Yen Minh pine forest – camping spot in the rocky plateau

HA GIANG – Coming to Yen Minh pine forest, in addition to enjoying the fresh air, visitors can participate in picnic activities, camping overnight…

About 100km east of Ha Giang city center, along Highway 4C Can Ty running through 3 communes Bach Dich, Na Khe and Lao Va Chai, Yen Minh pine forest will appear before visitors’ eyes. Here, pine trees are planted as vast as artificial forests stretching from Na Khe commune to Yen Minh town, with a total area of ​​98 hectares.

The peaceful scene of the pine forest area of ​​Na Khe commune.
The peaceful scene of the pine forest area of ​​Na Khe commune. Photo: Pham Hoan

In the early mornings when the mist still covers the forest, in the chilly morning air, Yen Minh will surprise visitors like walking in the middle of the pine forest in Da Lat.

Those who love peace can take a walk on the red dirt road, or sit and relax on the green grass to enjoy a relaxing moment, immersing in nature.

This place is also an ideal place for tourists who love to take pictures, especially in the early morning, when the sun shines through the leaves of the pine forest creating a picturesque scene. Or when the sunset falls, the remaining rays of the sun on the foliage give this place a picture of a peaceful sunset amidst the majestic mountains and forests of Ha Giang.

Many tourists choose Yen Minh pine forest as a camping spot.
Many tourists choose the Yen Minh pine forest as a camping spot. Photo: Pham Hoan

The pine forest is also a destination for fun and picnic activities, such as camping, enjoying outdoor parties, sitting around with family and friends.

Recently, the communes in the area have had many solutions to conserve and exploit strengths from pine forests to develop tourism. In particular, Na Khe commune is developing pine forest eco-tourism associated with the experience of the seedless persimmon area. Thereby, helping visitors have more new and attractive experiences, effectively exploiting the potential of the locality.

Yen Minh pine forest is a tourist attraction.
Yen Minh pine forest is a tourist attraction. Photo: Pham Hoan

Some notes when coming to the pine forest: visitors should wear low shoes for convenience when traveling; You should learn about the weather before the trip to avoid the rain and bad weather.

For picnic activities, and organizing meals, you should prepare food before you go. If any dish needs to be cooked, it is best to cook it at home or bring a travel gas stove, but it is necessary to pay attention to safety and keep the landscape clean.

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