Year of the Tan Suu, go to Nghi Loan buffalo market – Fair fair

She greeted: “The female buffalo is 14 months old, the husband’s family is free, his buttocks are big, he does the breed very well.” The guest stood watching for a while, then picked up the buffalo’s rope and lifted his nose to see if the teeth were even, worn or not, the teeth were buffalo eating well, healthy …

7am the market starts to winter. On the empty land of about 1,000 square meters, people and buffalo stand alternating, leveling like a map – Photo: DO QUANG TUAN HOANG

Vietnamese people have a saying “Honestly can also drive a buffalo” with the exact opposite meaning. Well, I went back to the forest to see how to drive the Tày people’s buffalo.

Buffalo and buffalo market in Nghi Loan commune , Pac Nam district, Bac Kan province is located in a valley of Dinh village and Khuoi On village, about 500m from provincial road 258B, so it is very convenient for traveling and gathering goods.

Six o’clock in the morning, the whole large area was noisy. Cars run, honk loudly. Tay, Hmong, Dao, Vietnamese … chirping. The sound of buffaloes squeaking, cows pummeled … People, vehicles, and things flowed down and emerged from all over the flat land of 2,000 square meters in prime location.

Parking is packed with cars with payload from 2.4 tons to 10 tons with license plates of Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang, Hung Yen, Thanh Hoa, Bac Giang, Hanoi, Nghe An …

This is the largest market selling buffaloes and cows in the region. Each trading session is from 400 to 500 buffaloes and cows, many sessions up to a thousand heads. But the number of cows only accounts for about ¼. Simply because the people here are most of the Tay, the inhabitants of the country. But plowing and harrowing the water field is nothing like a buffalo.

Even so, they often say “buffalo is versatile.” Because of that, Nghi Loan market sells both buffaloes and cows, but it is often called buffalo market.

7am, the market started to winter. On the clearing of about 1,000 m2, the rows of concrete piles, wooden piles, and bamboo poles look like a map. The owner of the buffalo just chooses the position that leads the buffalo to tie it, throws them to hold the grass and then waits for the customer.

Ms. Ly Thi Chung (right) from Khuoi Ut village, Nghi Loan commune – Photo: DO QUANG TUAN HOANG

Ly Thi Chung from Khuoi Ut village, Nghi Loan commune, Pac Nam district, Bac Kan province and her younger brother took four buffaloes to the market. Her smiling mouth, soft-spoken, her temperament, she came to the market at seven and she had a customer right away.

She greeted: “The female buffalo is 14 months old, the breeder’s family is free, her buttocks are big, she does very well.” The guest stood and looked at for a while, then picked up the buffalo’s rope and lifted his nose to see if the teeth were smooth, worn out, and the buffalo’s teeth were healthy and eating; squeeze the nose and then a moment and then release the hand to see if the buffalo breathes evenly, is not deep, the buffalo breathes sharply, the wheezing is weak; then pat the back, butt, and taper the tail to look carefully to the ass to see if the buffalo defecated or broken.

I agree, then laughed:

– How much do you sell?

– 25 million.

– Cut it off!

– Distributing 25 selling price 21, giving him five hundred (thousand dong) less for comfort.

There was nothing to complain about, so the buyers smiled brightly and the two sides shook hands to count the money. The buyer who was quick to buy in ten minutes was Mr. Dang Phu Hien, from Tri Doi village, Yen Lac commune, Nguyen Binh district, Cao Bang province to the market to buy buffalo and breed them.

After paying the money, he took the buffalo to the market gate to have a car owner hired to rent it home for 500,000 VND.

Choose a buffalo like that, the beautiful ending is shaking hands, counting money – Photo: DO QUANG TUAN HOANG

Contrary to the quick shopping atmosphere of Hien, Chung, when I went to a crowd at the end of the market, the atmosphere was very tense. A buffalo owner paid 45 million VND, but only paid 35 million VND.

He shouted: “Oh, 35 will die. This buffalo was raised, it was not like they kept it in captivity.”

Another group of people bargained for themselves:

– How much does this child sell?

– 29.

– 25.

– Further.

– 500 more.

– Oh, how much effort to raise livestock.

– Out of price!

– 24.

– Is not.

Arriving at another group, it was just when the boss was full of praise for his male buffalo:

– Tall, handsome, well-eaten, well plowed, big thigh, big butt, and round.

– 25 (customer pays).

– 25, you keep searching all this market to see if there is any beautiful child, then ask me to buy it. The family needs money to sell, but the buffalo is young, the teeth are a little worn out (when the buffalo is two years old, the teeth change – NV). True 27 counting money.

– Spend two hundred car bills!

– What are you doing with two hundred guys?

– OK. Play.

The owner of the buffalo holding the most breathtaking fall in the market that I witnessed was Mr. Dung Van Ngai, from Phja Đeng village, Nghi Loan commune, Pac Nam district, Bac Kan province. His family has two rice fields (2,000m2) so he raises four buffaloes for plowing, harrowing and breeding.

On free days, the buffaloes were just sent up the hill to feed weeds. At night, they fed more straw, corn leaves, and elephant grass in the evening. Buffalo should drop healthy, hunt meat, alert. This 12-month-old male buffalo is “buying a mother to bring up a baby”. It takes so much effort to be sold, so it is no wonder he goes out in the afternoon.

Buyers walking around the market, like any buffalo, look carefully from the teeth, nose, buttocks, shape … to the faeces to evaluate the health of the buffalo – Photo: DO QUANG TUAN HOANG

Contrary to that attitude, whoever is a merchant knows immediately. They eat loudly, trade loudly and never say affectionate words about their buffaloes. There was a man who sold five buffaloes at a time, but each declared “to sell losses for luck, the next session to make up for them.”

