclaimed “a person who is in love with Da Lat flower seasons” has just had a trip to enjoy and take photos in the wild sunflower season. He checked-in in the middle of the road of wild sunflowers stretching in Tu Tra commune, Don Duong district, one of the favorite places to photograph flowers.

The wild kneeling nestled in the fields of the people in Tu Tra commune becomes the
ideal photography backdrop.

Another famous flower hill is located in Hiep An commune, Duc Trong district.

The scene of daily life in Hiep An commune in the middle of the blooming season gives visitors a sense of peace.

This season in Da Lat, the yellow color of wild sunflowers appears in every corner, from
the hillsides to the corners around the small road, on the
lakeside, the fence or next to the pine forest…

Purple wildflowers surround the wild sunflowers.

“Winter flowers” only bloom from October to early December. Quang said the flowers usually bloom 2-3 times and then fade quickly, so guests take advantage of this occasion to check-in.

Wild anemone is also called chrysanthemum, painted anemone belongs to the daisy family, has a deep yellow color, has
a rural character and stretches out to welcome the cold sun at the end of the year.

Thuy Kieu, from Ho Chi Minh City, loves the beauty of this flower. Wild sunflower season in places in Lam Dong province has an altitude of over 1,000 m, although it does not last long, but it is enough for those who love the wild yellow space to find it.

The rainy season in the plateau has just ended and wild sunflowers bloom, an
inspiration for photographers.

Nhat Nguyen, from Binh Duong, goes to the mountain town to take pictures every season of wild sunflowers, saving beautiful memories. In order to successfully photograph wild sunflowers, visitors need to find out information as well as shooting locations from the natives and photographers in Da Lat.

“There is nothing more interesting than riding a bicycle in the early morning, breathing
in the fresh air on the plateau filled with bright yellow flowers,” Quang felt.

Photo: Nguyen Van Quang