Young people eagerly check in the romantic purple cypress flower season in the heart of Hanoi

The field of purple cypress flowers in the Long Bien flower meadow is becoming a virtual living coordinate loved by many young people.

Hanoi in late autumn and early winter has a dreamy and sweet beauty because the scent of flowers is everywhere. In the past few days, Hanoi’s youth not only eagerly invited each other to “hunt for photos” in the season of bright yellow wild sunflowers or the pristine daisies garden, but the dreamy purple cypress flower field is also the coordinate that the association loves to live. virtual welcome.

The place not to be missed is the extremely large purple cypress flower field in Thach Cau (Long Bien), about 15km from the city center, equivalent to 20-30 minutes of travel. This is not a new place, but every season when flowers bloom, many young people do not mind going far away to have fun and take pictures on the weekend.

Every year, from the beginning of November to the end of December, the cypress fields bloom, becoming a great photo spot. That flower originates from Asia, is widely distributed in India, and is grown a lot in Vietnam.

Cypress flowers usually have 3 prominent colors: dark purple, pink and white. Besides, this flower also has many different names such as: day-blooming flower, Thien Kim Hong, Bach Nhat Hong, Thien Nhat Hong, Ao dai, …

In the cool atmosphere of autumn, the flower carpet is in its most beautiful period with vibrant purple and pink colors that stand out in the whole area, making many people fall in love. An extremely poetic scene, it is not too strange when young people, especially flower lovers eagerly flock to this place to take pictures to check-in.

Young people eagerly check-in the romantic cypress fields in the Long Bien steppe.

The purple color of the immense cypress garden is enough to feel poetic just by looking at it! Coming here, you can also feel the bustling and joyful atmosphere on the faces of the visitors. Everyone posed to save the radiant moments with the beautiful flowers.

The best time to take photos of the sun is in the morning when the sun is soft, or in the afternoon the honey yellow sun shines on the flowers. Besides the purple color of the cypress daisies, this flower field also stands out in the bright yellow of the meteor daisies, the pure white of the daisies, and the graceful ao dai. All create a poetic picture in the suburbs of this city.

Currently, the entrance fee to Long Bien steppe is 70,000 VND(3$)/person, you can walk around and take pictures all day. However, try to choose a sunny time as well as a reasonable time to avoid the case when you come to take photos of flowers but meet the “forest of people”.