Wild sunflowers dyed yellow on the outskirts of Da Lat


LAM DONG – Many suburbs of Da Lat in the early days of the dry season are dyed bright yellow with wild sunflowers, attracting many tourists.

Wild sunflowers begin to bloom all over the hillsides of Lam Vien plateau at the end of November. In the Elephant Mountain area, on the outskirts of Da Lat city in Hiep An commune, Duc Trong district, wild sunflowers dye the entire hillside yellow.

The yellow color of wild sunflowers mixed with the green color of pine hills creates a more poetic scene for Da Lat.

Wild sunflowers are wildflowers that grow easily, so they are found almost everywhere in the Central Highlands. Areas with many wild sunflowers include Da Lat, Duc Trong, Don Duong, Di Linh, and Bao Loc.

“When Da Lat is concreted, it is difficult to find wild sunflower hills, but in the suburbs it is easier to find them,” said Ms. Hang, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City.

The roads to the fields of local people in the Duc Trong district have become check-in points for tourists when looking for this year’s wildflower season.

Visitors can cycle through red dirt roads filled with yellow wildflowers.

Wild sunflowers bloom all over the hillside next to a romantic wooden house and a poetic lake in Duc Trong district.

Many photography enthusiasts also find inspiration in the “Da Lat winters” season. “Every year in the wild sunflower season, I take out my camera to compose,” said photographer Sang Da Lat. He said that this year he liked the wild sunflower hillsides “woven into a vibrant golden weave” best at the foot of Elephant Mountain.

Wild sunflowers bloom yellow next to the vegetable garden of a farmer in Hiep An commune, Duc Trong district.

A person fishing in the middle of the lake, above bright yellow wild sunflowers.

Wild sunflowers at the foot of Elephant Mountain bloom most beautifully in late November and early December. From Da Lat city, tourists can follow Momisa Pass through the toll station along Highway 20 or from Lien Khuong airport, they can follow Lien Khuong – Da Lat is about 10 km.

Photo,Video: Internet