Young people gather to take pictures of the ban flower season in Hanoi

At the weekend, many people went to Bac Son and Hoang Dieu streets to take pictures of blooming ban flowers.

At the end of February, white and red banyan trees along the streets of Hanoi such as Bac Son, Hoang Dieu, Thanh Nien, Dao Tan, Nguyen Phong Sac (pictured) or the road to Noi Bai airport are in full bloom. This year the flowers bloomed almost half a month earlier than usual.

Ban is a typical flower of the Northwest region. Flowers come in many colors, typically white, pink, and red (purple). Flowering time usually lasts nearly a month. At the beginning of the season, the flowers bloom big, brilliant and dense, so they create a beautiful scene.

Each flower has five petals, the petals have dark pink veins embracing the pistil.

The section of Bac Son and Hoang Dieu streets opposite the Martyrs’ Monument is the place with the most beautiful flowers and blooms. Flowers here are mainly white. This is also a place that attracts many people to take pictures. There are about 20 ban flower trees stretching nearly 100 m.

On the weekend of February 18 and 19, the parking area on the sidewalk right next to the shooting location was crowded from the morning. The parking fee is 10,000 VND per car and unlimited time. The parking lot was full, by noon there was almost no place to park, so it had to be left on the roadside.

People come to take photos of all ages, but the largest number is young people. Some people hire ao dai and their own workers to get the best photos. The cost for a photo session is about 500,000 VND, a photographer said.($1=24,000 VND)

There are people who come to take pictures randomly. Thu Thuy (20 years old, Bac Ninh) said, on the way to go out with friends, when passing by Bac Son, saw the flowers here blooming beautifully, many people took pictures, so Thuy and you also stopped to check in a few pictures.

Without careful preparation of costumes or photography equipment, some people use their phones to record the beauty of the highland flowers in the heart of Hanoi.

Thuy Dung (20 years old, Hai Phong) said that this is the first time watching Ban flowers bloom in Hanoi. “At my university, there is also a banyan tree but it’s not as beautiful as here. I was going to take a quick photo, but because every corner is beautiful, it took almost an hour to run back and forth,” Dung said.

In addition to the location at Hoang Dieu Street, on the opposite side next to Bac Son Monument there are also many banyan trees. The trees here are lower, easier to get better photos, if only taken with a phone. The road about 50m has more than 10 blooming white banyan trees.

Many people on this occasion also come to take wedding photos to record a special season of the year.

Besides white ban flowers, red ban flowers are also planted alternately in many streets. Some young people came to take pictures with the red flower trees at Hoang Dieu – Hoang Van Thu junction. The red flowers are usually quite tall, so they can only be photographed from afar.

The number of people who came to take pictures was quite large, peaking at hundreds, so the guards standing guard on the opposite side of the Monument constantly reminded to ensure order. People who come to take photos are not allowed to arbitrarily stop their cars in the middle of the road, must park their cars in the parking lot and not make noise.

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