Young people in Hanoi check-in early for Christmas

To avoid crowds near Christmas, many young people in Hanoi have prepared clothes, furniture, makeup… to go to famous places to visit and take photos.

Christmas is a major holiday for Catholics. On this occasion, people’s churches and homes often decorate grottoes and Christmas trees extremely beautifully. Not only churches, but many urban areas and commercial centers in Hanoi also decorate Christmas trees to attract people to visit and shop.

Hanoi youth check-in early for Christmas - Photo 1.
Hang Ma Street sparkles with color before Christmas Eve

There are about 20 days left until Christmas, at commercial centers such as Vincom Center Pham Ngoc Thach (Dong Da District), Lotte Center (Ba Dinh District)… Decorate a giant Christmas tree and set up splendid miniatures to welcome this event.

On Hang Ma Street, stores switch to selling Christmas decorations right after Halloween. In the evening, the whole street sparkles with color, making people passing by stop to look. Many young people also take advantage of taking photos at a time when people don’t go out much.

In the Lotte Mall area (Tay Ho District), the creation of a giant Christmas tree, along with modern gift boxes, has attracted many young people.

Taking photos with a giant pine tree with her friends, Ms. Doan Trang (residing in Cau Giay District) said that every year, during the Christmas season, she and her friends will prepare clothes and makeup to go to famous places. Hanoi’s language of photography.

“Through social networks, I know that this year’s Lotte Mall area has a new decoration, so I invite you to go take photos early to avoid crowding. After taking photos here, I will move to Hang Ma street and Hoan Kiem Lake,” Ms. Trang said.

Hanoi youth check-in early for Christmas - Photo 2.
Mr. Hoang Anh took photos for his wife

Meanwhile, Mr. Hoang Anh (residing in Thanh Xuan District), took advantage of the weekend to take Christmas photos with his wife. In addition to dropping off and picking up, he also took the most beautiful photos for his wife.

“This year, Hanoi has many beautiful spaces for taking photos of Christmas. Besides, the weather is cold and no rain, so going out and taking photos is very convenient,” Mr. Hoang Anh said.

Christmas decorations are sold on Hang Ma Street

Hanoi youth check-in early for Christmas - Photo 4.
A female friend took the opportunity to take pictures with Santa Claus at a decoration store
Hanoi youth check-in early for Christmas - Photo 5.
Lotte Mall area (Tay Ho District) these days is quite crowded with people coming to take photos because of the strange decoration style.
Hanoi youth check-in early for Christmas - Photo 6.
Most of them are young people who come to the area with the Christmas tree

The positions with beautiful photo angles are all occupied by young people

Hanoi youth check-in early for Christmas - Photo 8.
Not only Vietnamese people, foreign tourists also show interest in this decoration style

Photo,Video: Internet