The person who greeted the buffalo to the guests was only brief: “There is no disease.” When I agreed to sell, I said: “Hey, take them home! Give them two hundred perks. I still went to the market, but you didn’t worry. The more open-minded person will give the price: “23 million, play, take a million less, you will go eat duck now.”

12 o’clock, the sun shines heavily, the ground is wet with urine, buffalo and cow manure, the stronger the smell is. The people walked the buffaloes and cows back to the village, the bridger led them to the truck, then loaded them back and forth.

Mr. Hoang Van Huu, from My Phuong commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province. 34 years old and 10 years old in the business of trader, daily collecting buffaloes and cows from different places to put them in barns to fatten and then turn around the regional markets and drive cars to sell.

In this session, he brought up 20 buffaloes and cows to sell. He said: “The highest price is 65 million, the lowest is 11 and a half million.” He was gleefully with two colleagues promoting the role of a few more people into the restaurant.

They are young local people who come to the market to make storks, take buffaloes and cows, point, bargain, count money to help buffalo and cow owners and whoever pays whatever money is up to them. They used to go to the market to watch buffaloes and cows, to watch people buy and sell.

The buffalo with the Tay is a universal animal

Research Loan buffalo and cow market meets five days a session, on 3, 8, 13, 18, 23 and 28 of the lunar month.

But usually from 10 o’clock the previous day, the traders from far away drove a truck to carry the buffaloes and cows so that people and animals could rest and prepare for the most important day of the week. Food stalls, inns, rows of grass have also been crowded since.

This is an important wholesale market in Bac Kan province and the whole region, normally the amount of cattle traded in the market is concentrated in many places, but mainly in the districts and neighboring districts like Ba Be. , Ngan Son and neighboring provinces such as Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang.

Buyers take a close look to evaluate the health of the buffalo. Photo: DO QUANG TUAN HOANG

In recent years, many traders also buy buffaloes and cows from markets selling large buffaloes and cows in the north such as: Tong Cot (Cao Bang), Meo Vac (Ha Giang) … and resell them at Nghi Loan market. Most of the buffaloes and cows sold in the market will be brought to a professional slaughterhouse to supply meat to many provinces and cities such as Thai Nguyen, Hanoi, Nam Dinh, Lang Son …

Traders who buy buffaloes and cows are also from lowland provinces such as Thai Nguyen, Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Nam Dinh, Hai Phong …


Research Loan buffalo and cow market is one of the largest-scale markets in the northern mountainous region with the average flow of buffaloes and cows ranging from 400 to 500 heads per session, January and December. The largest volume is because people buy meat for Tet holiday. In many sessions, the volume of buffaloes and cows for transactions is up to thousands.

Like the Vietnamese, considering the buffalo as an inheritance, the Tày people choose to buy buffalo, raise buffalo and take care of the buffalo very carefully. They have very unique indigenous knowledge.

Mr. Hoang Van Vo in Phja Đeng village, Nghi Loan commune is a person who specializes in fattening buffaloes and cows, earning several hundred million VND per year. Everyday, he goes to the village in the district to find and buy buffaloes and cows from families that have buffaloes and cows but lack manpower to raise livestock or need money, so he is forced to sell.

He also went to fair markets in the neighboring provinces of Cao Bang and Tuyen Quang to find and buy buffaloes and cows. After raising for about 5-7 months of fattening, selling each animal can make a profit from 10 million to 15 million, if the export can be exported to China, the price is even higher. Each year, if you have experience and hard work, you can raise four litters of buffaloes and cows.

In terms of breeding, according to him, a good buffalo is: long body (long body), black hair, four spikes, regular horns, long tail and bushy tip, tapered belly, jackfruit ears, table bottom (round ), four toes are tight, teeth are even.

A buffalo has such standards, it is good breed, easy to raise, strong plow, sun-resistant, water-resistant and can be sold at a good price. A Tay proverb says about choosing a breeder buffalo is a few odd batches far away from the court (The female buffalo chooses the big belly).

When using it, a few trees split the tree, a few batches to nà pàn (male buffalo plows wet fields, and the female buffalo plows dry fields). Want pure buffalo, proficient, must Phac a few words on mup (Vuc buffalo since he was young).

During buffalo raising, if they get sick, people apply many folk remedies to trees and leaves picked from the forest to treat buffaloes. Buffalo infected with cholera (herbal medicine), take a few garlic bulbs and a handful of vegetables, crushed, mix with water for buffalo to drink.

Buffaloes with maggots boil, then they feed the leaves to crush them with salt or ask the master or healer to remove maggots from the buffalo (young plums). When a buffalo drinks water from a stream, is squeezed into the nose by a small squeeze (peeking), the buffalo will itch and lose blood from being stung. In order to treat it, the buffalo is pulled up and then poured the water from the nose to plow. Peeking too much to crawl out according to the sneezing of the buffalo.

When the buffalo is injured and the wound becomes infected, the Tày people take the pulp of the cotton tree (leaf-turning tree) and sprinkle it on the spot when it is snuggling, then the floods come out by themselves, the wound quickly heals.

The Tay people raise their buffalo to plow, plow and give fertilizer. They work in wet fields. In many places, the fields are indented (deep, muddy, and muddy) so only a buffalo can plow. In addition, the buffalo is also reserved. Therefore, the Tay people often say “buffalo is omnipotent” in their life.

On the occasion of New Year’s Eve, the Tày people often invite the Buddha to pray for the family’s rich and precious flowers, one of the criteria is: Flinging the wadding away / throwing a few words (Raising of chickens and ducks full of yard / Raising cattle are full of barns).

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